As a reviewer it’s my goal to separate myself from my personal opinion as much as possible to give you a clear and honest recommendation and rating on the material in question. However occasionally I find myself watching a show and loving it despite how absolutely terrible it is… Cough… KissxSiss, and vice versa with the more acclaimed series some of which I don’t enjoy. Soul eater is one of a few shows where I don’t run into this issue. I personally hold this show in high regard, as it was the first anime I ever watched, and it brought me to where I am today. This review was years in the making. With that said, Let’s Jam!

Soul Eater takes place at the “Death Weapon Meister Academy” somewhere in the Nevada Desert. The Story follows 6 main characters with “Maka” and “Soul” being the main protagonist. The initial premise of the show is this; Their are Meister’s and Weapons. The Meister is the handler and the weapon is a person who can… you guessed it! turn into a weapon. The academy has been established to train weapons and meister’s in order to reap the souls of demons aiming to bring back the devil himself.

There’s a lot about this that makes it unique but everything adds up for some really creepy undertones throughout the whole show. The animation was done by Bones and Aniplex and is very nice to look at. They were very creative in the styling and exaggerate scenes in ways that make some episodes down right terrifying. It’s one of a few shonen shows that worked well with the Pych/Thriller genre. It’s not all doom and gloom however as some really well place humor and fan service constantly lifts the mood of this show. On top of that it has almost no filler arks, is finished airing with only 51 episodes, and has an amazing ending. So if your looking to get into the shonen genre and aren’t up for +400 episodes this is a good start.

Over the course of 51 episodes there is some solid character development and with a longer airing length the supporting characters get some much needed attention. All in all it scores some major points for having a large rich cast and one of the greatest antagonist I’ve seen to date. I still find the balance in this show refreshing, even with the protagonists getting stronger through out the show, at no point do you feel comfortable because at any given moment the protagonist can be on the brink of death and often are. Although it does occasionally fall into shonen territory with monologues and pretentious expositions very rarely does it feel out of place.

The OST is another thing that sets this anime apart in a good way. You’d be hard pressed not to find this opening/ending in a top 10 list and oh my is it catchy. apart from that the in show audio doesn’t lack or fall short and is consistent through the duration of the show. This show is available in both sub/dub through Funimation and Netflix. It first aired in April 2008.

In closing I could recommend this show to newbs and veterans alike. Although I know some people may be thrown off by the creepy animation, dark undertones, and high episode count. If you watch this show or already have comment below and let me know what you think!



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