Young Guk & Dan Dan Start Dating Officially In ‘Young lady & Gentleman’ Episode 37

Young lady and Gentleman Episode 37

‘Young lady and Gentleman’ episode 37 is coming out this weekend, and things have been scandalous. After going through so many ups and downs, Young Guk has finally popped the question to Dan Dan. Running back to her in the cold night, he finally hugged her. The two talked and cleared almost all the misunderstandings between them. Getting to know that Dan Dan was sick, he took the day off and went home to take care of her. Bringing her food and medicine, the two ate lunch together. Keeping their relationship a secret at home, the two had no option but to be indifferent rooms and text each other.

To spend time with Dan Dan, Young Guk has been taking the whole family out to hang out together. Managing to get some time together, the two always get interrupted by the kids. Almost getting caught, Young Guk told her not to sneak around at home. Going through all the drama at home and work, Young Guk finally had somebody to lean on. Opening up to Dan Dan about his mother and late wife and how hard things have been, he gave her a ring, making their relationship public. But not everybody’s life is getting better than theirs.

'Young lady and Gentleman' Episode 37
A still from ‘Young lady and Gentleman’

‘Young lady and Gentleman’ Recap: The Breakup & The Aftereffects

With Sa Ra going out with Cha Gun, Ki Ja has been worried if her daughter would also end up like her. Spending time together, Sa Ra and Cha Gun are having a good time. But as he walked her home and went his way, Sa Ra’s ex came back to harass her again. As he was asking her about his son, Cha Gun came on time and pushed him away. But hearing him asking about his son, Cha Gun was taken aback by the news. Talking over some tea, Sa Ra told him that the man is her ex and they have a child together. Talking about her son, she told him that the kid was dead. Telling him that she’s not a good woman, Sa Ra left, asking Cha Gun to leave her as soon as he could.

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On the other side, on his way back home, Dae Beom had an unexpected visitor. Seung Hoo came to see him and give him some compensation. Telling him he’ll be marrying Se Ryeon soo, so Dae Beom should pretend to not know her. As he told him back off and went his way, the two got into a fight. But looking at people gathering, the two let go of each other. Going to see Se Ryeon, he handed him the check that Seung Ho came to give to him. Taking the matter to Seung Ho the next morning, she asked him why he would do that. Telling her that he thought Dae Beom could be clingy, he apologized to her for assuming things.

'Young lady and Gentleman' Episode 37
A still from ‘Young lady and Gentleman’

‘Young lady and Gentleman’ Episode 37 Release Date & Preview

‘Young lady and Gentleman’ episode 37 will release on January 29, 2022. While Dan Dan was finally happy with Young Guk making their relationship official, Dae Ran was devasted with Se Ryeon giving her shares back to the company. And getting to know that Mi Sook is Dae Beom’s aunt, she’s feeling betrayed. Cursing her dead husband, Dae Ran almost walked into the water to give her life up but came back. Having nothing to lose now, she’s determined to make Young Guk and Dan Dan’s life hell. While Sa Ra doesn’t want to feel guilty, she insists that the two break up. So as Sa Ra and Cha Gun have broken up, he isn’t ready to give up on her. As Ki Ja confronted him about his feelings for her daughter, seeing the sincerity in his eyes, she might help the two get back together.

Watch Young and Gentleman Online – Streaming Details

‘Young lady and Gentleman’ episode 37 will be available to watch on the streaming platforms Rakuten Viki and Viu.

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