Top 10 Bleach Anime Moments

These are Top 10 Bleach Anime Moments that were totally amazing and had a lasting effect on the anime afterward.
  • Release of Final Getsuga Tensho3168242-0264129691-finalIchigo is back after Gin left him in Karakura Town and with his training with Tensa Zangetsu, he learnt the Final Getsuga Tensho that was to release Zangetsu itself that left him with no powers. However, It enabled Ichigo to defeat Aizen but had a side effect and he lost all his powers.
  • Ichigo’s Powers Come Backichigo_bankai__475__by_miichaneko-d4hrjpzRukia and others striven to get Ichigo’s Powers back and finally it happened, the protagonist returned with greater power that made this moment was awesome. He defeated Ginjo with this power and a new era began for his Shinigami life.

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