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Millet Tots Net Worth: How Did it Rise to Fame?

millet tots net worth
Ryan and Lindsey Cunningham

Millet tots is a product by RollinGreens. The company was founded in May 2015, and it is based in Colorado. And the owners of the company are Ryan and Lindsey Cunningham. They started rollinGreens as a vegan food truck. From a food truck to being sold in 4000 retail stores is quite an accomplishment. Not only fame but Millet tots net worth also grew with time. It is the primary food product by the company. And they sell three varieties of millet tots original, Italian herb, and spicy-sweet.

Ryan became a professional chef. Also, he is known by the name chef Ko. And after revitalizing RollinGreens in 2011, Ryan and Lindsey catered to hundreds of events. Indeed the food is delicious as customers would wait in lines to get chef ko’s innovative and delicious plant-based food. They expanded to keep up with the demand for their millet tots. Consequently, they launched their tots in local and national retail stores. Now, RollinGreens is found in over 4000 stores.

RollinGreens at shark tank

RollinGreens at the shark tank show

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Millet tots net worth

Chef ko’s Millet Tots’ net worth is around $700,000. The company sells millet tots in a pack of 6 boxes which is sold for $66.99. And the variety pack for $71.99. Ryan Cunningham is from Boulder. He is among the firsts to start a food business here. Also, he worked at one of LA’s top restaurants. Chef Ko is known for his innovative and healthy food preparations. His recipes are easy to prepare but full of flavors.

RollinGreens promotes sustainable foods. They aim to reduce carbon footprint and water usage overall. Besides, they also focus on animal welfare and many more things.

millet tots

millet tots

Shark Tank Appearance

Ryan and Lindsey Cunningham were seen on Shark tank in 2020. Their idea was to sell their recipes as packaged foods. Further, they asked for a $500,000 investment for 10% equity. Sharks were worried that the business might not grow because of their business model. Daniel Lubetzky was the obvious choice as he has an interest in clean foods, but he did not extend an offer. Later, Lori Greiner wanted to extend an offer in partnership with Daniel Lubetzky. But when she saw him worried about the company’s future, she declined to make an offer. Finally, Robert Herjavec made an offer to RollinGreens. He was intrigued by the presentation and taste of the food. He offered $500,000 for 20% equity. Ryan and Lindsey accepted this offer.

recipe by chef ko

RollinGreens recipe by chef ko

Currently, RollinGreens products are found in 4000 retail stores across the nation. According to their website, they provide frozen millet tots and cauliflower wings. And in a few years, they plan to bring in a new food product named ground taco to the shelf. Moreover, you can find RollinGreens online. On their website, you can learn about their story, buy delicious ready-to-cook food, and also get many recipes from chef Ko.

They have many recipes on the website like summer gazpacho, grilled corn, and arugula salad, teriyaki wing fried rice with spring garlic, taco pack chili dogs, and more.

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RollinGreens rise to fame after Shark Tank

RollinGreens appeared on Shark Tank in their season 11 episode 1122. Ryan and Lindsey offered 10% equity for a $500,000 investment. While, Robert Herjavee made an offer for $500,000 in exchange for 20% equity. After appearing on the show, RollinGreens got good publicity for their brand. Additionally, it boosted their sales.

The co-founders went to the show as they wanted to launch their product across local and national retail stores. The sharks were very impressed by the food they tasted. Chef ko served his millet tots and cauliflower wings with signature sauces. Earlier in 2019, RoliinGreens sales were $320,000. Later, the sales increased to $700,000 in 2020.

Shark tank judges

Shark tank judges

Ryan and Lindsey were given some words of wisdom by the sharks, it was that just because they partner with many investors doesn’t mean they will be successful. Also, they were advised to find an appropriate investor who could take the company forward. When RollinGreens went on the show, their margin was only 35%. This amount was not enough for the founders and the salary of the investors.

Daniel Lubetzky and Lori Greiner declined to invest over their concerns about RollinGreen’s business model. However, Robert Herjavec extended an offer to the company. He liked their food and signature millet tots. Robert made an offer of $500,000 for 20% equity. Ryan and Lindsey accepted this offer excitedly.

Today, in 2021, RollinGreens millet tots net worth is $700,000 as of 2020. Its mission is to serve socially conscious consumers. And provide a purpose in life for many to eat clean and good food.

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