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Youth of May Drops New Posters & Teasers

Youth of May
Youth of May cr: KBS2

Youth of May, 오월의 청춘 in Korean is a new television drama series made up of all things retro, spring, and love. This melodrama is set up in the May of 1980, these were turbulent times in South Korea as there was an uprising in the city of Gwangju, South Korea, that led to the tragic killing of around six hundred people. Youth of May is the story of a sweet romance between a medical student and a nurse during those tough times. The drama has a lot of potentials as it is an all-in-one treat. It showcases passion towards one’s occupation, the sacrifices one makes while fighting for justice, and a sprinkle of love.

The drama will premiere on KBS2 on May 3, 2021. The drama has a powerful and capable cast that has proved themselves through their earlier projects. Lee Do Hyun and Go Min-si are the main characters alongside Lee Sang Yi and Kim Sae-rok. Fans are beyond excited to see Lee Do Hyun on their screens again, despite being fairly new, Lee Do Hyun has gained himself a loyal fanbase through his soulful acting. It will be interesting to see all four powerful and determined characters get tangled with each other. In this article, we will be telling you everything you need to know about the release of the new drama Youth of May.

The Talented Cast

Youth of May cr: KBS 2

Youth of May has been one of the most awaited dramas releasing in 2021, not just because of its retro-themed amazing storyline but also the popular cast on board.

The role of Hwang Hee Tae is played by the awarded actor Lee Do Hyun. He is an actor who is signed under Yuehua Entertainment and had debuted in 2017. The rookie actor has gained popularity through popular shows such as Hotel Del Luna, where he played a supporting role. His performance in Netflix’s Sweet Home, which is based on a webtoon of the same name, won him critical acclaim. Lee Do Hyun left a mark in the viewer’s heart through his acting skills and has won two ”Best New Actor” awards for his role in the JTBC drama ” 18 Again”.

The character played by Lee Do Hyun in this series goes by the name Hwang Hee Tae. Hwang Hee Tae has gotten into Seoul National University’s medical school with top scores. He seems very careless and snobby on the outside, but he is a very thoughtful person beneath the cold exterior. In the Teaser, we can see Hwang Hee Tae riding his sports car with sunglasses on, looking like he’s too cool to care for anything while students who are protesting glare at him. It will be interesting to see what changes Hwang Hee Tae experiences when he meets Kim Myeong Hee.

Kim Myeong-hee is played by Go Min Si, who debuted through the popular high school romance drama My Sassy Girl in 2017. Go Min Si has swept praises for her amazing acting and is the owner of many awards such as ‘ Best New Actress’ at the SBS Drama Awards in 2019 for her drama ”Secret Boutique”. She has also gained popularity through her role in the series Love Alarm. Her character Kim Myeong-hee is a nurse who has experienced all kinds of struggles and continues to get through her life while keeping her head high. Kim Myeong-hee has been working as a nurse for three years, and although she is gentle to her patients, she does not hesitate to call out her superiors if they discriminate against her or mistreat her. Kim Myeong-hee is the head of her family and sends every hard-earned penny to her family back in her hometown. When Kim Myeong-hee meets Hwang Hee Tae and starts falling for him, she has to overcome a lot of traumas and internal conflict that she suffers because of her reality in order to convey her feelings towards him.

Youth of May cr: KBS

Lee Soo-ryeon is played by Keum Sae-rok. She won the Best New Actress at SBS Drama Awards in 2019 for her role in the fiery priest. Lee Soo-ryeon is the character played by Keum Sae-rok, she comes from a wealthy and prestigious family. She is a strong fighter of social justice as she feels responsible because she is from a wealthy family. She is Kim Myeong-hee’s best friend.

Lee So Chan’s character is played by Lee Sang-Yi. The handsome Lee Sang Yi has won the Best New Actor award Once Again at the 2020 KBS Drama Awards 2020. Lee So Chan is Lee So-ryeon’s elder brother by three years. He has come back to his homeland Korea after finishing his studies abroad in France. He faces a lot of troubles being the eldest son in a wealthy family. He finds comfort in Kim Myeon-hee, his sister’s friend, because she has similar responsibilities as the head of the household.

Youth Of May Release Date & Where to Watch

Youth of May has fans all over the world excited. The wait is finally over as the first episode will release on May 3, 2021, at 21:30 KST, which translates to 7:30 am Central Time on Monday. The premiere will be broadcasted on KBS2. New episodes of this retro-themed romance television series will air every week on Monday and Tuesday at 7:30 am Central Timing. The series is 12 episodes long, with each episode having a running time of 70 minutes. Youth of May will be available on Viki for those of you who were hoping to watch it online.

Youth of May Releases Heart Warming Posters

Youth of May new poster cr: KBS

The posters released have the fans squealing with excitement. The poster seems to be spring-themed as the characters are surrounded by bubbles and flowers. One of the posters showcases Kim Myung Hee and Hwang Hee Tae leaning against each other while they are surrounded by flowers, giving a dreamy and warm vibe.

Youth of May cr: KBS

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