Top 12 Zero Two Quotes That Will Make You Believe

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Top 12 Zero Two Quotes
Top 12 Zero Two Quotes

Zero Two is one of the most popular characters from the anime series DARLING in the FRANXX. And talking about her Top 12 quotes makes this article valuable because the way she speaks, the way she admires, the way she fights, the way she flirts, everything is so impressive even as a character. So, in this article, we will talk about her and her quotes in the anime series.

Zero Two is the protagonist, and she is a hybrid human. Because of her specialty in fighting, she becomes a part of the APE Special Forces. She shows her interest in Hiro, who is the main hero of the anime series DARLING in the FRANXX. Also, she shows her loneliness because of the horns and Klaxosaur blood. She does not know the actual way of human life, but she tries to understand when she falls in love with Hiro.

Zero always has a proud in her fighting style, and that is why she always believes in herself. She believes that every individual has a special part in this world if they try to find the right way for own selves. And such type of her words makes this article more valuable. So, we are going to talk more about the top 12 Zero Two quotes, which will help us to understand her.

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Zero Two Quotes

A character who has a memorable personality throughout the anime series DARLING in the FRANXX. If you have ever watched this anime, then you would love her the way she is. Her tomboyish personality with complexity in words makes her a powerful character. So, I am going to share Top 12 Zero Two Quotes that will help you to find out more about her.

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1. “The Jian, also known as “the bird that shares wings,” only possesses one wing. Unless a male and female pair lean on each other and act as one, they’re incapable of flight. They’re imperfect, incomplete creatures. But, for some reason, their way of life struck me as profoundly beautiful. It was beautiful, I felt.

This quote is spoken by the narrator when Zero enters the anime. In short, her entry has an impact on viewers. She is defining the inability of two individuals who are not linked with each other. The only way of perfecting everything is to become one just by sharing the only wing with each other. For Zero, it is beautiful to have a life with no perfection, just enjoy the way it is. That makes her feel like a beautiful thing to her. It is one of the top 12 Zero Two quotes.

Top 12 Zero Two Quotes
Zero Two Quotes | OtakuKaart

2. “I’m always alone, too. Thanks to these horns.

Zero is quite an impressive character not because she is the main character but because of her complex personality. Her way of saying this quote is like loneliness behind her words. She had no one who could trust or spend her time as a girl. However, she feels like her horns are giving her company in her lonely time.

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3. “If you don’t belong here, just build a place where you do. If you don’t have a partner, find one you. And if you can’t, take one by force.

This quote is the symbol of her way of understanding life. When Hiro tells her why he has no partner. Then she tells him that through this quote is you have to get even though you have no chance of getting that. Just do what your heart desires and get that even with force or with a request.

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Top 12 Zero Two Quotes
Zero Two Quotes | OtakuKaart

4. “Your taste makes my heart race. It bites and lingers…the taste of danger.

Zero is like a girl who always looks herself in Hiro’s eyes but does not try to express it. This quote defines how she is in love with Hiro. However, her way of defining looks complex with a simple gesture. According to her, Hiro’s presence makes her heart race, and her heart is already taken by him making his presence dangerous to her.

Top 12 Zero Two Quotes
Zero Two Quotes | OtakuKaart

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5. “I think I’ve taken a liking to you. How would you feel about being my darling?

After her understanding of the bond and relationship with Hiro, she puts her feelings into simple words that look normal to everyone, but it has deep meaning. She does not care what Hiro will say after hearing this, she just wants to express her liking to him and asked him if he wants to become her beloved. It is one of the top 12 Zero Two quotes.

Top 12 Zero Two Quotes
Zero Two Quotes | OtakuKaart

6. “Let me get a taste of you. After all…you are now my darling!

Having a character with lots of confidence makes a deep impact on the other characters. As Zero does with Hiro when she declares Hiro as her darling and cleverly tries to get him. Her words are deep enough to make Hiro fall in love with her. Zero’s declaration of him as a darling is one of the beautiful quotes of all time.

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7. “It’s been a long time since I last saw a human cry.

Different personalities make a divert impression. For example, Hiro and Zero are different in personality, and that is because Hiro is a human and Zero is not. So, Hiro has more emotions than Zero has. After seeing him cry, she says that it is her first time seeing a human tear, and that makes her sad. It is one of the top 12 Zero Two quotes.

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Top 12 Zero Two Quotes
Zero Two Quotes | OtakuKaart

8. “Found you, my darling.

Zero Two is like an expressionist throughout the anime series. She never fails to express her feelings to anyone, especially her feelings towards Hiro is special. That makes everything so simple to understand. Her complexity is not here to express her love for him.

Top 12 Zero Two Quotes
Zero Two Quotes | OtakuKaart

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9. “Once we die, we’ll just become a statistic. It won’t matter what we were called. Just look at this lifeless city. There are no skies or oceans here. It’s a one-way street to nowhere. A dead-end life.

What is matter the most in any type of anime series? The point of discovery of powerful quotes from major and minor characters. As we take an example of Zero, her perspective in life is simple, but whenever she tries to put that into words, that become complex. According to her, life is like a one-way street, it ends well whenever the street ends. It does not matter what you were in your previous life. After that, you will become a timeless number. This quote is her own way of experiencing life and saying these lines to Hiro while she was looking at the city where there is no life, just useless people with heartless emotions.

10. “Darling, wanna run away with me? I can get you out of here.

Zero Two’s presence is what matters the most, not only for Hiro but also for the plot of the anime series. Zero asks Hiro when they were in looking at the inner city about how he feels if she puts her feelings into words. Her way of asking about running away is to describe the importance of Hiro in her life makes a positive impression on Hiro.

Top 12 Zero Two Quotes
Zero Two Quotes | OtakuKaart

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11. “If you have anything you wanna say, you better spit it out while you can. Because you’re all going to die sooner or later.”

Characters with top-class gear make a huge gap between humans and machines. There is no doubt that Zero Two is special because of her ability to counter any attacks. During the incident when two different Boys and Girls team fights each other, she confidently asks Ichigo, Miku, Kokoro, and Ikuno, if they have anything to say, say it right now, because she is going to kill all of them at once.

Top 12 Zero Two Quotes
Zero Two Quotes | OtakuKaart

12. “They’re tiny fragments of memories. It’s white, cold, and filled with things unknown, but it’s beautiful. In the outside world that I felt for the first time, I heard a voice calling to me from somewhere. And before my eyes, a warm hand was reaching out for me.”

Memories are the most important part of everyone’s life, especially when it comes to childhood memories. Because it defines the way of life, you have started in the respective place. For Zero, her childhood memories are unclear to her, which has no remark on her life except some minor memories. The world she sees for the first time was filled with the love of her mother, who was calling her and trying to reach out for her. That unclear childhood memories are beautiful memories for her.

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