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Youth Of May Episode 3: Release Date & Preview

youth of may episode 7 release date and preview
Youth of May cr: Rakuten VIKI

Youth Of May is a South Korean television series directed by Gong Min Yeop. Although the drama has just starting to air and has aired only 2 episodes, viewers are loving it. They are gripped by Go Min Si and Lee Do Hyun’s strong chemistry.  And, let us talk about why fans are loving the drama. The fans simply love the setting and the characters introduced till now. Also, the other characters have very interesting storylines. Moreover, they love how the setting is in the key time of Korean history and the storyline manages to gently emphasize the subject while showing the growth of the characters and their lives and struggles.

The story is set in the May of 1980 in Gwangju. At that time Gwangju had seen a lot of protesting from students who were mercilessly shot down by government troops. Additionally, this drama doesn’t focus on the incident but on the youth of that time. The story revolves around its main characters Myeong Hee and Hee Tae. How did they meet? Well, Myeong Hee’s friend Soo Ryeon had made a deal if Myeong He would go on a blind date with a guy that Soo Ryeon had to meet up with then Seo Ryeon would buy the ticket Myeong Hee needed to go abroad and study. Coincidentally, the guy who Soo Ryeon had to meet was Hee Tae. Hee Tae and Myeong Hee start liking each other and that’s where things get tough. Keep reading to see what’s in store for our characters.

What Happened In The Previous Episode?

Youth Of May

Youth Of May cr: Viki

Hee Tae And Myeong Hee’s First Date

The story had continued from where it left off in the first episode. Soo Ryeon had advised and gave Myeong Hee ways to get dumped by Hee Tae before Myeong Hee had gone on the date. Such as act a modern and spoiled person. But, whatever Myeong Hee tried Hee Tae had fallen for her as he saw her taking care of the boy who had been hit by a car. After their date, Hee Tae had insisted to take her back home. Myeong Hee was going to get in great trouble when Soo Chan had arrived home but thankfully Hee Tae had already left but gave her a gift before he left.

Later on, when Soo Ryeon and Myeong Hee talked about the date and Soo Ryeon said she would have to work had on the second date. Both of them noticed the present Hee Tae had brought for Myung Hee. When they opened it they found he had given her a new pair of sandals. Looks like he noticed that the sandals were loose on her. We all know that it wasn’t Myeong Hee’s sandals but Soo Ryeon’s, so Myeong Hee must have felt uncomfortable in them. Hee Tae is a pure gentleman!

What Happened After?

Myung Hee and Hee Tae were on their separate ways. Myung Hee was going to visit her younger brother in the race he had participated in. Hee Tae was going to Seok Chul’s house to tell them about her condition. But, when they were on their way they managed to bump into each other. And, this is where Hee Tae asks Myung Hee for another date, to which Myung Hee had hurriedly said yes, as she was boarding the bus. Afterward, Myung Hee had arrived at the stadium of the race. Her brother Kim Myeong See was jumping with joy when he saw her. Coincidentally, Hee Tae’s stepbrother Hwang Jung-Tae had also taken a part in the race. The two boys had run hard and Jung Tae won first place and Myeong See had won second.

After the race, Myeong Hee had met up with her dad when he had come to pick up Myeong Soo. Although both of them care for each other they have a little feud going on between them. Furthermore, Myeong Soo had brought up that he had to stay with Myeong Hee as he had to train for the Junior Sports Festival. To that, both Myeong Hee and her father agreed. When in training Myeong See and  Jung Tae had quite a lot of tension between them.

Youth Of May

Youth of May Lee Soo Chan and Soo Ryeon cr: Viki

The Released Prisoners

Soo Ryeon’s father had finally set the other protesters free. And when Soo Ryeon had heard the news she had become overjoyed and brought tofu for her gang. But when she reached they had spoken to her quite rudely. They said Soo Ryeon had used her father’s power so that she could get out of jail and hadn’t released them. Even though they were released because she requested her father to release them. Soo Ryeon became very angry and left the place. Later on, she complained to Myung Hee how ungrateful they were. And, she also reminded Myung Hee that she hadn’t forgotten about her promise. She said she will give her the tickets soon enough.

Does Soo Chan Hace Feelings For Soo Chan?

You could notice that Soo Chan had been disappointed when Myung Hee had declined to meet up after her job finished, as she had to meet Hee Tae. So, this had made fans wonder whether Soo Chan has hidden feelings for Myeong Hee.

The Mind Blogging Ending

Towards the ending of the episode, Hee Tae had shown up at Soo Ryeon’s house. Soo Ryeon and Myeong Hee were shocked when they saw him talking to Soo Ryeon’s dad. It seems like Hee Tae is an awesome guy and maybe read the room and had talked to the real Soo Ryeon and a smile that was for Myeong Hee.

The Exciting Preview Of The Third Episode

Youth Of May

Youth Of My cr: Viki

In the preview, we can see that Soo Ryeon’s dad is introducing Hee Tae to Myung Hee. Unlike her dad, we know that they have already met. In the next scene, Hee Tae could be seen asking Soo Ryeon what Myeong Hee had her scheme was. Then, the scene changes to Myung Hee apologizing to Hee Tae, and also Myung Hee’s landowner’s daughter is present there. And after that, Lee Soo Chan and Myung Hee enter a shop and the shopkeeper asks whether they wanted rice cakes for their wedding.

In the next scene, we can hear Hee Tae telling Soo Ryeon that their fathers want them to get married and we can see a large gathering. Then, Hee Tae comes to Myeong Hee’s house. Myeong asks him how he found out where she lives and stays for a while. The preview ends with Myung Hee asking Hee Tae if he is drunk and Hee Tae telling her to come over and sit.

Youth Of May Episode 3 Release Date

Youth Of May Episode 3 is set to release on Monday, May 10, 2020. The drama Youth Of May is available on Rakuten Viki and KBS2 at 21:30 KST. It airs every Monday and Tuesday with episodes of a timeline of an hour or more. It had started to air on May 3, 2020, and is set to air till June 8, 2021. The first two episodes had aired on May 3 and May 4.

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