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Who Is Xing Fei’s Boyfriend? Is The Chinese Actress Dating Anyone?

Who Is Xing Fei's Boyfriend
Who Is Xing Fei's Boyfriend

Many people are curious about who is Xing Fei’s boyfriend. After all, the Chinese actress is such a beautiful and successful star that everyone wants to be in a close relationship with her. Xing Fei is highly famous for her super hit Cdramas like “Put Your Head On My Shoulder”, “My Little Happiness”, “Miss Crow With Mr. Lizard”, and many more. This young actress has been a part of many such series and has gained widespread popularity all over the world with her amazing acting skills and her lovely and bright personality.

Xing Fei is also known as Fair Xing, and she was born on October 1, 1994. Currently, the actress is 27 years old internationally. She completed her graduation from Shanghai Theatre Academy and first appeared on the variety show “Grade One Freshman”. After that, her journey as an actress began, and she made her acting debut through the campus web drama named “Campus Basketball Situation”.

After that, she also made an appearance in the popular Cdrama “The Worldwind Girl 2” and got cast in the popular series “Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me”. The actress has made everyone fall head over heels for her, as she has displayed her talents in diverse fields and can pull off any role. Along with this, she has been a master at portraying roles in romantic-comedy Chinese dramas, which never fail to tickle our hearts. So, let us find out about Xing Fei’s boyfriend and her dating life.

Xing Fei Career:

Before getting to know about Xing Fei’s boyfriend, let us look at her career, which might attract many people as she is a very successful actress. As we mentioned above that she first made her appearance in a variety TV Show, and after that, she made her acting debut through the web drama “Campus Basketball Situation”. Her first hit series was “Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me”, which was highly well-received by fans.

Then her popular drama “Put Your Head On My Shoulder” came out, where she worked alongside Lin Yi. The drama also won the top ten web series award in the Golden bud- The Fourth Network Film And Television Festival. Xing Fei also got the award of Most Promising Actress and the Best Actress in the same award function. The series also received a score of 8.1 in Douban.

Who Is Xing Fei's Boyfriend

“Put Your Head On My Shoulder”

She did not stop here but kept on improving more and more with several series after this. She also was a part of “Forget you Remember Love” in 2020. Following this, she starred in the historical drama “The Moon Brightens For You” in 2020 and “Miss Crow With Mr. Lizard” in 2021. Her most recent drama was “Hello, The Sharpshooter” in 2022, which again received positive reviews. You can also wait for her highly awaited Cdramas like “My Girl”, and “Lady’s Character”.

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Xing Fei Boyfriend: Is The Actress In A Relationship?

Now moving to the question about which most of the fans are curious about – who is Xing Fei’s boyfriend. The answer to this question is that Xing Fei does not have a boyfriend. At least, it is not known to the public at present. Although the actress might seem very open and extroverted, she too is a human and might want to reveal all of her private information to the outside world. Although there is no confirmed boyfriend, Xing Fei, she had many rumored boyfriends in the past.

Who Is Xing Fei's Boyfriend

Xing Fei and Daddi Tang in “My Little Happiness”

Her first rumored boyfriend was her co-star Li Hongyi in “Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me”. The duo had a splendid chemistry on-screen, which made many people believe that they might be a couple in real life as well. But they clarified that they are just friends. Another rumored boyfriend of hers was the famous actor Lin Yi. He was again her co-star in “Put Your Head On My Shoulder”, and they had heart-tickling chemistry in the Cdrama.

But they were just stars who acted together in a drama and not a couple in reality. Next comes another one of her co-stars Daddi Tang, who acted with her in “My Little Happiness”. Their sweet on-screen romance made many netizens think that they might be a real couple, but again, this was just a baseless rumor and nothing more. So, we can only know who is Xing Fei’s boyfriend when she announces it.

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