Young Sheldon Season 2: Air Date, Spoilers, Trailer

The show has had the positive response from the fans, and thus, it was among the good books of the showrunners. Hence, they decided to renew Young Sheldon for another season. CBS renewed the show immediately after the show came back for its winter break. The US network made the announcement back in January after the show began broadcasting in the US in September 2017.

Young Sheldon Season 2

Kelly Kahl, president of CBS, talked about the show’s renewal. She said, “Young Sheldon has made a huge impact on our schedule in the short time it has been on the air. While the show’s DNA is clearly rooted in The Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon has staked out its own place in the TV universe with a unique creative tone, brilliant writing, and a gifted multi-generational cast.”

Young Sheldon Season 2 Release Date and Episodes

The first season had 22 episodes, and it looks that due to the popular demand, we will have the same number for season two. The filming of the second season is over, and the show is ready to air. Earlier it was rumored that the show would come out in 2019. However, due to the production wrapping up soon, we will be getting the series earlier. The show is going to premiere on September 24. So get ready for another exciting season.

The series has gained a lot of popularity in the US, and they will be hoping that they will be able to keep up with the expectations of the fans with the second season. Now, moving on to the cast of the series. Most of the main cast will be coming back for the second season of the series:

Iain Armitage as Young Sheldon
Jim Parsons as Grown-up Sheldon
Zoe Perry as Mary Cooper
Lance Barber as George
Montana Jordan as Missy
Raegan Revord as Georgie
Annie Potts as Meemaw

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