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    Pokemon Go’s New Event Already Started Without Any Official Announcement

    Pokemon Go is having all Pink Pokemon spawned all around the Pokemon Go Town. Niantic is yet to announce anything in proportion to support this as a new valentine event. Last year Pokemon Go celebrated Valentine’s Day celebrations were available from February 8th to February 15th, and it included it’s own special bonuses. Last year ahead of […] More

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    Pokemon Go Facing Big Down Time

    Pokemon Go has been updating and tweaking. With the recent event of Egg Hatching with Kyogre out to catch there’s some major bad news for Pokemon Go Players. Pokemon Go could be unplayable for some users in North America, it has been revealed. According to a new report on GameRant, the US Air Force is […] More

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    Catch These Pokemon During The Halloween Event For Gen 4

    Halloween Event is probably the biggest event for Pokemon Go trainers this year. Many trainers were waiting for pvp and trading but we got something different, we got Generation 3 for the Halloween event, which isn’t bad at all, however only few Gen 3 pokemon are released in the wild. Make sure to get the […] More

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    Pokemon GO: Game Master Updated Again! What’s New?

    Well, now that we have reached an end to September officially, and it’s Pumpkin Spice Latte time again, we really hope that Niantic gives us a good event just like last year, for Halloween. We do have some ideas for a Halloween 2017 event in Pokemon Go, but that’s a subject for another day. Earlier […] More

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    Pokemon GO: Mewtwo Is Finally Released

    Guys the moment we all have been waiting for an entire year, is finally here. The most iconic Legendary Pokemon ever Mewtwo is here at last! It is giving me Goose Bumps to see Mewtwo finally making it to Pokemon Go. (Really it’s a fanboying moment for me.) Ok, so here is the deal right. […] More

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    Pokemon GO: Legendary Pokemon Moltres Is Live And How To Beat It

    Team Mystic was placed first in Pokemon GO Fest by contributing most to the mystery challenges, Team Valor was placed second and Team Instinct was placed third. As Team Mystic won the event at GoFest, their legendary bird Articuno was released and Articuno raids were happening all around the world. Articuno was available to trainers […] More

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    PokemonGO: Legendary Pokemon Confirmed By Niantic

    Pokemon Go is finally getting Legendary Pokemon. We have waited one year for this moment, starting this weekend, trainers around the world will be able to catch the first Legendary Pokemon, it’s still unclear which Legendary Pokemon we will see first. Trainers who took part in Pokemon Go Fest will get the first Legendary Pokemon […] More

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    Pokemon Go: Legendary Pokemon Update

    Pokemon Go Fest is just 3 days away, everyone is waiting for Legendary Pokemon and today Pokemon Go was updated to 0.69.0 for Android and 1.39.0 for iOS. In official release notes, they showcased new features and fixes, but what was hidden in the datamine was absolutely shocking! Yes,Pokemon Go Legendaries are finally coming. Before […] More