Is Chase Landry Still Dating Pickle? All About ‘Swamp People’ Couple

Chase and Pickle
Chase and Pickle

Currently, in today’s world, audience/viewers are interested in gossip more than anything else. This time it’s about a couple of hunters who are ‘allegedly” in a relationship, and then there was a confirmation. Then soon after, there were numerous rumors flying around of a split. It is indeed the apex hunters, Chase Landry and Cheyenne “Pickle” Heat.

Chase Landry is one of the Landry trios, which consists of Troy and Jacob Landry too. They have made their career out of an interesting path, which is hunting alligators. So hunting itself could be an intimidating job, but alligator hunting is a daunting task to manage. But this trio is doing it sublimely over the past years. Now getting up close with Chase Landry, he is known to have a magnetic personality on and off-camera. He is one of the best hunters in the world, and he is a fabulous sharpshooter. He has a tremendous track record of owning the deadly hunting grounds or rather swamps of Louisiana.

Is Chase Landry Dating Pickle?
Chase Landry

But certainly, his personal life is a little bit difficult to catch hold of because of his secretive nature. Also, his being off social media does not help the cause at all. Recently, a small peek into his personal life was showcased to the world through Troy Landry, and since then, numerous instances have cross-sectioned fascinating rumors about his life. But there is one question that has been bugging everyone is whether Chase Landry dating the Swamp People star Cheyenne ‘Pickle’ Wheat or not?

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Is Chase Landry into the “Pickle” of Things?

So, a few years back, there was a huge revelation by Troy Landry about him being a grandfather to Chase’s firstborn. It was a huge thing in the media and to the fans. Because Chase was a secretive celebrity throughout his life. Suddenly news of being a father leaks out through a Facebook post of his father becomes a complete revolution. But soon after that news, many media outlets claimed that he was married to Chelsea Kinsey and it was them who had the baby. But the real twist to the tale came in when the piece of news broke out that Chase and Chelsea separated their ways straight after the birth of their baby.

Chase and Pickle
Chase Landry and Cheyenne ‘Pickle’ Landry

Soon after, Chase was linked to the Swamp People star Cheyenne ‘Pickle’ Wheat. Pickle, as they call Cheyenne, had posted numerous pictures with Chase on Facebook and even changed her relationship status to ‘In a Relationship with Chase Landry’ in the year 2020. That is when the whole world concluded that they are together.

Are They Still Dating?

Cheyenne Wheat and Chase Landry are compatible with each other, and they are the “it” couple from the hunting grounds. They are shipped together because of the reception they got over the “status” announcement through Cheyenne. The duo does share immense love and passion for adventures in the wild. In the same way, they share a tremendous bond over animals and, ironically hunting. But The adrenaline through wild hunting grounds seemed a little over the top.

Is Chase Landry Dating Pickle?
Troy Landry and Cheyenne Wheat

Ever since the rumor went haywire, the posts had reduced and eventually disintegrated from the public forum. And it seems like Pickle is no more posting pictures with Chase. But on the other hand, the bond she shares with Chase’s father is surprising and interesting. She is extremely fond of Troy Landry and is simultaneously posting pictures with him on Facebook since the posts with Chase was deleted. Now there are certain question marks over the relationship status of Chase and Pickle. But people or rather fans believe that they did have a lovely time together and still enjoy each other’s company. But sadly, the relationship bit is sort of unsettled for fans, marking the question of whether they are still together or not?

Though, Chase is continuing his usual with Swamp People. And he seems to be less available to the digital and social world than anything else. Rather his preference is a tad bit closer to nature. Which is completely fine to the audience because that is what he is best at.

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