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What To Expect From You Are So Pretty KDrama?

Preview And Recap: You Are So Pretty KDrama

Korean dramas have become highly successful in today’s time and all because of the amazing stories they portray in their content that are loved and appreciated by everyone. Earlier, these dramas were limited to South Korea only but with time they have moved out of that region, and now millions of people from other nations are also huge fans of these Kdramas and that’s why their popularity is getting multiplied day by day. A lot of Kdrama series and movies are released every week and mostly all of them become highly successful and give great returns.

We know if you have reached here then you are also a big Korean drama fan and the Korean series which we will be talking about today should definitely be a part of your watchlist if you haven’t watched it yet and if you have already watched that series then we would definitely like to know your opinion about that and do you really liked it or was it average according to you, definitely share your opinion with us in the comments section below. We are talking about the Korean drama ‘You Are So Pretty’ which is one of the most-watched Korean drama internationally.

Preview And Recap: You Are So Pretty KDrama

About The Series

‘You Are So Pretty is one of the most-watched Korean drama series that just created a storm when it was released in 2011. After receiving a lot of requests from the viewers from different nations, the creators of this series released a dubbed version of this drama internationally and it received millions of views and a lot of appreciation from the viewers and everything that happened was completely beyond the imagination of the cast and crew of this series. A total of 135 amazing and worth watching episodes were released in this drama and the words are less with us to describe how amazing it was.

We have some suggestions for the viewers who are searching for an amazing Korean drama to watch and haven’t got their answer for that, we simply want to suggest you all should definitely watch this drama or add it to your watch list as we can guarantee you that you will definitely not regret your decision of watching it and once you will start watching this drama then you will not be able to stop yourself from binge-watching all the 135 episodes in one go as this series is really highly addictive and you will leave it only after watching each and every episode.

Kim Woo-seon is the director of this mind-blowing series and it was possible only because of his efforts that such an amazing series was created and released that has received the love of millions of fans so overall we can say that not only the director but he is the mastermind behind such an amazing series. After that, the other person who has the biggest contribution to this series is the writer of this series, Oh Sang-hee and it was possible only because of these two that the viewers were able to watch some amazing series with beautiful portraits of the plot.

Preview And Recap: You Are So Pretty KDrama

A Detailed Analysis About The Cast

Now coming to the cast of this series, and the major cast of this series includes four actors and all of them were completely mind-blowing during the complete season. After this series was released, they have gathered millions of followers on their social media, and their fan following multiplied very fastly in a very short period of time. We have got some more amazing details about this cast and the details about their roles in this series and to all these datils you will have to read the complete article and this is going to be completely insane.

The first lead cast is Yoon Se-ah and she is playing the role of Ko Yu-Rang. She was shown as a very optimistic, positive, and confident person who was really excited about her life in general. In the story, she fell in love for the very first time in her life and that special person was Chi-young but he did very wrong with her as he suddenly leaves her and went to Seoul leaving her completely alone which broke her from inside very badly. As she was desperate about her love, she took a flight to Seoul and found out that Chi-Young was a married man.

Kim Tae-hoon playing the role of Park Chi-young is the second lead character of this series, he was shown as the love interest of Ko Yu-Rang. He was shown as a highly ambitious person and for achieving success in his life and he can be got to any extent and for this, he married Anna. When he was having complications in his marital life he went on a trip to Jeju where he fell in love with Yu-Rand which leads to a romantic relationship between them but when he was appointed as a general manager of a hotel he ditched Yu-Rand and returns to Seoul.

The other two amazing characters of this series include Jo Ahn-Na played by Park Tam-Hee and Byeon Kang-Soo played by Hyun Woo-sung and honestly saying that both have also nailed their performances in the complete series and have gained huge popularity. Another important cast of this series includes Park In-Hwan in the role of Ko Man-Suk, Lee Hyo-Chun playing the role of Kim Soon-I, Kim Hye-Eun playing as Ko Yu-Jung, Kim Dong-Gyun in the role of Kim Soo-Cheol, and Park Hee-Jin playing the role of Ko Man-Hee.

Preview And Recap: You Are So Pretty KDrama

Plot & Recap

The story revolves around a couple who fell in love by chance but ended up being separate from each other. This story started with Ko Yu-Rang being a very confident girl who has a keen interest in art and painting and wanted to pursue her life and her degree in that field only bit due to her father’s restrictions she has to go against her dreams. Somehow, she started working as a contract manager in a very big hotel in Jeju Island. Their only she saw Park Chi-young for the first time and fall for him and this was the first fall in love experience for her.

Chi-Young was a very ambitious man whose only goal in life was to attain extreme wealth and to always remain rich. Till his high school, he belongs to a very wealthy family but somehow his father’s business failed miserably and they have to spend their lives in such miserable conditions that they can’t even imagine in their life. He then observed that being poor is really difficult and all the happiness goes when you are poor and then he decided that he will give all his hard work to earn that wealth again and to again spend a wealthy life.

He never falls in love in his young days and once on his blind date he met Anna and after getting to know about her rich and wealthy background he was attracted to her and apparently married her. His only goal in his life was to earn as much health as he can and for that, he can go to any extent as he was such an ambitious person. After their marriage, his wife was unable to conceive a cold which was creating and difficulties and problems in their relationship and she asked for a divorce from him creating even more difficulties for them.

Chi-Yong does not want his marriage to fail and he has highly afraid that she will leave him soon. While all this was having, Chi-Young went on a business trip to Jeju Island and there he met Yu-rang and even he also fell in love with here. Somehow, a romantic relationship started between both of them and this was even the first time for Yu-Rand to fall for anyone in her life and suddenly Chi-Young left her and return to Seoul and this was a really bug sock for Yu-Rajd as she was desperate about him as he was her first love.

Like this, the story goes on and we have shared almost the complete story and to know what happened next you will have to watch the complete series. If you want to watch the complete series then you can watch it here. This series has really entrained millions of viewers in the last decade and if you will also watch it then it is for sure that you will definitely love it after all it is really amazing. This was all from our site about this Korean drama series and for more updates like these stay connected to our site.

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