8 Best Beerus Quotes From Dragon Ball Super

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8 Memorable Dialogues From Beerus In Dragon Ball Super:
Beerus moments before destroying the earth

Dragon Ball Super has brought in new characters that have given us amazing moments that we remember till now. Here, we will be going through 8 memorable quotes from Beerus, the destroyer from Dragon Ball Super. The animated and manga series of Dragon Ball Super began back on 5th July 2015. The series starts, bringing back the core members, namely Goku, Vegeta, Chi-Chi, Bulma, Krillin, Piccolo, and many others. The series this time goes on Godly heights like literally introducing the God of Destruction ‘Beerus’ and his advisor ‘Whis’ the Angel. Beerus’s appearance looks like a skinny purple cat, but his aura and composer are enough to make anyone sweat.

Beerus lives by his rules and makes sure that those deserving get punished. The strength of this character goes unrecognized as he is capable of destroying a whole planet just by flicking his wrist. The only way you can please this god into doing anything is by getting him delicious food. It may sound simple, but if the taste does not impress him for another bite, you can just say goodbye to your planet. One guilty secret that Beerus held from Goku and Vegeta was that he was the one to command Freeza to destroy Sayian’s home planet, ‘Planet Vegeta’. Even so, the character has given us many hilarious and seriously amazing moments in the series.

So without further ado, let’s check out eight memorable quotes from Beerus the destroyer from Dragon Ball Super.

1. “Before creation…must come destruction!”

One of the many dialogues that come from Beerus the destroyer is “Before creation…must come destruction”. Well, the dialogue came when Beerus made his appearance in the Dragonball world. It was during the time when he came to visit Prince Vegeta during Bulma’s birthday party. The line came after the god of destruction got upset during the party and threatened to destroy the world.

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Lord Beerus resting

The dialogue does have a lot of credibility to it as it gives us the very essence of a life cycle. Although there were many unique things created for this beautiful universe, it came to life after something met its end or faced destruction. For example, for the human race to begin its evolution on a wholesome Planet Earth, dinosaurs faced extinction/destruction.

2. “Sorry Kai, your luck has run out….. Haikai!!”

Well, this line has impacted us all and given us complete goosebumps from both the anime and manga series. For those who don’t know, the dialogue “Sorry Kai, your luck has run out….. Haikai!!” appeared right before Beerus, the destroyer, disintegrated the Kiaoshin from Universe 10 Zamasu. It so happened that Zamasu wanted to kill all humans and even go on to kill the Omni king to make his own universe. Needless to say, the god of destruction was present to save the day.

Beerus Quotes
Beerus before killing Zamasu

We can say that Beerus is one of a kind being who is really unpredictable. People really don’t know what might tick him off and lead to their collective demise. This particular scene went to so show how dominating and impulsive Beerus’s character type is, not even thinking before destroying a Kai of another universe.

3. “Goku, are you finished?”

Well, diehard Dragon Ball Super fans may remember this scene, but for those of you who don’t remember, this dialogue came during the Tournament of Power arc. When Jiren and Goku’s first-ever clash got to its end, and the latter got swallowed in his own spirit bomb, everyone, including our god of destruction Beerus, was scared to death.

Beerus Quotes
Beerus and Goku Super Saiyan God

It was during this time when we hear Beerus saying, “Is this true, is this truly the end for you Saiyan, and for us….Goku, are you finished?” Well many fans and others saw it as a wake-up that the protagonist will not be going out so fast and he’ll be in the game, which he was. On the contrary, if you look at it, we can make out that Beerus genuinely cared for his universe and believed that Goku was the one he could hope to bring victory to his Universe. In any case, this line went down as one of the biggest moments in DBS history.

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4. “Now, all that is left is the destruction of the earth, but I think it would be a waste to destroy it. The food on this planet is very delicious.”

Well, we all do know that Beerus loves food and that too unique and tasty ones. This dialogue, “Now all that is left is the destruction of the earth, but I think it would be a waste to destroy it. The food of this planet is very delicious,” came after his battle with Goku in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Gods. The fight originally began on the matter of food when the God of Destruction did not receive any pudding.

Lord Beerus

While this scene made many people question the behavior of the God of Destruction, the moment really became a memorable one. While one side of this dialogue shows the selfish behavior of Beerus to keep Earth going to get good food, the other sideshow how Beerus wanted to see growth in both Goku and Vegeta so that he could get an amazing battle again with them in the future.

5. “It seems Saiyans have changed since the last time I saw them. They have become cowardly.”

Well, Beerus the Destroyer has been amongst the living creatures for a long, long time and has witnessed both the birth and end of the Sayian on Planet Vegeta. The remark that Beerus gave to Whis while finding the super Saiyan god was, “It seems Saiyans have changed since the last time I saw them. They had become cowardly,” which indicated that Saiyans at the time before the planet was gone, was quite a force to be reckoned with.


6. “That one planet where I made someone extinct, these disrespectful dinosaurs?”

Another perfect example of Beerus being one of the longest-lived entities in Universe 7 is when he said, “That one planet where I made someone extinct these disrespectful dinosaurs?” was shown in both the manga anime characters just as soon after Beerus woke up from his long nap.

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8 Memorable Dialogues From Beerus In Dragon Ball Super:
Beerus playing around

Beerus was in talks with Whis discussing the dream of a vision he had of fighting a Super Saiyan God. In search of this Super Saiyan God, Whis tracked down the remaining Saiyans on earth to which Beerus recalls hiring someone to take out the dinosaurs present in that era.

7. “I CAN’T SLEEP!!”

Beerus has two things dearly very important to him. One is his food, and the other is his sleep. The guy can get instantly snappy when he does not get his sleep. There are many instances when we see the character getting an ample amount of sleep. A few moments in the series have also revealed that he has slept for over ten years as well.

8 Memorable Dialogues From Beerus In Dragon Ball Super:
Beerus moments before taking a nap

Well, the dialogue of him saying ” I can’t sleep!!” comes from the training arc where we see Goku and Vegeta train under Whis to master their skills. Under their training regimen, they had many household chores as well that they had to complete. Under one of these things was changing Beerus’s bed without waking him up. While doing so, Goku and Vegeta came under a heated conversation that woke Beerus up, ending up saying the line and sending out a blast that takes out one of the objects in the room.

8. “Your naive nature could be a menace to the universe.”

One of the threatening moments from Beerus, which came before the beginning of the tournament of power, was to the protagonist Goku himself. In the manga and adapted manga series, Goku was quite chilled and was really behaving coolly with the great Omni King (the ruler of all) and the grand priest. During his encounter, Goku was gifted a teleportation device by the Omni King that would bring Omni King to him whenever he wanted.

8 Memorable Dialogues From Beerus In Dragon Ball Super:
Beerus Vs Goku Super Saiyan God

It was during this time that Goku got restless of waiting around for the tournament and decided to visit Omni King himself. Beerus opposed this idea and threatened Goku. Beerus won’t have any choice but to put Goku to sleep because, as per him, Goku’s naive nature could be a menace to the Universe, even more than the Omni King himself.

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