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Who Is Nel From Bleach? All To Know About Her

nel tu from bleach
Who Is Nel Tu From Bleach? Cr: OtakuKart

Some adults are like kids and sometimes, some kids are like adults. Here, Nel Tu is both. She is like the traffic signal which shows the Red signal and the Green signal at the same time. If you know, then you know. Not going to lie her green hair and hazel eyes got us enchanted the moment we saw her, but we all got cold feet when we saw her as a child. Nope, none of us is going to take the risk.

But, in the world of Shinigami, who is Nel Tu? What is her business with the Shinigami? Is she an enemy of the Shinigami world or is she a friend? What are her powers and abilities? What is her past like? There are lots of questions running through our heads. Good thing is, that we are here to answer all of them.

Not only we’ll get to know about Nel Tu here, but also you will get to know where you can watch Bleach if you haven’t watched it yet. We have a lot to know. We have a lot to learn. So, without wasting any further precious moments, let’s get right into knowing Nel Tu.

Who Is Nel Tu?

Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck, or simply Nel Tu is an Arrancar who is the former Tres (Third) Espada. The large “3” tattoo on her back proves it and she used to be a part of Aizen’s Arrancar Army. But, that changed when was proved to be superior to anyone in the group. We all know what happens when you gain popularity and success. There’s always going to be someone who will want to drag you down as you reach great heights.

That someone was Nnoitra Jiruga. Tired of Nel Tu’s superiority, Nnoitra with the help of Szayel Aporro went up against her and attacked her from behind. They were able to put a crack on her mask which caused her to turn into her child form. That led to Nel Tu getting expelled from the Espada.

nel tu from bleach

Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck

Nel Tu lives with two Arrancar brothers Dondochakkka Birstanne and Pesche Guatiche, and their pet, Bawabawa in Hueco Mundo. She is loyal to the one who is worthy of having her loyalty and Ichigo Kurosaki is one of them. Even though she used to be a part of Aizen’s Arrancar Army, she never got corrupted. She held on to her morals and what she believes.

Her characteristics are similar to one of our other favorite characters, Kenpachi Zaraki. She does not finish off the injured or weaker opponents. We already love her a lot but, her childish voice whether she is in her child form or her adult form makes us want to love her even more. She is the definition of cuteness. And she believes that she is a Maso-Kiss (Masochist).

Powers And Abilities Of Nel Tu

  • Nel Shower: This ability allows Nelliel to Vomit. Yes sounds gross already but is a pretty useful ability as it possesses some healing power. She believes that it is her saliva.
  • Cero Doble: This ability allows Nel Tu to swallow the enemy’s Cero first. Then, she can fire it back to the enemy adding her own Cero too. Hence, the name Cero Doble (Double).
  • Chokasoku: This ability gives her super-fast movements which look like a rudimentary form of Sonido. Her mask eyes glow when she uses her Sonido form.
  • Immense Spiritual Power: She used to be the Tres Espada. That had to mean something, right? Nel Tu’s spiritual energy is so powerful that Renji got confused once, whether it was Ichigo’s or Nelliel’s. Rest you can imagine how powerful her spiritual power must have been.
  • Zanpakuto: Her Zanpakuto, Gamuza allows her to change herself completely into an ibex-like Centaur form. Her mask horn gets longer and curved. She gets armor in this form makes her look overpowered. Also, her sword turns into a double-sided lance. She looks quite like a medieval knight when she releases her Zanpakuto.
nel tu from bleach

Nelliel Tu’s Zanpakuto Form

What Is An Arrancar?

We have been talking about Nelliel Tu as an Arrancar. But, a lot of us might not know what an Arrancar is. So, to make it clear as crystal, Arrancars are the Hollows that have removed their masks. And removing their masks grants them the power of both, Hollows and Shinigami. Aizen formed an entire Arrancar Army to fight against the Shinigami and destroy the Soul Society.

nel tu from bleach

What Is An Arrancar?

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How Is Nel Tu Related To Ichigo Kurosaki?

Arrancars were made to fight against Shinigami. But, when Nel Tu first met Ichigo, she had no memory of herself being an Arrancar. By the time she regained her memories back, Ichigo already saved her life more than once. So, it is no surprise why Nelliel had such a huge crush on Ichigo and she never hesitated to show her love for Ichigo.


Nel Tu And Ichigo Kurosaki

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