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Strongest Demons from Books of Zeref from Fairy Tail – Ranked

Strongest Demons from Books of Zeref
Top 5 Strongest Demons from Books of Zeref Ranked

Fairy Tail was all in all one of the best fantasy anime, that had come out in these past years. Let’s talk about Strongest Demons from Books of Zeref that were featured in the Fairy Tail Anime. It was adapted from the manga of the same name, written and illustrated by Hiro Mashima. Its magical world and the mage characters were just perfect for the story setting. Although many fans criticized it a lot for not having much of a plot. But during the Tartarus Arc, the demons that were the creation of Zeref were introduced. It was when the show truly picked up its pace. And was later on its way to becoming one of the greatest action-packed anime.

Zeref was known as the legendary Dark mage to whom no one can ever match up in strength. He was for many viewers seemed like the main antagonist of the story. Because he was responsible for the creation of Demons, who caused havoc. But when his past was revealed and we got to know, why he created those demons. Why did he write those black arts books, which contained spells for the creation of demons? Why did he live for over 400 years, away from humanity, surviving the Immortal dark curse? It all truly made sense, when we got to know, that he did all this to revive his dead brother.

Honoring his tragic death, which was indeed Ironically taken by his own brother, Natsu, The E.N.D. Here is the list of the top 5 strongest Ranked Demons from Books of Zeref.

5. Deliora

Deliora is mostly feared among many mages and is known for destroying many different cities and towns he travels to. Gray Fullbuster wants to kill Deliora, cause his parents were killed by him. So he often chases after him, wherever he goes. But during their fight, gray was not able to survive the beam attack on Deliora. In fact, he was then rescued by his mentor Ur, who had to sacrifice herself to defeat Deliora. Deliora was an Immortal demon, who was fierce but was defeated by the Iced shell spell.

 Strongest Demons from Books of Zeref - Deliora


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4. Mard Geer Tataros

Mard was known as the Underworld King and also the founder of the Dark guild Tartaros. He is very proud of being one of the creations of Zeref. And like other demons, he despises human beings, he sees them as mere insects. And he will kill them if he ever gets a chance. During his fight with, Gray and Natsu he was very heavy on them. His best curse spell is Thorn Curse, which warps vines around the enemy’s body and causes immense pain.  He was lastly killed by Zeref by being summoned into the book and eventually burned to ash.

 Strongest Demons from Books of Zeref - Mard Geer Tataros

Mard Geer vs Natsu and Gray

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3. Bloodman

Bloodman was one of the guards of Zeref and was also known by the name of Grim Reaper. He shows no mercy to his enemies and always has a thrust for battle. His main power, which is to wield curses is exceedingly stronger than most demons. Due to his body structure which is made up of Magical Barrier particles. It allows him to deform his body into different seals, which determines his power levels. There is a total of 3 levels of seals, among them the third seal makes him the deadliest.

 Strongest Demons from Books of Zeref - Bloodman

Bloodman’s Third Seal

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2. Larcade Dragneel

Larcade is a member of Spriggan 12, guards that serve Zeref. He is the strongest demon among the guards and normally addresses Zeref as, “Father”.  He is very conceited in his strength, as he even believes that he can defeat, The Dragon King, Acnologia. Larcade’s most powerful magic spell is R.I.P, which puts the target to eternal sleep if affected. During Natsu’s and Zeref’s battle, he tried to help by putting Natsu to sleep by using the R.I.P Spell. But he was instead blasted by Zeref, telling him not to interfere, which later on resulted in his death. His blind love for his father drove him to his death.

Strongest Demons from Books of Zeref - Larcade Dragneel

Larcade’s R.I.P Spell

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1. Etherious Natsu Dragneel (E.N.D)

Natsu who is the protagonist of the anime was originally revealed as E.N.D, by his brother Zeref. He was told about his past, as to how he traveled through time for the purpose of defeating Acnologia. His journey was the toughest of any other character. He had his own life in a wrench when he found out about his origin and past. The last battle between him and Zeref is the most epic battle of the entire anime series. He used his Fire Dragon’s Iron Fist to defeat his brother Zeref. He is hands down the strongest demon from the Book of Zeref. This really was top of the Strongest Demons from Books of Zeref.

 Strongest Demons from Books of Zeref - END

Natsu (E.N.D) vs Zeref

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