Stray Kids Felix’s Net Worth: How Rich Is The Rapper in 2021?

Felix Net Worth

Stray Kids, the self-sustaining Kpop boy band under JYP, is one of the most popular 4th Gen Kpop groups. Originally a group of nine, Stray Kids had their debut on 25th March 2018 with the album “I am Not”. This album sold a toppling number of 54,000+ physical copies. Ever since their single “God’s Menu” went viral after its release in 2020, the band’s popularity skyrocketed. They cater to their international fans with versions of their songs in different languages, such as English and Japanese. Because of this, Stray Kids now has more fans internationally than it does in South Korea.

The band members are Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, I.N, with Bang Chan as their leader. Felix is one of the two members who were raised outside of South Korea. Felix was born and raised in Australia, which turned out to be a big bonus point for the group. Since there are very few Australian Kpop idols to exist, Felix, along with Bang Chan, who is also Australian, helped in increasing the popularity of the group, Felix brought extra attention to himself thanks to his insanely deep voice. Even people who are not fans of SKZ are aware of who Felix is because of his captivating voice that always stands out.

Felix Net Worth
Felix from Stray Kids

Who is Felix?

His birth name, Lee Yongbok, Felix of Stray Kids, is the lead rapper and lead dancer. Very famously known for his very deep voice, Felix was actually born and raised in Australia. Before his debut, Felix had to struggle a lot. He was introduced on the show “Stray Kids”, hosted by JYP. Since he’s from Australia, Felix’s Korean was not good. In fact, he had only picked it up after he moved to Seoul. Due to this, his confidence was low, which got him temporarily eliminated from the line-up. He eventually debuted with eight other members, as the Lead Rapper and the Lead Rapper and a Dancer.

To this day, Felix is not fluent in Korean. He still mispronounces and even talks in Korean with an Australian accent at times. Felix’s physical appearance is often compared with that of a cat. The contradiction between his soft looks ad features, with his super masculine and deep voice, is what makes him one of the most popular members. As of 202, Felix is a regular sponsor for the SAVE THE CHILDREN Campain. He started this on his birthday last year and has continued doing so. Felix is a part of 3RACHA, a subunit of Stray Kids. 3RACHA consists of Changbin, Bang Chan, and Felix. These three are the main composers of Stray Kids. They have a part in almost all of the songs Stray Kids has released, including solos.

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What is Felix’s Net Worth?

Being a K-pop idol in one of the big three companies has its own perks and cons, especially when it comes to Net Worths. Felix is not only an idol but also a composer and a choreographer for his own band. This means their popularity is high, including support from international fans. Felix has a hand in writing songs in almost all of SKZ’s albums.

Apart from this, Felix had a solo live broadcast with Seungmin called “Puppy School Cat”. All of this has spiked Felix’s Net Worth to a toppling $1.5 Million Dollars in 2021. The Stray Kids band collectively has a net worth of $30.18 Million. There is a big difference between Felix’s Net Worth and the band’s overall Net Worth, even after equal distribution. This is because of the additional fees that are to be paid to the company.

Felix Net Worth
Lee Felix

Felix probably brings more to the table than the other members do. His fan base is comparatively larger. This could be due to the many unique features Felix has. He has always had a big number of male fans as well. Felix’s broken Korean in an Australian accent in his thick, marine trench-like voice is what keeps his popularity high. Felix stated that being able to compose for the band helps him, and the members are true to themselves.

“We have the opportunity to write and compose our own songs, and It’s rather good to be able to write the music style, concept, and lyrics we want to write. The members have a lot of imagination and good ideas. Of course, it’s not easy to include things that STAY can relate to in the lyrics. But it’s not burdensome. I’m grateful for all those interests.” Felix stated in an interview with Star 1 Magazine.

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