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Youth of May Episode 1 Recap & Episode 2 Preview

Youth of may cr: KBS2

‘Youth of May’ or 오월의 청춘 in Korean is a historical romance South Korean tv series. Since it has started, it has drawn the viewers’ attention. It is a historical, romance, youthful, melodrama, and a little bit of everything. It is called the Youth of May as the drama is about the troubles of the youth in the May of 1980. The director has said that it is more of about universal feelings of love, joy, and hate among the youth living at that time rather centralizing around the protests and troublesome events of that part of history in Gwangju of Korea.

The drama is set in May 1998 in Gwangju during the protests for democracy led by many people who were shot to death by government officials when protesting. The male lead is Hee Tae, who is an aspiring medical student and, with his friend, decides to open an illegal clinic for the protestors. The female lead Myung Hee is a nurse who has been accepted to a German university and is also known as a ‘warrior in white’ because of the troubles she has faced since childhood. The two met when Myung Hee’s friend had made a deal that if Myung Hee agrees to go on a blind date in place of her, then she could buy the tickets, and the blind date was with none other than Hee Tae. The couple faces many obstacles; can they bloom their love in this troublesome time?

Episode 1 Recap

Youth of May cr: KBS2

A Friend’s Worsening Condition Takes Hee Tae Back to Gwangju

The episode starts with Hee Tae going on with his usual life. Seok Chul, Hee Tae’s friend, who is critically ill and is on the verge of death, asks Lee Tae Hee to get him shifted to Gwangju, their hometown. Hee Tae is shattered on seeing his friend’s condition and decides to do anything to help him, even ask his father for help. Lee Tae Hee was in contact with the director of a hospital in order to get Seok Chul shifted to Gwangju. The hospital is later revealed to be the one in which Myung Hee works. When Hee Tae and the director were talking about shifting the patient, Myung Hee and another man slammed open the door. The man, who was a friend of the director, was assaulting a nurse, and when Myung Hee stood up for the nurse, he took her to the director’s room, saying that she was hurting him. Coming to Gwangju did not seem to be of any help as the director of the hospital refused to get Seok Chul shifted as he believed that Hee Tae would not be able to pay the money because he was a student.

Lee Soo Chan and Myung Hee meet.

Waiting outside the hospital was Myung Hee’s friend Soo Ryun. Soo Ryun was the daughter of a capitalist but wasn’t at all like her father. She had been leading the student’s protests at night when her family members went to sleep. Myung Hee had helped Soo Ryun get inside her house before anyone found out about it, every day, and when she was in Soo Ryun’s room, she was surprised to see that Soo Ryun’s brother Lee Soo Chan had come back to Korea. They and Soo Ryun pleasantly talked, and Soo Chan even gave Myung Hee his business card in case she needed help with anything.

Hee Tae Strikes a deal with his father.

After that, Myung Hee could be seen going to Park Sun-Min and another friend’s house. Her friends revealed that she had been accepted to a German University a.Hee Tae showed up at the get-together as well because he was friends with Myung Hee’s friend. Hee Tae’s father finds out that Hee Tae has returned to Gwangju and brings him to his home. He asks Hee Tae the reason for his return to Gwangju. Hee Tae makes a deal with his father that if his father gives him money without being asked why he needs it, then he would do anything that his father orders him to do. The scene shifts to Soo Ryun getting caught while stealing some documents from her father’s factory with other students too. Myung Hee was released but was scolded by her father for what she had just done. Myung Hee also hears about the incident when she was deciding to ask for money for the ticket to Germany.

Youth of May cr: KBS2

Myung Hee and Hee Tae go on a date.

Meanwhile, Hee Tae’s father proposes his son’s hand in marriage for Soo Ryun to her father when they meet at a ceremony. When Soo Ryun’s father came back home, Soo Ryun requests her father to release the others too. Her father said that he would do it only on one condition; he tells her to go on a blind date with Hee Tae. Soo Ryun gets the idea of Myung Hee going on the blind date instead of her. Myung Hee, after thinking about it the whole night, accepts the deal as Soo Ryun had said she would pay for her ticket to Germany. The next day, Soo Ryeon helped Myung Hee to get ready for the date, and Soo Ryun tells her to get dumped or dump the boy.

On the day of the date, Hee Tae sees that a little boy is hit by a car and gets overcome by the trauma of his past. Hee Tae gates a flashback; in the flashback, Hee Tae was desperately trying to save Seok Chul as he was bleeding badly and his other friend continued shouting at him to save Seok Chul. And when he is back to reality, he sees that a woman who happens to be Myung Hee had saved the little boy. When he had sat in the cafe, he tried to remember who the woman was and remembered her as the nurse that stood up for another nurse, and just then, Myung Hee sat in front of him and introduced herself as Soo Ryun.

Episode 2 Preview

In the preview, Myung Hee was heard saying,” No matter what I did, he did something worse.” fans suppose she was saying this to Soo Ryun. Then Lee Soo Chan could be seen saying that Myung Hee looks like she went on a date rather than Soo Ryun. Then Myung Hee could be seen cheering up her little brother because he lost a race, and someone could be heard saying in the background,” Is he Myung Hee’s secret son?” Myung Hee could be seen being tangled between Soo Chan and Hee Tae. And at the ending, Hee Tae said this to Myung Hee,” After struggling with my life all day long, I feel free whenever I meet you.” And he also says,” I’ll play a song for you next time.” and also says this sentence in the ending,” Do you want to meet before the flowers wither?” Hee Tae and Myung Hee’s romance will be progressing in the coming episodes.

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