Best BL Drama Adaptations From Manga And Novels

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BL Drama adaptation
BL Drama adaptation

When you start getting into the BL world, you’ll discover that besides novels and Manga/Manhwa/Manhua, there are some fascinating BL drama adaptations that manage to give a whole new light to the story. BL drama adaptations always give a personal touch to the story, reflecting how things would be if they took place in real life. Additionally, many people prefer watching instead of reading. This article is good news for all of them.

Recently, there have been various novels and Manga/Manhwa/Manhua that received a Drama adaptation. Ranging from The Untamed – a Chinese BL drama adapted from the novel Mo Dao Zu Shi To Life: Love on the Line – a Japanese BL drama adapted from the Manga Life Senjou no Bokura. There have been remarkable BL drama adaptations where the characters were brought to life with amazing acting. Thus here, we’ll take a look at some of the Best BL Drama adaptations made from Manga and Novels.

1. The Untamed

The Untamed is a drama adaptation of the Novel Mo Dao Zu Shi. The novel also has a manhua adaptation as well as a Donghua adaptation. With the amazing acting of the main cast, The Untamed managed to be one of the most popular Drama adaptations China has to offer. Unfortunately, The Chinese censorship board wasn’t up for releasing a series with “homosexual relationships.” Thus the story was altered to hide the fact that the main characters are in a romantic relationship. However, their acting made everything so obvious that even the Chinese censorship board couldn’t ban it.

The story takes place in the historic era of China when cultivators had a huge impact on people. Wei Wuxian, the adoptive son of the leader of the Jiang sect, was exceptionally notorious and lively. The young disciples of the Jiang sect and other main sects were invited by the Lan sect for a proper discipline lesson. During this time, Wei Wuxian met Lan Wangji, the second nephew of the Lan sect’s leader, and formed a deep bond with him.

The Untamed
The Untamed

Later in the story, due to a series of unfortunate events, Wei Wuxian had to practice some wicked sorcery which is never good news. There are always consequences to the usage of evil cultivation practices. In Wei Wuxian’s case, he had to pay a lot more than expected, and in the end, he was killed by his brother. Wei Wuxian died with the title of the evilest cultivator the world has ever seen.

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But after 16 years, he was brought back to life by Mo xuanyu, a vengeful man who wanted Wei Wuxian to take revenge on his behalf. With a second chance to live and find out what went wrong in his past life, he left the village where Mo xuanyu lived. On his way, he reunited with Lan Wangji, who was the first man who discovered that Wei Wuxian was back. Moving forward, what will Wei Wuxian and Lan Wanji discover in this new life?

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2. Given

Given has become popular after it received an anime adaptation in 2019, followed by a BL drama adaptation in July 2021. The series is all about four boys linked together through their Rock band. There are two love stories in this series. The main couples are Ritsuka and Mafuyu, and the side couples are Haruki and Akihiko.

One day Ritsuka finds Mafuyu sleeping on the staircase with a guitar. They start chatting, and Ritsuka tells him that his Guitar has rusty strings that should be changed. Hearing that the guitar can be fixed, Mafuyu jumps with excitement and asks Ritsuka to teach him how to play the guitar. He later introduces Mafuyu to his band members, i.e., Akihiko and Haruki. One thing leads to another, and Mafuyu becomes the vocalist of their band. With the passing time, Ritsuka finds himself attracted to Mafuyu, but that’s when he finds out about his tragic past. How will things go from here on?


On the other hand, Akihiko and Haruki have known each other for a while now. Haruki has a one-sided crush on Akihiko, and Akihiko is aware of it. He lives with his ex-boyfriend, but things never work out for them. Even after breaking up, Akihiko has lingering feelings for him. How will things turn out when Haruki finds out about it?

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3. Absolute BL

The story, as well as the actors of this drama are hilarious. In this series, the main character finds himself in a BL manga. A world where the population of handsome men has increased significantly, and the faces of girls are blurry. However, our protagonist doesn’t fear playing a role in this world because he is not good-looking. He considers himself to be a Mob character without any significance in the BL world. But unexpectedly, his brother becomes a part of it, and everything starts going south in his head.

Absolute BL
Absolute BL

After figuring out that he is inside a BL manga, Mobu started reading these mangas to stay prepared for anything. While reading BL manga, he found out that similar things are happening all around him. Starting from a delinquent falling for the passerby to the Crossdressed beauty, would a person that despises being a part of the BL world fall in love with a man?

4. Kieta Hatsukoi

Kieta Hatsukoi is a Drama adaptation of the manga with the same title. The whole story is based on one misunderstanding after another. One day he borrowed an eraser from his crush Hashimoto and saw Ida’s name written on it. Ida is your typical good-looking, topper student with a good personality. Ida sits right in front of Aoki and notices that his name is written on his eraser. However, he misunderstands and thinks that the eraser belongs to Aoki.

Kieta Hatsukoi -BL Drama adaptation
Kieta Hatsukoi

Later, instead of clearing things out with Ida, Aoki pretends that he likes Ida so that he can keep him away from Hashimoto. Ida agrees to maintain a friendship with Aoki, but as time passes, they both start getting closer and eventually fall in love. Towards the end of the story, they discover that the name written on Hashimoto’s eraser wasn’t Ida but Aida, one of Aoki’s friends. It turns out that the “A” was erased, and this one small mistake led to all the confusion.

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5. Semantic Error

Semantic Error is a Korean BL drama adaptation of the manhwa with the same title. The drama is relatively new, so it’s currently ongoing. Chu Sangwoo has a rather difficult personality, he is a brilliant boy, but his perspective is different from others. He is a systematic person that hates any type of error in his works and his life. During a group project, all the other members made some excuses and ditched the work. However, Sangwoo completed the whole project alone and didn’t give any credit to the other members. Due to this, Jang Jae-young, a senior in his group, was stopped from graduating.

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Semantic Error -BL Drama adaptation
Semantic Error

Sangwoo received threat messages and calls from all three members on a daily basis, but he didn’t pay attention to any of them. He has been working on a game for a while now, but the graphic designer who’s been helping him was already busy. She referred Sangwoo to another graphic designer, and coincidentally it turned out to be Jang Jae-young. His personality is totally opposite from Sangwoo. He is a cheerful and extrovert person who would’ve been studying in a foreign country if Sangwoo wouldn’t have erased his name from the group project. After multiple conflicts, the two end up working together in the game, but how would such an unlikely pair fall in love?

6. Addicted Heroin

Addicted Heroin is a Chinese BL adaptation of the novel with the same name. However, as stated above, the Chinese censorship board is against the genre, and in the case of this BL, they went overboard. The Drama is filled with explicit scenes, due to which the censorship board didn’t let the show receive a proper ending. The series was discontinued before the climax. Even the cast members were restrained from meeting each other on stage or in public. But they managed to make a masterpiece with a low-budget series. It would’ve gained more fame if the censorship board wasn’t restraining them.

Addicted Heroin -BL Drama adaptation
Addicted Heroin

The story depicts the lives of two men, Bai Luo Yin, who has been living in poverty with his divorced father, and Gu hai, a man that lost his mother and held a grudge against his father. They both study in the same school and become friends over time, although Gu hai starts falling in love with Luo Yin. However, with some twisted fate, Bai Luo Yin’s mother starts pursuing Luo Yin to live with the man she remarried, but this man happens to be Gu hai’s Father. With this revelation, how will their relationship turn out to be?

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