Zack Snyder Gives a Nod to Robert Pattinson as New Caped Crusader

Reports of Robert Pattinson being cast as next Batman has been flooding the internet and fans seem to be quite approving of the choice and it seems like the director Zack Snyder has given a green signal to Pattinson as next Batman. The news was initially believed to be a ridiculous rumour until Warner Bros confirmed the news itself. The idea of Robert Pattinson filling the shoes of Ben Affleck received mixed reactions from fans.

Some showed excitement to see Robert Pattinson take on the legacy of Batman while others weren’t convinced of Robert Pattinson as the new Cape Crusader. Doesn’t matter what people react to the casting, what matters is that the director Zack Snyder liked the idea. However, Zack didn’t issue a statement of him approving the casting but he did like the tweet that made an announcement of Robert Pattinson replacing Ben Affleck as Cape Crusader.

This very social media activity of his gave us a notion that he’s approved the cast. This might seem like a casual thing, but this reaction took social media by storm and all the fans are thrilled to see his reaction over Robert Pattinson being the new Batman. Zack liking the announcement isn’t necessarily a good sign, as we know social media has been flooded with reactions with regards to Pattinson replacing Ben Affleck.

Some people over social media claimed that Pattinson won’t be fit to play the character which is probably because of the role he’s known for. People think he can’t go beyond playing Edward Cullen, but some people on the flip side want to give him a chance to prove himself worthy of this very role.


In the past, Zack Snyder was held responsible for bringing Ben Affleck to play Batman, even that raised some fingers but Zack openly said that Ben Affleck was his “Perfect Batman”.

We’ll have to wait a lot to find out if this time again will Zack Snyder be able to shut mouths with Pattinson as Cape Crusader. Coming back to Batman, the deal was reportedly closed on Friday which means Pattinson is officially our new Cape Crusader. Which also makes him the youngest actor to Don the Cape for the Batman Series. Robert Pattinson, an award-winning actor wasn’t still being considered as a frontrunner until he recently proved himself in many amazing roles he’s played. Over the years he’s received awards for Twilight series. Stay tuned to see how it turns out to be for Pattinson being a new Batman.

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