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K-Pop Idols With The ‘Limitless’ Black Card

K-Pop Idols With The Black Card
The Famous K-Pop Boy Group 'BTS'

We all know that K-Pop Idols are rich. But sometimes, we forget the hard work they put in to earn a name for themselves and earn their income. Moreover, only a handful of K-Pop Idols are able to become ultra-rich. Most of them stay in the in-between category. There are variations. You can find Idols with a net worth of 1 million dollars to 20 million dollars. There are popular groups like BTS, Seventeen, BIGBANG, BLACKPINK, EXO, Got7, Shinee, Red Velvet, Twice, etc. And also solo artists like IU, JYP, PSY, Jay Park, etc. We are aware that the members of these groups are rich. Here, we are going to list down the K-Pop Idols who own ‘the’ Black Card, a symbol of wealth and luxury.

Then, there are ‘new groups like EVERGLOW, Dream Catcher, TXT, Enhypen, EPEX,’ etc. These K-Pop groups are on their way to becoming more popular and also richer. Among all this, we can’t miss the fact that several K-Pop groups debut every year in Korea. Only a few of them are able to survive the harsh competition in the K-Pop industry. There are a huge number of trainees who never even get the chance to debut. It is not just the work of lady luck that some K-Pop idols become rich and famous. Their potential as a star also plays a huge part. If they weren’t capable enough, they would have never reached the stage of popularity and earned the riches that they now do.

'K-Pop Idols with the Black Card'

The popular K-Pop Group ‘BIGBANG’

K-Pop Idols Who Have A Black Card

A ‘Black Card’ usually refers to a premium credit card. K-Pop Idols flex Black Cards like no other. Only a few of them ever get the chance to earn a Black Card. A black card, a luxury credit card, has no upper limit. A sign of a lavish lifestyle, the Black Card is only offered to people who are ultra-rich and have a high net worth. K-Pop Idols enjoy the benefit of endless spending access that they get with the Black Card. Here’s a list of some of the K-Pop Idols who own a Black Card in Korea.

BTS Jungkook

With a net worth of 8 million Dollars, the maknae of the group BTS is one of the richest K-Pop idols. While the group was in New Zealand, BTS went shopping, and a camera caught Jungkook using the Black Card. There is also a video of the same present on the internet. Being a member of the world’s richest K-Pop Group, it is almost an obvious fact for Jungkook to have a Black Card. His income mainly comes from being a pop singer.

'K-Pop Idols with the Black Card'

‘BTS Jungkook’


Jin from BTS, with a net worth of 8 Million Dollars, has the Hyundai ‘The Black’ card. During Suga’s birthday celebration, Jin was seen paying for the meal of all the members of BTS and also the staff that was present there. He was caught using his Black Card there. There’s a short video of Jin using his Black Card on the internet if you want to check it for yourself. It is not surprising for Jin to have a Black Card when he belongs to the world’s most popular K-Pop Boy Group, one that is the only K-Pop group to have won a Billboard Award.

K-Pop Idols With The Limitless Black Card

‘BTS Jin’

TXT Yeonjun

The member of the relatively new K-Pop Boy Group ‘TXT’, Yeonjun, has his own Black Card. Yeonjun paid for the meal of all his group members in a video on their official YouTube channel, ‘TOMORROW X TOGETHER OFFICIAL’. He made the payment using his Black Card. The K-Pop idol has a total net worth of 1.2 million Dollars. Yeonjun’s group debuted under the Big Hit Entertainment on the 4th of March in 2019 and since then has been rising in popularity. This must have been one of the factors that made Yeonjun own a Black Card.

K-Pop Idols With The Limitless Black Card

‘TXT’s Yeonjun’


The YG Entertainment Star, who is currently ‘dating BLACKPINK’s Jennie,’ has a net worth of 35 million Dollars. This is thanks to his active involvement in not only the music industry but also the fashion industry. GD is well-known for his fashion sense and catches eyes wherever he goes. ‘GD owns a Black Card’, which is not surprising owing to his popularity, and the high and respectable position he holds in the K-Pop scene.

K-Pop Idols With The Limitless Black Card

‘BIGBANG’s G-Dragon’


Taeyang from BIGBANG has constantly been working and has been dedicated to his dream as a musician. His popular love song ‘Eyes Nose Lips’ has won him numerous fans all across the globe. His commitment to music has led him to become one of K-Pop’s most recognized artists and gain worldwide fame. Of course, when talking about Taeyang, we can’t avoid mentioning how much money he makes. His current net worth is 24 million dollars, and he also has a Black Card, just like his fellow group member GD. He married his first-ever girlfriend, Min Hyo Rin, in the year 2018 and had their child in 2021. If you want to know more about the couple’s life as a married couple, click here.

'K-Pop Idols with the Black Card''

‘Taeyang from BIGBANG’

Sandara Park

2NE1’s former member Sandara Park made her debut in the year 2004 while in the Philippines under Star Records. Later on in her career, she went to work under YG Entertainment in Korea in the Group ‘2NE1’, which debuted in 2009. Even after leaving the group, Sandara Park has been active as a soloist and actress. Currently, she’s under the company Abyss Company. In the year 2020, she was included in the list of 10 Richest K-Pop Idols. We can’t ignore her popularity as an artist. Neither can we avoid talking about the amount of money she makes. She owns a Black Card and has a net worth of 16 million Dollars. How can she earn any less than this figure? She is presently in endorsement deals with so many companies. Some of them are CoverGirl, Moonshot, Nikon, Clio, Etude House, and BNY Jeans.

K-Pop Idols With The Limitless Black Card

‘Sandara Park’

EXO Suho

The leader of the popular K-Pop Boy Group EXO is a rich man. He even played the role of a CEO in his drama ‘Rich Man, Poor Woman’. EXO is one of K-Pop’s biggest names. You probably became a fan of K-Pop thanks to EXO’s international popularity. Suho has been playing different roles in the entertainment industry. He is the leader of his EXO, a soloist, and an actor. Suho is known to be EXO’s wealthiest member, and he does own a Black Card. Before and after his mandatory military service (from May 2020 to February 2022), he has been an active member of the K-Pop and K-Drama industry. You can see him participating in movies, advertisements, music, and many more.

'K-Pop Idols with the Black Card'

‘EXO’s Leader Suho’

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon

The Girls’ Generation member has a net worth estimated to be 10 million Dollars. She is one of the richest K-Pop idols and is the highest-earning member of SNSD. In a video from her YouTube channel, ‘Taengoo TV,’ Taeyeon was seen shopping for her mother in the nearest ‘Olive Young’ outlet. As she went on to pay for the items she had bought, the video revealed her using a Black Card. This reminded her fans just how rich the K-Pop idol is. It is believed that she charges 887,769 dollars for each of her songs. If this is true, there’s no way that the artist does not have a Black Card.

K-Pop Idols With The Limitless Black Card

‘SNSD’s Taeyeon’


Just like her boyfriend G-Dragon, Jennie from BLACKPINK owns a Black Card. Jennie trained for one year under YG Entertainment and made her debut as a member of BLACKPINK in the year 2016. Even before becoming a K-Pop idol, Jennie came from a well-off family. As an idol, she has an influential position in the K-Pop industry. She is also popular for her involvement in the fashion industry. Jennie went on further in her career as an idol by releasing her single ‘Solo’. She even won the Digital Bonsang at the 34th Golden Disc Awards. She is also famous as a brand endorser. She has accumulated a notable amount of fortune and has an estimated net worth of 8 million Dollars.

'K-Pop Idols with the Black Cards'

‘BLACKPINK’s Jennie’

K-Pop idols work hard each and every day of their lives. That’s how they gain the love and support that they do get. One should never underestimate the efforts that have been put into them becoming well-known figures in the K-Pop industry. Moreover, even those K-Pop groups who couldn’t make it big in the K-Pop scene had diligently worked towards their dream. The amount of money that they earn can’t ever be compared to the labor they’ve done for reaching that figure.

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