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Yes Day Review: Every Child’s Dream

Yes Day Review
Yes Day Review

Have your parent’s given you a yes on everything you asked for? If no which is the probable answer the movie Yes might be something you dream of. A day when parents cannot say no to anything and the kids can have whatever they want. A Yes day is every child’s dream!

Yes, the day has been recently streamed on Netflix which consists of a great plot and a family time movie. The story has a decent family with kids around. Children have always been an epicenter of fun and happiness that a movie can hold. Yes, Day is a comedy film that has been portrayed by the director Miguel Arteta. The movie is inspired by a book called ‘Yes Day’. It means that whatever the children say parents have to say ‘Yes’ without having a ‘No’ in their dictionary.

The plot consists of the Torres family where the father is amongst the most fun-loving guy who dances around with the kids in the early mornings. Whereas the mother is a stereotype mother who always Cares so much about her kids that she makes them her puppet which makes the kids say to her mother, that she is a fun killer and always disappoints them.

Yes Day: What is The Plot?

The story begins with Allison Torres narrating her past life that while some people say ‘no’ to things she was a ‘Yes’ kind of everything. She said yes to life, yes to problems, and yes to everything that’s coming. The same goes for Ramirez Carlos who met Allison in a coffee shop many years ago. He was also a ‘Yes’ kind of person. Then they both together said yes to everything that was coming from spending the whole day at a beach to playing hooky. And finally, they said Yes to marriage and had a cute wedding ceremony.

And then they had kids, Three kids! Allison describes that her ‘Yes’ was a new ‘No’. Therefore the children- Katie aka Jenna Ortega the oldest daughter, Nando aka Julian Lerner the middle kid, and Ellie aka Everly Carganilla the youngest child thought that their mother was not the ‘ Fun Mom’. On the contrary, Dad is a ‘ Good Cop’ and he is still saying yes to everything.

The plot continues and takes a turn after a parent-teachers meet, where the teacher explains to the mother that her kids have Draconian problems which usually happens when kids are exposed to massive rules and regulations and there is no space for them to chill out. This makes the mother give her kids a Yes Day. A day where the kids can wish for whatever they want.

The kids ask for basic normal things that could have been kept in normal circumstances too. They ask for their mothers to makeover, a carwash but with open windows. The story is a perfect match for family audiences as there have been no double-meaning jokes and actions that might not be suitable for family watch time.

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Finally, Allison agreed for saying Yes the whole day with some ground rules obviously. There are also some rules from children if Allison will not be able to resist no, Katie, the oldest teen daughter will be able to attend a music event at night without any adult supervision. And if Allison pulls ‘no’ away she will be able to tag along with Katie and she has to sit next to her.

Yes Day Review

Saying YES to car washing with an open window

Then kids started their day with an ice cream eating challenge. Then they went to an amusement park where they rode coasters and Allison goes a bit off the rails. And last but not least the middle kid, Nando who earlier experimented with a mini volcano, organizes a nerd party in the house. You can imagine what happens to the house then.

The story becomes interesting and more fun when the kids desire a game where their parents have to collect flags with balloons filled with water. What can be a wish more descent than this? The movie does not seem to wind up the audience in a few minutes, it’ll keep the viewers engaged in the fun activity and the real-life experiences that they might relate to.

Yes Day Review

The movie is a family comedy and nothing comes out of the blue and has been kept natural in every way. The kids make their wish and are nothing like the alladin made from his gennie. The story depicts how heavy rules and regulations change a kid’s perception of their parents. Overall the movie is great for families to watch that might help kids get some freedom and air to breathe from the nasty hardcore house rules. Even for watching alone this movie is worthwhile.

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