K-pop Idols Who Are From Actual Royal Families!

Royal K-pop Idols

We often think of our K-pop idols as the same as royals, but did you know that some of our favorite Korean artists actually belong to royal families. Apparently, some of the famous k-pop idols come from royal and important clans in South Korea. These K-pop idols are considered to belong to the Yangban family clans. In addition to that, the Yangban family clans were the nobility and elites of the society in Korea during the Joseon era. Plus, there was a condition to belong to the elite group of the Yangban clan.

Three generations of a family had to pass the national exam that was based on Confucianism. The people with one of the highest positions in the Yangban clans were those who held a high position in the government. Thus it means that if two k-pop idols are royalty, it does not necessarily mean that they are connected through the bloodline. People had to work hard to belong to the Yangban clan. In this article, we will be listing down a few k-pop idols who have confirmed their clan and, of course, have royal blood in them!

1. Suga, Jin & V

As perfect as all the BTS members are, we are not surprised that three of the boy band’s members are here. Suga or Min Yoongi is a descendant of the Yuehang Min Clan. He had revealed his clan during a live stream. The surname ‘Min’ is, in fact, quite rare in Korea and a lesser kind of the higher hierarchy of Mins. Suga’s family had lost all of its wealthy position due to some reasons, which put the burden on Suga and his elder brother to revive the family’s legacy.

Yoheung Min Clan had produced four queens throughout the Joseon dynasty, which included the last empress of the Joseon Dynasty, Empress Sunmyeong.  We can see where Suga’s hardworking and bright mind comes from!

Royal k-pop idols
Suga in a hanbok cr: HYBE Labels

Next up are the super-duper vocalists and visuals of BTS, Jin and V. Kim Seokjin and Kim Taehyung belong to the same clan of Kims, the Gwangsan Kim clan. The Gwangsan Kim clan was one of the most prominent clans under the Yangban families. People who are the descendants of Queen Ingyeong of Kim Sukjong, the third Prince of the Silla era, Hueng Gwang, etc., are considered to be from the Gwangsan Kim Clan. We can see why people call them princes cause they are literal princes.

Royal K-pop idols
Jin and V cr: HYBE Labels

2. Sunny

Now we have the Girls’ Generation’s Aegyo Queen Sunny! Sunny belongs to the Jeonju Lee Clan. The Jeonju Lee clan belongs to the founder of the Joseon Dynasty himself, King Taejo. This clan contains the blood of the royal family of the Joseon era. Not only that, but Sunny is actually the descendant of Grand Prince Horyeong to King Taejo. Through the regal way Sunny carries herself, we should have been expecting all along that she is a descendant of a royal family!

Royal K-pop idols
Sunny cr: SM Entertainment

3. Eunhyuk And Donghae

SM Entertainment’s famous boy group Super Junior’s main rapper Eunhyuk and lead vocalist Donghae also belong to the Jeonju Lee Clan. Although with their recent comeback, fans could not stop calling them absolute princes, not many knew that Eunhyuk and Donghae are real princes. But Eunhyuk did not enjoy the riches that came along with being part of a royal family. Eunhyuk was able to change his and his families struggling financial status by soon enough joining SM Entertainment. He had proved his worth through his awesome rapping and dancing skills! Donghae’s financial status before debuting is not known.

Royal k-pop idols
Eunhyuk and Donghae cr: SM Entertainment

4. Chaeryoung And Chaeyeon

The list of royal K-pop idols would not have been complete without the famous sister duo Chaeryoung and Chaeyeon. Chaeyeon was part of the spectacular group IZ*ONE while her younger sister went on to be a part of one of the leading faces of the 4th-gen of K-pop ITZY. The Chae sisters have proven that not only does royalty run in their blood,  but insane talent flows in their blood too. The two sisters are known for their incredible dancing abilities in the k-pop industry. These two also come from a very rich background. Before long, their younger sister might also decide to become a K-pop idol at this rate!

Royal K-pop idols
Chaeyeon and Chaeryoung

5. Beomgyu

No one, literally not even an alien, would be surprised that the ethereal-looking member of Big Hit’s group TXT is royalty. Beomgyu comes from the Gyeongju Choi Clan, which is also a royal clan. We also know that growing up, Beomgyu has enjoyed quite a luxurious life. His father was a famous race car driver in Korea, and the fact that he is from a royal clan just seems to show how wealthy his family is. And looking through his belongings, such as his house’s huge backyard and other photos that he has posted, fans can say that Beomgyu is really living like a prince. Not to forget, his visuals are worthy of a prince, and the freeze concept photos cement the fact!

Royal K-pop Idols
Beomgyu cr: HYBE Labels

6. Hongjoong

ATEEZ’s leader Hongjoong belongs to the Gwangsun Kim Clan, like BTS’s V and Jin. With his amazing leadership qualities, we are sure that if Hongjoong had been an emperor or king, his kingdom would have been filled with happiness. Who would not be happy that Kim Hongjoong is their leader, his fans, for one, would have swelled with pride if he was our king!

Royal K-pop Idols
Hongjoong cr: KQ Entertainment

8. Hyunjin

Here comes the all-rounder and visual of LOONA, Hyunjin. Hyunjin, aka Kim Hyujin, evidently belongs to the Gwangsan Kim Clan. She proves to be quite a smart person, just like someone from a royal clan would be. In her seventh grade, she had topped the school for her Korean. Not only that, Hyunjin was quite an athletic student too. Man-o-man, can we stop admiring this incredible girl!

LOONA’s Hyunjin cr: Blockberry Creative

9. Taemin

Another second-generation K-pop idol on this list is none other than the legendary Taemin. Looking at his name, Lee Taemin, you might have already guessed that the maknae of Shinee belongs to the royal Jeonju Lee Clan. We are sure that Taemin would have used his influence to pursue awareness and equality just like he does in the present. Taemin is known for breaking gender stereotypes and is a groundbreaking artist whose heart is as true as a real prince.

Taemin cr: SM Entertainment

12. Haechan And Jeno

Haechan is the main dancer and lead vocalist of NCT 127, NCT Dream, and NCT U. His full name is Lee Dong Hyuk. The surname Lee is quite a common surname in Korea, but Haechan comes from the people higher on the hierarchy. He belongs to the Jeonju Lee Clan like his seniors. Moving on to the lead dancer, lead rapper, and sub-vocalist of nct 127 and nct Dream, Jeno aka Lee Jeno. He, too, like his fellow NCT member, belongs to the Jeonju Lee clan. These two would have been insanely privileged if they were born in the Joseon era!

Haechan and Jeno
Haechan and Jeno cr: SM Entertainment

11. Dino And Mingyu

The seventeen members, Dino and Mingyu, are also a part of K-pop idols who are from royal families and are basically royalties. Seventeen’s adorable maknae Dino or Lee Chan actually belongs to the same clan as Girls’ Generation’s Sunny and super junior’s Donghae and Eunhyuk, aka the Jeonju Lee Clan. The group’s rapper and face, Mingyu or Kim Min Kyu, belongs to the same clan as BTS’s Jin and V, the gwangsan Kim Clan. Is it not cool to imagine them holding arrows and swords fighting in a war in the Joseon era?

Dino and Mingyu cr: Pledis Entertainment

13. Solar

We are going to end this list of Royal K-pop idols with the determined leader of Mamamoo Solar! Solar or Kim Young Sun is part of the Gwangsan Kim Clan like many here. It is funny how some new fans had thought that Solar is a North Korean. Since they were not many pre-debut photos of Solar, fans joked that she was a North Korean, but new fans took it seriously, and Solar had to come to debunk the rumors. Meanwhile, we would love to see the powerhouse of vocals as a fierce empress in the Joseon Dynasty. Too bad we do not have a time machine to make our dream come true. Let us just enjoy Solar’s amazing performances for now!

Solar cr: RBW Entertainment

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