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You, Me & My Ex Season 1: All About The New TLC Show

You, Me & My Ex Season 1 Release Date: All About The New TLC Show
You, Me & My Ex Promotional Image

You, Me & My Ex Season 1 is getting closer by the day as the new TLC show is about to make its premiere. You, Me, & My Ex is a show that has been produced by Bodega Pictures and will likely follow the steps of 90 Days Fiance. Here in this show, we are about to witness something very uncomfortable as we see five separate couples live out their lives with a minimum of one hindrance each. Here, hindrance is their ex that, for some or the other reason, is still present in their lives. The boundaries between the relationships have blurred as we are about to witness instances of jealousy and awkwardness. While most people try to stay away from their ex to not trigger their emotions, here we have five different settings that have them staying with them and their new partners under the same roof.

The five couples in You, Me & My Ex are knit together due to some intricate reasons that have them connected together. These past partners are still present in their lives in a way as if nothing has changed. But in a few of them, they have their own new partners. And while some of them are okay with this arrangement others are left looking for attention from their new partners. As viewers, we will witness all of these awkward encounters as we try to reason with their new living arrangements. TLC clearly knows its way around their audience’s minds as they are able to engage them in such over-dramatically set shows. Here, we have relationships, marriages, children, etc. all of which have been broken down to break the norms.

You, Me & My Ex Season 1 Release Date.

You, Me & My Ex Season 1 is set to be released on 20th June 2021, Sunday. This show will air its episodes at 10 pm ET / 9 pm CT. And if you would like to, you could also become one of the first few to watch the episode. All you need to do is convert the above-mentioned time to your local time zone and watch it. You, Me & My Ex will be made available to watch on TLC and Discovery Plus. Other streaming services have not been declared by the show’s executives. Therefore, if there are any updates, they will be informed. Most likely, we will have YouTube TV be part of You, Me & My Ex’s streaming services.

You, Me & My Ex Season 1 Release Date: All About The New TLC Show

Alex and Caroline

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Who Are In The Cast Of You, Me & My Ex?

As mentioned above, the cast of You, Me & My Ex features gives different couples all with their own add-ons. Firstly, we have Jerry, Kayee Lovey, and Jerry’s ex-wife Jessica. Key and Jessica previously had four children causing them to still live under the same roof. And now, Kayee has moved in.

Then we have the couple of Jimmy and Wendy who try to deal with Jimmy’s ex-wife Lisa and her new fiance Jack. While Wendy does believe that Lisa is jealous of her, Lisa makes sure that Wendy remembers that she was Jimmy’s first love. Jimmy and Lisa have remained friends and business partners after their divorce causing Jack to try and keep looking for her fiance’s attention.

You, Me & My Ex Season 1 Release Date: All About The New TLC Show

Jimmy, Wendy, Jack, and Lisa

Then we have some unfaithful relationships as Caroline and Stephen break up after Stephen’s cheating ways. During their relationship, Caroline had grown close to her workplace friend Alex. And slowly, he had been her shoulder to cry on after her Stephen would cheat on her. Now broken up with Stephen and starting a relationship with Alex, Caroline must deal with Stephen’s looming presence in her life.

Then we have something that looks directly picked from FRIENDS. Josh finds out that her divorced wife Jennifer was actually attracted to women and is now with Chantel. And now Josh was married to Danielle, who was now pregnant with his kid. Josh and Jennifer already had a kid when Jennifer and Chantel come to Josh for a child of their own. Lastly, we have some overly loving neighbors in John and April who got together as they divorced their own spouses Loren and Roy respectively.

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