That ’70s Show Filming Locations & The Visuals

'That 70s Show'

We have got an addition to your sitcom list, which is an American teen drama series, That ’70s Show. Many people keep wondering about That ’70s Show Filming Locations. This show is a hidden gem of the sitcom genre. The 1990s show is still hoping on the trends. The show focuses on teenage life. With all the setups and the cinematography, the fans are wondering about the filming locations of That 70s Show. The show features six teenage friends in Wisconsin in the year 1976 and revolves around their daily adventures as well as the mishaps.

That ’70s Show is a classic of that time and has an abundance of talent fitted in the star cast. The main actors in the teenage role are Topher Grace, Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Laura Prepon as well as Danny Masterson. Every cast member is hilarious in their way which adds more fun to the sitcom. That ’70s Show premiered on the 23rd of August in 1998 and last aired in 2006, after running for eight seasons and a total of 200 episodes.

That ’70s Show’s Plot

Back to the bell-bottoms era, That ’70s Show circles around the life of a group of 17 years old. The group head is Topher Grace playing the role of Eric Forman who lives with his parents in Point Place, Wisconsin. On the next door lives his girlfriend, Donna Pinciotti. This group of six friends spend most of their time at Eric’s home and think of their lives and future. They take us along their teenage adventures as well as mishaps. There is no particular streaming home to enjoy this sitcom online, but you can watch That 70’s Show on Amazon Prime Video by purchasing its episodes online.

that 70s show season 2
‘Season 2 of That ’70s Show’

That ’70s Show Filming Locations

The filming of all the seasons of That ’70s Show took place in the entertainment hub of the world, the United States of America. The shooting takes place in a fictional town named Point Place in Wisconsin. The CBS Studio Centre served as the primary location for the shooting of most of the seasons of the teen drama show. While in addition to this studio, The show was also filmed in Ventura Boulevard in California. Let us dig into the details of That ’70s Show filming locations.

Stage 2 of CBS Studio Centre, California

The filming location of many iconic movies and TV shows is the CBS Studios Centre. A large part of the shooting of That ’70s Show took place at Stage 2 of the CBS Studio situated in the city of Los Angeles. Along with being the shooting location of That ’70s Show, many classic comedy TV shows like Roseanne, The Betty White Show, and The Good Guys are filmed at Stage 2. Indoor scenes as well as some exterior shots of That 70s Show were taken at the CBS Studio.

that 70s show filming locations
CBS Studios in California, United States of America

Forman House

The most pleasing and heart-warming place in the show ‘That ’70s Show’ is Forman’s House. All the friends gather there most of the time to chill and hang out. Eric Forman’s basement was their go-to spot to spill out the beans and feelings. Most of the characters paid a visit to Eric’s home regularly. The maximum scenes of That ’70s show are filmed here.

that '70s show filming locations
Eric Forman’s House

Ventura Boulevard, California

The introductory scenes of That ’70s Show were filmed in the Studio City of Ventura Boulevard in California. This city is a popular filming spot for several TV shows as well as movies catering to the comedy and drama genres. The shooting of many award-winning movies like Nightcrawler, Liar Liar, Crash, and The 40-year-old Virgin took place here.

that 70s show filming locations
Ventura Boulevard, Studio City, California

This sums up the filming locations of That 70s Show. This sitcom TV show on FOX Network is a must-watch for all the comedy and drama genre lovers. Do not miss to hop on binge-watching this underrated TV show.

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