‘Young Lady and The Gentleman’ Episode 17: Release Date & Spoilers

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'Young Lady and The Gentleman' Episode 17
'Young Lady and The Gentleman' Episode 17

Young Lady and The Gentleman episode 17 is on its way, and a lot of things have happened. While Young Guk and Dan Dan have finally made their relationship official. The two can’t be seen together in public because of the people talking. As Anna saw Young Guk stealing glances at the opening show. She was curious if he had feelings for Dan Dan. As she asked him about his feelings for Dan Dan, he was caught off guard. Although he denied having feelings for Dan Dan. But he made sure to ask Anna’s thoughts on their relationship. To which she told him to consider the age gap between them. As Dan Dan is in her early 20s, Young Guk should go for a woman his age.

Anna wasn’t the only person to say that. As when Young Guk and Dan Dan were on their first official date. He was interrupted by some business partner who mistook Dan Dan as his niece. Later that night, they heard the man and his wife talking about their huge age gap and called Dan Dan a gold digger. Even when Sa Ra saw them together outside the house, she asked why he would choose Dan Dan over her. Asked him to think why would a girl in her twenties would be with a guy double her age and a father to three children.

'Young Lady and The Gentleman' Episode 17
A still from ‘Young Lady and The Gentleman’

Things Going Wrong For Sa Ra

Thinking she would kick Dan Dan out, she went to talk to Young Guk in his office. But Young Guk defended Dan Dan, saying that his children need her. Saying that she doesn’t like Dan Dan and doesn’t want to work with her. She went on to make Young Guk choose between her and Dan Dan. She got the answer she wasn’t expecting as Young Guk told her to leave. Nor did she just end up loosing her job, but she also went on to confess her feelings for him. Telling him how she took care of his children and his house and gave all her time to work for him. But not having the same feelings as her, Young Guk apologized for not being aware of her feelings and leading her on. Not having any person, even Dae Ran, to go to, Sa Ra leaves the house with her stuff.

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Thinking about how she first met Young Guk in office and was ready to make him fall for her but lost him to her friend. She also had to abandon her child, who now lives as Young Guk’s child. It turned out Sa Ra is Se Jong’s real mother and had to abandon him because of her toxic boyfriend and bad financial situation. She soon went on to work for Young Guk, taking special care of Se Jong and him along with the whole house. Coming back to the present, having no other option, she went on to drink her pain away. Calling a designated driver who turned out to be Cha Gun, she complained about how terrible life is. Offering to pay him double, she asked him to take her to Sokcho.

'Young Lady and The Gentleman' Episode 17
A still from ‘Young Lady and The Gentleman’ Episode 17

Sa Ra Gets A Saviour In The Bad Times

Dropping a drunk Sa Ra off by the riverside didn’t sit right with Cha Gun as he thought why she didn’t want to come back. Imagining the worst, he ran to where he dropped her and found the car empty. Seeing her walk into the river, he went after her to stop her. As she cried out, walking forward, Cha Gun held her back, telling her to get herself together. Getting back to her senses, Sa Ra realized that she didn’t want to die. As she fell unconscious in Cha Gun’s arms, he carried her to the hospital. And even went on to call her mother. But this wasn’t their last meeting where he would come to save her. As he spots her once again in a restaurant in Seoul.

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Hurting herself and letting the thoughts of Youg Guk and Dan Dan being happy together keep her up at night. With the additional stress after getting to know that her mother has no savings. She went out to drink again. Seeing a couple enjoying their time together, she went on to scream at them. As the things got physical, Cha Gun came in between taking her out and apologizing on her behalf. Taking her out for some fresh air, they drink some more beer as Sa Ra complains about life being unfair. Standing by the river, she asks him if she’s pretty and asks him to guess her age. As he says that she is pretty and still looks young.

'Young Lady and The Gentleman' Episode 17
A still from ‘Young Lady and The Gentleman’ Episode 17

She goes on talking about how stupid the guy she likes is as he is after a gold digger. Cha Gun tells her to scream and let things out and eventually move on. Saying that she won’t be able to give him up, she take her to leave. Not telling the reason, she thanks him and gives him some money for the counseling he gave her. Cha Gun is shocked to see the money he made by talking to Sa Ra for a few minutes. As it was way more than the money, he made working for hours at the food truck.

Something Familiar

Whenever he is around Anna Kim, he feels something familiar about her. Seeing her walk into the rain, he walked her to her car, holding an umbrella over her. Making both of them think about the time they used to do it when they were together. They keep crossing each other’s paths, especially when Anna is in trouble. As once on her way back, Anna ran into a drunkard. As the drunkard tried to harass her, Soo Cheol heard her cries and came forward to save her. And stayed in the office until she felt comfortable on her own.

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‘Young Lady and The Gentleman’ Episode 17 Release Date

‘Young Lady and The Gentleman’ Episode 17 will release on November 20, 2021. With the upcoming episode, Mi-Sook is trying to do better things for her brother. As Mi Sook went to his borther’s house to thank Yeon Sill and her mother for the side dishes. Seeing her brother and his family living in a broken house, she has taken the matter into her own hands. Wanting her brother and his family to move in with her, she asked Ki Ja to empty her place. Telling her to find another place, Mi-Sook told her that she would even help her with the deposit. Asking Soo Cheol to meet, she tells him that she needs to talk about something important.

'Young Lady and The Gentleman' Episode 17
A still from ‘Young Lady and The Gentleman’ Episode 17

Making him sit, she told him that she owned the next apartment unit. As she doesn’t her brother to suffer anymore, and her friend will be moving out soon. She thinks that family should move in with her. Soo Cheol denied her offer, saying that if she keeps giving him freebies, he’ll start feeling uncomfortable. As they have managed fine till now, they will manage it in the future too. But Mi Sook is not ready to leave her brother in bad conditions. Approaching Yeon Sill, she asked her and her mother for a favor. Saying that she wants their family to move in with her. She has asked Yeon Sil to persuade Soo Cheol to move into her apartment. Bribing Yeon Sil by saying that she will arrange everything she needs there.

‘Young Lady and The Gentleman’ Episode 17: Where To Watch?

‘Young Lady and The Gentleman’ Episode 17 will be available to watch on the streaming services Rakuten Viki and Viu. Along with KBS World Youtube channel, with a recollection of the previous episodes. Each episode has a runtime of 70 minutes. With things going wrong in the life of Se Ryeon and Dae Ran, they are trying to get their lives back. With Ki Ja trying to help Sa Ra and arranging money to move out. Sa Ra and Cha Gun meet again. With her being drunk again, he might have to become her savior once more.

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