Dragon Ball Super: Could Hit Be The Next Major Threat?

dragon ball super hit

Hit is a fighter from Universe 6 participating in the U6 vs U7 tournament under Champa’s team.  Well, as of now that is till Dragon Ball Super Chapter 8. We didn’t get too much detail about Hit yet.

But, from the character design and looks it’s assumable that he is perhaps the strongest member of Team Champa.  Besides, some other clues hint that Hit is actually the most important thing from Universe 6 on the tournament. We have advertisements in Japan featuring Goku and Hit only.  So, does that mean Goku will end up facing him sometimes soon?

As you guys might have noticed Hit has similarity with Cell. Also with cooler! It’s like if Cell met base form Cooler at hell and they fused it would turn out looking something like that. I also found some similarity with Janemba.


The covering type of thing Janemba has specially around the neck, its similar to Hit. I mean the upper body. Another far stretched thought that came to my mind and also some fans were mentioning it is could hit be a Namekian?

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