Young Lady and Gentleman Episode 8: Release Date & Spoilers

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Young Lady and Gentleman Episode 8
Young Lady and Gentleman Episode 8

“Young Lady and Gentleman” is on the way to release episode 8. And is getting such a good response from viewers. KBS went on to release the weekend drama just two weeks ago. And viewers already love the story. Till now, a lot has happened in the story. With people from the past coming again. To the people who just met, the feelings are beginning to rise. In the last few episodes, we have seen a lot of emotions, from overwhelming to hurting. From regret, jealousy, and guilt to understanding and improving oneself.

Sa Ra has been getting jealous of Dan Dan lately. Her mother told her that she spotted Dan Dan and Young Guk meeting in a restaurant together. As Sa Ra goes on to confront Dan Dan without making her jealousy obvious, she asks her about what happened. After listening to the situation, Sa Ra thanks her for making her work easier but still feels uncomfortable. As she tells her to involve her in the family matters from next time. Ki Ja and Mi Sook have also finally made up, as no one is moving out of the house anymore. And both best friends get to stay together.

Young Lady and Gentleman Episode 8
Young Lady and Gentleman Episode 8: Anna Kim

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Who Is Anna Kim?

Young Gook sends Soo Cheol to pick the renowned designer Anna Kim from the airport. As he goes on to pick her up, it turns out that Anna Kim is not some stranger to him. But he doesn’t recognize her either. Anna Kim is Kang Ji Young, Soo Cheol’s previous wife and biological mother of Dan Dan. As Anna sees Soo Cheol at the airport waiting for her, she starts feeling overwhelmed. As she is hit with the old memories of her leaving her family behind. She even comes back but seeing that her husband is happily married to Yeon Shil and has a happy family. She returns to the States and decides never to come back. While in America, she also went under many surgeries, as a truck ran into her car, destroying her face badly.

As she gets into the car and confirms that the driver is Soo Cheol, she starts feeling uneasy. The thought of staying in the same house as Soo Cheol after she left him and never looked back. And the thought of where Dan Dan is keeping her up all night. Not being able to sleep, she decides to leave the house and stay in a hotel. As Dan Dan catches her in the hall, she goes on to help her get a cab and inform Young Guk as they meet in the kitchen. With Young Guk almost hitting her, thinking she was an intruder in the house.

Young Lady and Gentleman Episode 8
A still from Young Lady and Gentleman Episode 8: Anna Kim in flashback.

Young Lady and Gentleman Episode 8 Release Date

Young Lady and Gentleman Episode 8 will release on October 17, 2021. The upcoming episode will be available to watch on KBS World Network. Along with global streaming app and site Rakuten Viki. With the truth about Park Soo Cheol’s family staying at the back, the house is out; Dan Dan has to keep the secret about being Park Soo Cheol’s daughter to herself. So she doesn’t get into trouble. With the entry of Anna Kim, things have shaken up a bit. As Anna tries to keep herself within her limits and not look for Dan Dan, she keeps failing. And goes on to hire a private detective to look for her.

With her father and step-mother’s whole family being almost on the road and surviving on the bits. Dan Dan gets in a fight with her father, as she begs him to leave Yeon Shil. Returning to Young Guk’s home, she has a breakdown and cries the whole night. As the kids heard her cry, they went on to tell Young Guk. Later on, Young Guk calls Dan Dan in and asks her if she needs help with her financial problems. While Sa Ra scolds her for telling these things to Young Guk.

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