What To Expect From You Are My Spring Episode 12?

You Are My Spring Episode 12 Release Date
Ongoing South Korean drama, You Are My Spring

You Are My Spring is an ongoing television series. You Are My Spring Episode 12 Release Date and more on the series is something we will be taking up today. It just seems like yesterday that the drama was announced. And it even opened on quite a good note. But now, within the blink of an eye, the series has already even completed its first half of the drama. And the show is now slowly heading towards its final conclusion. Having a total of just 16 episodes, the drama will now soon go off the air later this month. The drama is based on childhood memories that one takes ahead even after growing up. How even in the grown-up bodies they have their childhood memories embedded is shown neatly in the drama.

The drama series was announced quite a long ago since last year we heard the news on the drama. The buzz-worthy drama even grabbed quite an attention as soon as it was released. After airing on its original network, the drama was even released on Netflix along with subsites. Netflix being a global platform allows the series to have a vast and far greater reach. Mostly all the hit dramas presently are available on either Netflix or Viki.

You Are My Spring episode 12
K-Drama You Are My Spring

After the cast of the series was finalized, the principal photography began, and soon the filming was wrapped up. The series finally premiered on 5th July 2021. The Fantasy romance drama has already aired 10 of its episodes, and this week will air two more of its episode installments. So, before heading in any further, let’s take a look at You Are My Spring Episode 12 Release Date.

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When Will You Are My Spring Episode 12 Release?

You Are My Spring Episode 12 will release on 10th August 2021. The drama series will air on its scheduled time slot at its original network, TVN. You Are My Spring airs two episodes per week every Monday and Tuesday. With the duration of each episode being approximately 1 hr 10 mins. Apart from the original network, the drama series is also available to watch on Netflix just after it airs on TVN. The drama mainly has four main characters and shows how one’s childhood could affect them, even after being a grown-up. How two people form a heartfelt bond after becoming entangled in a perplexing local murder case is shown throughout the drama.

With the new love story and chemistry blooming between Kang Da Jung and Joo Young Do, the overall drama is seeming to be more and more interesting. After a long wait, the kiss between Da Jeong and Young Do was even quite talked about. They just met up with the expectations of the fans, and the screen was just dreamy throughout. With each passing day, the drama is becoming more and more interesting and especially with Ian Chase’s character involved. The guy keeps the thrill intact and surprises the audience with a new move each time.

You Are My Spring episode 12 release date
Still from the drama, You Are My Spring

While the love angles are here becoming more and more entangling, the overall series successfully got back again in the rating charts. A few episodes saw a dip in the viewership ratings but now it seems they have successfully managed to be back on track since a slight rise in the ratings was also seen recently. While the fandom of K-dramas is enlarging day by day, what more is there to watch the show for will be unveiled in the upcoming episodes.

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The Cast: You Are My Spring

You Are My Spring has a total of four main characters and hence for main casts. Actress Seo Hyun Jin has been cast as Kang Da Jung. Actor Kim Dong-Woo has been cast for the role of Joo Young Do. Yoon Park has been cast as Chae Jun. While actress Nam Gyi Ri has been cast as Ahn Ga Young. The direction of the drama, You Are My Spring has been done under Jung Ji Hyun while the screenwriting under Lee Mi Na. The genres of the drama include Thriller, drama, mystery, and romance.

You Are My Spring the cast
The main lead cast of the drama, You Are My Spring

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