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Zombies Ate My Neighbours Now Available on PS4

Zombies Ate My Neighbours Releasing on PS4 and other platforms
From The Official Trailer Of Zombies Ate My Neighbours On PS4. Switch, PC and Xbox One.

Zombies Ate My Neighbors which originally came in 1993, is a 16-bit game that every 90s kid grew up playing. The era where video games didn’t thrive like they do today. So there are quite limited games that stayed as a memory moving onto the next decade. For more than 26 years now, the game has continued to entertain and give the 90s and 2000s gamers a time of their life. Now, keeping the spirit in mind, Zombies Ate My Neighbours has come around for PS4 and a number of modern platforms as well.

In case this might excite you, you might be wondering when, where, and how. Well, we have your answers for that. First of all, Zombies Ate My Neighbors is not the only game transitioning towards the new platforms to give the nostalgic touch. There is much more 90s and 00s kids. You are definitely enjoying the old gameplay style and engine, but new features will also make their presence felt. Something you would have wished was in the 90s. So let’s break down everything we know about the game.

Zombies Ate My Neighbors PlayStation 4 Release Date

Zombies Ate My Neighbours has already been released on June 29, 2021, for PlayStation 4. If not enough, the game has also been made available to play on Nintendo Switch, Windows PC as well as Xbox One. Also note, Zombies, Ate My Neighbours isn’t the only game to join the new gaming systems. Along with it, the game’s sequel, as in Ghoul Patrol released the same day for the mentioned platforms above.

Zombies Ate My Neighbours Release Date For PS4

From The Official Trailer Of Zombies Ate My Neighbours On PS4. Switch, PC, and Xbox One.

Zombies Ate My Neighbours and Ghoul Patrol both come bundled into one. They are available to buy for around $14.99 on each platforms shop. These include Nintendo Switch eShop, PlayStation Store, Xbox Games Store, Steam, and Both the games have come up retaining the nostalgic gameplay and feature it had in 1993 with some added modern features. Thus making the game more smooth and more fun to play on.

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Zombies Ate My Neighbours – What Is The Game All About?

So Zombies Ate My Neighbours see our two protagonists as in Zeke and Julie, who just discovered the zombies in the neighborhood. Now it’s up to them to save their nice neighbors, cheerleaders, and friends from fleshing-eating zombies. Plus, these zombies aren’t the only thing you need to worry about. As Zeke and Julie travel through suburban neighborhoods, shopping malls, pyramids, haunted castles, and much more. Zombies tag along with some of the iconic horror characters throughout history.

The New Gameplay For Zombies Ate My Neighbours On PS4 and new platforms

From The Official Trailer Of Zombies Ate My Neighbours On PS4. Switch, PC, and Xbox One.

We have vampires, werewolves, huge demonic babies, spiders, squid men, evil dolls, aliens, and UFOs. Then there are also giant ants, blobs, giant worms, mummies, chainsaw-wielding maniacs.  Everything compensating for the adventurous gameplay apart from the zombies. Amidst these, there are 48 stages where the player needs to save his/her neighbors that range from the regular ones to chefs to teachers or anyone. All you have to do is touch the neighbors to save them before the monsters touch them, which will kill them. Saving all of them will have a door opened for you, which takes you to the next level.

Apart from that, all the ten neighbors you are saving in a level have their own uniqueness and point. There are often times in the game you may witness nightfall. During this time, even the neighbors turn monsters, and you can’t save them at this point of the game. Also to fight back the monsters, the game allows players to use some weapons that are available throughout the game. These include  Uzi water gun, bazookas, weed-whackers, explosive soda cans, ice pops, tomatoes, silverware, dishes, ancient crucifixes, flamethrowers, fire extinguishers, and Martian bubble guns.

New Features Added For PS4 and new version of Zombies Ate My Neighbours

From The Official Trailer Of Zombies Ate My Neighbours On PS4. Switch, PC, and Xbox One.

What’s New?

The new features added to Zombies Ate My Neighbours on PS4, Xbox One, and other platforms including a quick-save system, achievements, and behind-the-scenes galleries, The game art, and video interviews of the original Zombies Ate My Neighbors developers.

Another new thing is that the game is bundled with Ghoul Patrol. It is kind of a sequel to the game. We have the same main characters. Although unrelated to the storyline, the game has a similar kind of gameplay and engine. JVC Musical Industries released the game in 1994. It sees the protagonists fighting ghosts and ghouls who have been released after reading an ancient spirit book. Now the protagonists aim to rewrite history to trap them again.

Check out the Official Trailer For Zombies Ate My Neighbours On PlayStation 4 below.

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