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Yuuhi Reveals The War Between Humankind and BETA In Muv-Luv Alternative Episode 12

Muv-Luv Alternative Episode 12
Muv-Luv Alternative Episode 12

Muv-Luv Alternative Episode 12 reveals humankind’s strategies against the BETA. As the Alternative IV battle continues, Takeru and the Japanese Army continue to protect Shogen Yuuhi. Miki realizes that her father told her about rumors that he was selling Japan out to foreign countries for people to live in far East. But they need the American military to protect Japan. She realizes that her father counts on her to do his wish. Miki met with the strange lady in the forest and wanted to shoot her, thinking it was an enemy.

Miki learns that the lady is not emery, and she is from Finland and a war refugee. She wonders why the lady was selected in the American army from Finland. The lady reveals that she is doing it for citizenship, and she has to do her duty until she gets discharged. The lady also reveals that she will move out of refugee camps with her family. Miki wonders if the girl’s family survived. The girl replies that her mother and younger sister survive. But her father volunteered to work and went MIA on the North Karelian front.

Miki was surprised, and the lady took her father’s picture and said she wanted to take the BETA as her father did and protect her family. She believes that someday they will send the BETA out of Europe. The lady reveals that her name is Irma Thesleff. Irma asks Miki to visit Finland with her father. Miki promised that they would come. Takeru learns that Miki’s father is dragging people into war, but Irma is fighting for her homeland. Miki reveals that she is scared since her father might cause the coup to get the Americans involved.

Previously on Muv-Luv Alternative Episode 11

Takeru received a message that Her Majesty had called him. Later Takeru met with Yuuhi, who told him about fighting the BETA. Yuuhi asks him why he hesitates to inject the triazolam. She reminds him that he will have authority in the future, and he will have to make tough decisions and must not hesitate. Takeru agrees, and Yuuhi tells him to rest since another war will break out soon. The soldiers from both sides are talking rest while preparing for another war. Takeru asks about Captain Sagiri and why he was willing to start an uprising.

Muv-Luv Alternative Episode 12

Muv-Luv Alternative Episode 12

He reminds Yuuhi that humankind should focus on eliminating the BETA. But they can think about Japan’s future after eliminating the threat. Takeru also talked about the daughter of the UN under-secretary Tamase and former Lieutenant General Ayamine and the daughter of Prime Minister Sakaki, who was assassinated in the morning. Yuuhi realizes that she has something to tell the team and tells Takeru to summon the whole team. Later the soldiers arrive, and Yuuhi tells them what she thinks about the war between the BETA and humankind.

She asks Seragant Madoka to permit her to speak to her soldiers. Madoka accepts that, and Yuuhi notices Sakaki Korechika’s daughter. Yuuhi told her about her father and how loyal he was. She talks with Miki while consoling the soldiers of their losses, dominating the BETA, and winning. Meiya arrives and reveals her report to Yuuhi. Yuuhi accepts Meiya’s request, and they talk about how they will attack the enemies. They know that Meiya has succeeded in her mission, or they will capture her. But they will have to make sure that Yuuhi escapes.

Muv-Luv Alternative Episode 12 Release Date

Muv-Luv Alternative Episode 12 will be released on 23 December 2021. Tsukiyomi realizes that Yuuhi has to be at Yokohama Base while Meiya carries out the mission. Takeru had his say, and the Major General wonders why they trusted him. Takeru explains the conflict between humans. Later the soldiers get ready for war and find what Americans are scheming. Let’s look at Muv-Luv Alternative Episode 12 official details.

Muv-Luv Alternative Episode 12

Muv-Luv Alternative Episode 12

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Watch Muv-Luv Alternative Episode 12 Online – Streaming Details

You can watch Muv-Luv Alternative Episode 12 online on Crunchyroll & Muse HK (Playlist) on Thursday at 1: 25 AM JST. You can watch Muv-Luv Alternative Episode 12 online on VR via Crunchyroll, Youtube Channel, and Muse Playlist in other countries. That was all about the Muv-Luv Alternative episode finale.

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