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Spoilers & Preview: Young Rock Season 1 Episode 9

Preview and Recap: Young Rock Season 1 Episode 9
Dwayne Johnson apologizing to the public - credit NBC.

Young Rock is sitcom television series that is broadly based upon the life of professional wrestler and actor Dwane “The Rock” Johnson. The show is depicted in such a way that Dwayne Johnson is running for United States Presidential Election in the year 2032. Each of the episodes has Dwayne Johnson set up for an interview or conversation. During these, he goes through parts of life in which he narrates the various life lessons that made him the man he is today. These stories are shown in the form of flashbacks set in three different time periods. As a 10-year-old in Hawaii, 1982, as a high school student in Pennsylvania, 1987, and as a football player and college student at the University of Miami, 1990. This article will discuss Young Rock Season 1 Episode 9 Preview and Episode 8 Recap.

In 2032 Philadephia, Sandy Lai- Edwards informs Dwane Johnson about a public relations crisis that he must deal with as soon as possible. The people are so mad at him that his polling numbers have even gone down in the North East. He heads over to a protest at Philly’s Prize Cheesesteaks. He apologizes to the public for having a cheesesteak protein style, i.e., without a bun. Funny enough, people want him to apologize, considering that it is not American to do so. Dwayne apologizes, asking for a second chance at redemption, and starts narrating the flashback for the episode.

Young Rock Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

Preview and Recap: Young Rock Season 1 Episode 9

Dwayne shows off his dad’s car to Karen – credit NBC.

Young Rock Season 1 Episode 8, titled “My Baby Only Drinks the Good Stuff,” deals with a time in 1987, Pennsylvania. Here Dwayne wants to apologize to his girlfriend, Karen, for standing her up on a date. So, she asks him to show that he is fully committed by having her at his place for dinner with Dwayne’s parents. This panics Dwayne as he has always portrayed himself to be rich in front of Karen. In reality, he was working the gimmick pretending to be rich. Being so tense, he takes out his anger on the football coach. Later he goes to his father, who advises him to work the gimmick harder. So, Dwayne takes his dad’s car for a date with Karen. But, everything goes wrong for him as he finally has to tell her the truth regarding his family.

Elsewhere, Ata and Rocky start having a lot of problems with money. Ata is trying her best to provide for her family, while Rocky tries to help her out half-heartedly. In the end, Rocky sells his car so the family can have some money. Dwayne goes over what he did wrong in his anger as he goes to the football coach and apologizes for the way he behaved. The coach forgives him, asking him to play football, as it could open up opportunities for Dwayne. This concludes the story, as Dwayne tells how second chances could surprise one. The Phillies forgive him as he bites into a cheesesteak.

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When will Young Rock Season 1 Episode 9 Release?

Ata, Dwayne’s mom – credit NBC

Young Rock Season 1 Episode 9, titled “A Lady Named Star Search,” is set to be released on 20th April 2021. The episodes by Young Rock are scheduled to be aired at 8 pm ET / 7 pm CT. The show follows an episode release pattern of one episode every Tuesday. Make sure to change the above time to your local time zone to watch the episode when it airs. Next week, we will have Young Rock Season1 Episode 10 titled “Good vs. Great,” set to be released on 27th April 2021.

Here’s how you can watch the upcoming episode:

Date: Tuesday, April 20
Time: 8 pm Eastern
TV Channel: NBC
Live Stream: Link 1 | Link 2 

Young Rock Season 1 Episode 9 Preview

Young Rock Season 1 Episode 9, titled “A Lady Named Star Search,” will take us through a part of Dwayne Johnson’s life as a 10-year-old. Then, the Johnson family was in Hawaii. This was back in 1982, in which Dwayne’s mom, Ata, wanted to take part in a Star Search. So, while Ata leaves for her audition, Dwane’s dad, Rocky Johnson, is supposed to look after him. Later as Dwayne goes off to beaches, he gets jumped by a bunch of kids who take away his boogie board. But unlike a father who would try to resolve a conflict, Rocky takes an unorthodox method to approach the kids, himself with a knife. Elsewhere, Dwayne’s Grandmother, Lia, has a conflict with her rival wrestling promoter, Greg Yao.

Where to Watch Young Rock?

One can watch Young Rock episodes when they air on the set time on NBC. If not, they can even catch up with the episodes by streaming them on NBC’s website. The alternative websites to stream Young Rock are Peacock TV, Hulu, Fubo TV, Sling TV, and DirecTV. If one doesn’t wish to subscribe to any of the above platforms, other options to view the episodes by Young Rock are to purchase them on Microsoft Store, Vudu, Amazon Prime Video, and iTunes. The show follows a 30 minutes sitcom format.

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