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You Raise Me Up: Release Date, Plot & Cast Updates

You Raise Me Up
You Raise Me Up

The ending of August brought a lot of new K-drama releases along with it. One of them being ‘You Raise Me Up’. Produced by the Wavve Network, the new comedy-drama has a bit of romance in it and tackles an issue that people find embarrassing to talk about. Directed by Kim Jang Han and written by Mo Ji Hye, the show revolves around something that people find embarrassing to talk about. Here is the release date and other things you need to know about the K-drama ‘You Raise Me Up’.

The K-drama stars the artists who’ve been in the entertainment industry for a decent time and have shown their skills before. The male protagonist of the show is Do Yong Shik, who is played by Yoon Shi Yoon. He has starred in a lot of K-dramas like Hit The Top, Psycopath Diary, Train, etc. The female protagonist Lee Ru Da is played by Exid’s Hani. Being a kpop idol, she made her acting debut with XX, a web drama. Park Ki Woong from “Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung” plays the role of Do Ji Hyeok, the overconfident boyfriend of Ru Da.

you raise me up korean drama release date

You Raise Me Up Cast

What Is ‘You Raise Me Up’ About?

Unlike recent releases, the K-drama focuses on the middle age protagonist struggling to make it in life. Do Yong Sik is 31 years old and still not settled in life. Having been through a hard life, he has gone through a lot of troubles. Going through health problems, he suffers from impotency. After graduating from college and working for a few years, he decides to take a break and prepare for the civil service exam. All these years at home and spending time preparing for the exam, he has gained weight and doesn’t feel good about himself.

Being done with himself, he decides to do something about his body and problems. He starts by deciding to get up and visit the urology clinic so he can address his impotence. Problem. Taking one step at a time. One thing Yong Sik didn’t know was that he’ll be meeting someone from his past. Someone who will become an important part of his life once he visits the clinic.

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The Counselling Clinic and The Twist!

On the other side, there is Lee Ru Da. In her early 30s, she is a successful doctor and works at a urologist clinic. She has everything in life that she could ask for. Coming from a wealthy and successful family, she has a career of her own. Is beautiful according to conventional standards of society and has a successful boyfriend. She is dating Do Ji Hyeok, who is a psychiatrist. Being successful and owning a psychology counseling clinic, Do Ji Hyeok is quite proud of himself and often looks down on Ru Da. To make him jealous, she decides to brag about her crush from high school. About how handsome and great he was.

you raise me up korean drama release date

You Raise Me Up

The twist comes when Yong Sik visits the urology clinic to check his impotence problem out but finds his classmate from school there. It turns out Lee Ru Da works at the same clinic where he goes for the check-up. Getting to know that her crush from high school is at the clinic, she gets excited but as soon as she sees him, her face changes. Looking at how much Yong Sik has change Ru Da has no idea how she is going to look up to her boyfriend after her bragging.

More About The K-drama: Release Date For You Raise Me Up

The K-drama ‘You Raise Me Up’ was released on August 31, 2021. The K-drama has released its first two episodes, and the global ratings are already looking promising. The release date for episode 3 of the K-drama ‘You Raise Me Up’ is Tuesday, September 7, 2021. Followed by episode 4 on Wednesday, September 8, 2021. The new episode of the show will release every Tuesday and Wednesday. The first two episodes of the show are available on Rakuten Viki to watch globally. For now, the show will have eight episodes. The channel might increase the number of episodes if the show does well in the matter of viewership.

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