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Dave Kindig Net Worth: How Rich is The ‘Bitchin’ Rides’ Star?

What Is Dave Kindig's Net Worth?

From a roadside bicycle, junky Dave Kindig wears the crown of the best car designer ever. Dave Kindig has become an international star just by doing what he is good at. Dave features in a show named “Bitchin’ Rides,” where they shoot how he turned normal cars into a masterpiece diva. As a child, he used to fix bicycles and made them more attractive and useful. He says he introduced gear in bicycles even before they were introduced by anyone else. However, Dave’s specific trait that makes him indifferent from others is “positive narcissism.”

He thinks that he is the god of the automobile industry as he converts damaged cars into a masterpiece. He loves his team and actually treats them like his family. And not just for the sake of saying it. His team also consists of the roadside junkies, and he said no school ever taught him what he learned on the streets. Dave called off the production because the production crew misbehaved with his team.

Why Is Dave Kindig Famous For?

Dave Kindig, The Featured Actor Of Bitching Rides.

He made a public statement saying that their production gets viewers and ratings because they film his team, turning trash into royalty. He added to his statement by saying and they have the audacity to insult his family, not on his watch.

Dave Kinding Became An Exporter After The Show Was Released In 2014

Dave said they think that they are better than us. Because we belong to the road, and they try to put us down. But they messed up with the wrong family. He said they modify cars because they are artists and creators. He concluded by saying that you keep your production to yourself and keep their family and art. The authorities apologized to them, and the production was restored again. Dave Kindig also benefited a lot from the series. As the show is broadcasted in 24 different countries which made them exporter of customized cars.

Dave has led the field with his unparalleled skills and vision to craft truly one-of-a-kind designs. They say car design is an art form with few real rulers. Dave does not just recreate these rides from theory and design to build and the complete product. With his theories and vision, keeping to the classic bands, and the help of his Kindig-it design company, these rides are built, repaired, and modernized to reveal the best version that these rides can be. On being asked what his favorite project to date is, he replied the next one. He said nothing could match the level of excitement when he opens up a car to recreate it. He said he treats cars like his own baby.

Dave Kindig’s Ideology And What Made His Business A Sucess.

For him, each element of Kindig-it design, these rides, the method, and getting to know the clients and devotion they have behind these works of art enables him to approach each aspect of Kindig-it with fresh eyes. To him, this is not just work. He feels blessed to wake up every day, shadow his dream and do what he treasures with those he loves.

Who Is The Actor Of Bitching Rides?

Design By Kindig It Design. (Credits: Discovery Channel)

Beside him chasing this dream of his wife Charity, Daughter, Baylee, and Son Drew – making this positively a family business. More than that, the team alongside him at Kindig-it design provides to that family dynamic. Dave does not make a deal with everyone. He said that if he treats his creation as his own children, you don’t give your children to anyone, right? He said a person who treats his car speaks a lot about his personality and wants a respectful man behind the steering wheel.

Dave Kindig Net Worth

Dave Kindig holds a net worth of 3 million dollars. In the initial days of his career, he brought a sublet, including a 4500 square feet workplace. Which has now become an asset of around 30 million dollars with 27000 square feet of space and a commercial building. The rent collected annually from the building is worth 90,000 thousand dollars. He works on projects for other companies like Jaguar and Ford.

Dave owns his own company named “Kindig It Design,” which is worth 8 million dollars. He charges 55,000 thousand dollars for each episode of Bitching Rides. And to date, there are seven seasons and nine two episodes released by the production. He is an emerging name in the real estate business, and he is planning on opening a design school that will furthermore add to his worth.

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