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Top K-dramas To Watch If You Liked ‘Snowdrop’

Kdramas like snowdrop

Are you looking for kdramas that were as spectacular as Snowdrop? Don’t worry we have got your back! The much-hyped kdrama ‘Snowdrop’ has come to an end. Furthermore, the storyline of Snowdrop had been crafted to perfection for over twelve years by the highly praised Korean screenwriter, Yoo Hyun Mi. It also had one of the most star-studded casts in K-drama history, starring actors such as Jung Hae In (Something In The Rain), superstar Kim Ji Soo from Blackpink, Jang Seung Jo (The Good Detective), Yoo In Na (Touch Your Heart), Yoon Se Ah (SKY Castle), Kim Hye Yoon (Extraordinary You), and Jang Eugene (Romance Is A Bonus Book).

Moreover, Snowdrop consisted of just the right amount of sweet and action-packed moments to keep you hooked every single second. How the drama managed to even have light-hearted moments despite being set up during a time of heavy political imbalance in Korea is truly beyond us. Furthermore, this drama gave us one of the sweetest couples in K-drama history. How a tough North Korean spy who had only lived solely to serve his country finds the doctrine that he always held tight slipping away after meeting an innocent girl who has only love in her eyes. A romantic melodrama and political thriller at its best, here is a list of K-dramas that you can watch if you liked ‘Snowdrop’.

7. Doctor Stranger

First up in this list of kdramas like Snowdrop is Doctor Stranger! A medical kdrama that also includes a love story and political tension between the North and South. Furthermore, this K-drama is written by Park Jin-Woo (Temptation) and co-directed by Hong Jong Chan (Her Private Life) and Jin Hyeok (Sisyphus: The Myth). Moreover, the main cast of the drama consists of talented actors such as Lee Jong Suk (Romance Is A Bonus Book), Jin Se Yeon (The Flower In Prison), Kang So Ra (Revolutionary Love), and Park Hae Jin (Cheese In The Trap). Doctor Stranger mostly revolves around Park Hoon, who is played by Lee Jong Suk. Furthermore, Park Moon and his father found themselves in North Korea when he was very young after being tricked. Thanks to his father, who was a skilled doctor, Park Moon gets trained to become a genius doctor.

Crash Landing On You

Doctor Stranger

While attending a medical school in North Korea, he falls head over heels for a girl named Song Jae Hee. When Park Moon loses his father, he decides to go back to South Korea with Song Jae Hee. However, going from North Korea to South Korea is no funny business, and at the very last moment, he ends up losing contact with Song Jae Hee. After reaching South Korea, Park Hoon becomes the ace of Myungwoo Hospital. He works hard and does everything in his power to bring back the love of his life to his side. Doctor Stranger tells a gripping love story sprinkled with political drama and thrilling surgeries over the course of sixteen episodes. Those who enjoyed watching Snowdrop will definitely love watching the drama on Rakuten Viki.

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6. Designated Survivor:60 Days

If you like the ticking bomb vibe that the hostage situation in Snowdrop had, then you will absolutely love this drama. Furthermore, one of the best political kdramas, Designated Survivor: 60 Days, is similar to Snowdrop in the thrilling political drama concept and does not have a romance storyline. However, the drama does dwell on finding oneself amidst all the terror attacks and political instability through its main character, Park Moo Jin, played by Ji Jin-Hee (Move to Heaven). Additionally, the other talented actors of the spectacular main cast of this kdrama include actors such as Son Seok Koo (Matrimonial Chaos), Kang Han Na (My Roommate Is A Gumiho), Heo Joon Ho (Missing: The Other Side), Lee Joon Hyuk (365: Repeat The Year).

Moreover, this kdrama is written by the highly acclaimed screenwriter Kim Tae Hee, who has previously given us amazing kdramas such as Great Inheritance, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Monstar, and A Beautiful Mind. The drama premiered on tvN on the 1st of July in 2019 and consisted of a total sixteen episodes.

Crash Landing On You

Designated Survivor:60 Days

The plot of Designated Survivor:60 Days revolves around Park Moo Jin and the unexpected and tragic happenings that lead to him being appointed as the President for sixty days. Moreover, Park Moo Jin used to work as a Chemistry teacher and was then appointed as the Minister Of Environment. Unlike everyone in power, Park Moo Jin has no sense or beliefs regarding politics. However, when a bomb at the National Assemble ends up killing a huge number of government officials, Park Moo Jin is the highest position holding official that survives. Albeit unwillingly, Park Moo Jin gets appointed as the acting President of the nation for sixty days. His quest to find those who were responsible for the terror attacks while handling matters of national significance is what the series is all about. You can watch Designated Survivor: 60 Days on Netflix.

5. Crash Landing On You

It is very unlikely that a Kdrama fan would not have heard of Crash Landing On You. Moreover, Crash Landing On You is the forefront of the kdrama that attracted a global audience. Loveable characters, beautiful scenery, and a strong storyline that never gets boring are what the drama consists of. Additionally, this kdrama was also highly appreciated for showing the beauty and simplicity of the North Korean people. Not to mention, how the Kdrama world was blessed with another beautiful couple in the form of Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin after this drama. Along with being one of the most popular kdramas, Crash Landing You also has a lot of resemblances with Snowdrop!

A beautiful storyline consisting of the right amount of comedy, romance, and tear-jerking backstories of each main character, This work of art is written by none other than Park Ji Eun. She is a well-known screenwriter in South Korea and has also written the screenplay for Legends Of The Blue Sea and My Love From The Stars. The genius who put this beautiful storyline into action is Lee Jeong Hyo (Romance Is A Bonus Book, The Good Wife, Criminal Minds).

Kdramas Like Snowdrop

Crash Landing On You cr: tvN

The beauty of this drama lies in the fact that despite having an out-of-the-world plot, it still manages to be relatable. It starts off when our fabulously powerful female lead Yoon Se Ri finds herself literally crash landing into North Korea in a paragliding experience gone wrong. Furthermore, she ends up being found by the handsome Captain Ri Jung Hyuk. Although she tries to escape at first, calling it destiny or bad luck, Yoon Se Ri finds herself at Ri Jung Hyuk’s residence. She cuts a deal with him to take her back to South Korea. Despite how unreal her situation felt, Yoon Se Ri manages to build relations that she will cherish for a lifetime. The cute banter between the village ajhummas, Captain Ri Jung Hyeok’s teammates, and Captain Ri Jung Hyeok and Yoon Se Ri themselves will keep you smiling from ear to ear.

Moreover, the second couple in this drama will leave you wanting more. Goo Seung Joon, a gangster finds himself hopelessly attracted to the beautiful Seo Dan. The only problem is that Seo Dan is North Korean, has a fiance, and also could not care less about him and his charades. Over the course of sixteen episodes, Crash Landing On You tells the tale of how love blooms even in the most unexpected circumstances. It is a must-watch for Kdrama fans who wanted more romance in Snowdrop. You can watch Crash Landing On You on Netflix.

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4. The K2

K2 is one of the kdramas that will surely remind you of Snowdrop when you are watching it! Those of you who love a good ‘male lead with strong ideologies’ having to choose between his beliefs and the female lead will absolutely love this kdrama. Moreover, it is written by none other than Jang Hyuk Rin (Young Pal, Big Issue). The credit for the praiseworthy direction of this drama goes to Kwak Jung Hwan, who is known for his skills in the direction of action-themed kdramas. Just like in Jisoo in Snowdrop, The K2 star Im Yoon Ah is a member of one of the most popular K-Pop girl groups, Girls Generation.

Her chemistry with Ji Chang Wook (Healer, Backstreet Rookie, Melt Your Heart) in the drama still lives in our minds rent-free. Other members of the main cast include talented actors such as Song Yoo Ah (Shadow Window: The Queen’s House, Graceful Friends) and Jo Sung Ha (Lovers Of The Red Sky). The drama aired on tvN in the September of 2016.

Crash Landing On You

The K2 cr:tvN

The K2 revolves around Kim Je Ha, who used to be a well-known mercenary by the name of K2. But after the sudden death of his girlfriend, Kim Je Ha gets framed for her murder. He is brought back to Korea and given a job as a bodyguard by Jang Je Ha, who is the wife of Jang Se Joon, a presidential candidate. Moreover, Kim Je Ha believes that Park Kwan Soo, the leader of the opposition party, was responsible for his girlfriend’s death. He uses his new job to get revenge. However, things get complicated when Je Ha is assigned to guard Go An Na, who is Jang Se Joon’s illegitimate daughter.

Furthermore, Kim Je Ha quickly finds out that the biggest threat to Go An Na is none other than his boss, Jang Je Ha. Over the course of sixteen episodes, The K2 takes us through Kim Je Ha’s struggle of fighting with his inner demons to choose his love over revenge. Audiences who liked Lim Soo Ho’s character in Snowdrop will deeply resonate with Kim Je Ha’s character in the drama. You can enjoy The K2 on Rakuten Viki.

2. Mr. Sunshine

Mr. Sunshine is one of the kdramas that will amaze you with its storyline while giving you a deja vu from Snowdrop. Both the series were set at a turning point in history. The male leads fell in love without knowing what was about to hit them; both of them were military and agency related. Mr. Sunshine even has a splendid cast consisting of Lee Byung Hun (Beautiful Days), Kim Tae Ri (Twenty-Five Twenty-One), Kim Min Jung (The Devil Judge), Yoo Yeon Seok ( Hospital Playlist), and Byun Yo Han (Misaeng: Incomplete Life). Take our advice and go ahead and watch Mr. Sunshine on Netflix.

Mr. Sunshine

Mr. Sunshine cr: Netflix

1. Youth Of May

Youth Of May may be one of the most beautiful kdramas gifted to kdrama fanatics. Moreover, the story of Youth Of May takes place around the same time as Snowdrop’s and even portrays the brutal pro-democratic movement. Not to mention the tragic love story of the main leads of both of these shows will make you bawl your eyes out! Although Snowdrop rarely talked about the pro-democratic movement, Youth Of May was based on the events that had taken place during the Gwangju uprising. This is the biggest difference between the two shows. Furthermore, Youth Of May follows the life of particularly the youth living in Gwangju in the May of the year 1980.

Most of the people going into the show knew how things would turn out but still knowingly plunged themselves to doom. Spoiler alert: the show left us with as big a scar as Snowdrop had! Hee Tae, who was the son of an anti-communist party leader, had helplessly fallen in love with Myung Hee. Their first meeting might be one-of-the best in the history of kdramas, plus, they had met about the same way as Soo Ho and Young Ro had in Snowdrop.

Kdramas Like Snowdrop

Youth Of May cr: Rakuten Viki

Not only was the story of this show spectacular, but the cast was amazing as well. The actors who had played the role of the main leads, Go Min Si and Lee Do Hyun, had reunited once again for a drama after playing the role of siblings in Netflix’s hit Sweet Home. Other than Go Min Si and Lee Do Hyun, the cast also consists of Lee Sang Yi (the second lead in Hometown Cha Cha Cha) and Geum Sae Ryeok (The Fiery Priest). You will be making a very bad decision if you do not watch Youth Of May. Go ahead and ready your tissues and watch the excellent kdrama on Rakuten Viki. Besides, all of the episodes are totally free on the streaming site!

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