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    5 Characters Who Were Abandoned By Akira Toriyama

    Hey guys. When it comes to memory, Akira Toriyama is one of the worst. There’s no denying that. He isn’t over furnished in this department. Toriyama has already admitted that he has forgotten large parts of Dragon Ball‘s story. A big reason is that he was making most of it up as he went along. Over […] More

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    Dragon Ball Movie Release Date Revealed

    Hey guys. Dragon Ball just dropped some big news. If you haven’t heard about it, then it’s about time you hear about it. Just a few hours ago, it was announced that Dragon Ball will be getting a new anime movie. Yes! You heard that completely right. A new anime movie. Not one of those […] More

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    Dragon Ball Super Movie Plot Revealed

    Hey guys. I have some pretty big news for you. When I mean big, it’s like super big. Since the last few days, there were rumours that some huge stuff might be coming for the Dragon Ball fans. Now, all that wait has completely paid off as we have finally received the news. There is […] More

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    Unexpected Twist, Universe 6 Gets Erased?

    Out of all the participating universes, two of them are already erased. These are Universes Nine and Universe Ten. According to Spoilers, another Universe is about to be erased from the Tournament of Power. However, I believe Universe 6 is Going to be Erased in Episode 118. Universe 6 is the replica universe of Universe 7, being the […] More

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    Dragon Ball Super Just Teased New Fusion

    The description of episode 115 piqued plenty of attention. You can check out the review of “Goku vs. Kefla! Super Saiyan Blue Defeated?!” “Fighting Universe 7’s Goku, Universe 6’s Caulifla and Kale use the “Potara” earrings that Kaioshin’s wear to merge. In Goku vs. Kefla,” Kefla overwhelms him with miraculous power. Observing this, the people from […] More

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    Why Goku Won’t Be The Last Man Standing From Universe 7

    Universe 7 is one of the most dominant Universes in the Tournament of Power, and along with Universe 6 and Universe 11. Universe 7 has many fitted contestants left. 1. Android 17 2. Android 18 3. Vegeta 4. Son Goku 5. Son Gohan 6. Frieza 7. Piccolo To guarantee their survival, they have to knock out […] More