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Yellowstone Prequel 1932: ‘1883’ Series Is Officially Renewed As ‘1932’

1883 Season 2

With the release of the last episode of ‘1883’, here is the good news for fans. Yellowstone’s 1883 will be continued in the next season as Yellowstone Prequel ‘1932’. The news was made public via the Instagram handle of Paramount Plus. On February 16, 2022, the post was uploaded where Taylor Sheridan is speaking about his upcoming projects. He mentioned Yellowstone ‘1883’ first. Sheridan very simply gave fans what they wanted! Yellowstone Prequel ‘1932’. Seriously man! What a dedicated and hardworking man Sheridan is! This man is up with five new and marvelous series. Honestly speaking, I can’t even watch five series together. Taylor is definitely a genius man!

‘1883’ Episode 9 “Racing Clouds” is a very important episode. The series had our entire attention from the very first scene. We saw Elsa in a field where everything is destroyed. She is the only one alive and she rushed to the pistol, which I thought she will use to kill herself like some typical woman saving her “pride”. But rather she shoots the people who killed her companions. Brave girl, I see! I binged on the series to see how it happened, how the family of 7 was cut to one. And the last episode was going to tell me that! Yeah, I’ve watched it and I can’t wait for Yellowstone Prequel ‘1932’.

When is yellowstone's 1932 releasing?

In the picture: LaMonica Garrett as THOMAS, and Sam Elliott as SHEA| Still from Yellowstone’s ‘1883’

Yellowstone Prequel ‘1932’ Release Date

The date is not yet specified but we hope for the series to be released by the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023. In the post on Instagram, Sheridan spoke of ‘1932’ as the series where we will see the Dutton family’s young generation raising the next generation.

Now Let’s discuss what we will see in this Prequel ‘1932’!

Yellowstone Prequel ‘1932’ Plot

The Yellowstone prequel ‘1932’ will be all about the Dutton family dealing with another expansion period in U.S.A. history, This time it’s the early 1930s and beyond. The series is definitely going to be iconic as we will see the Dutton family finding and making their way through the Great Depression and the Prohibition era in the United States. We are all impressed by the work of the team, Yellowstone Universe, creator( the legend) Taylor Sheridan, and the whole cast. The series is remarkable!

Is James alive in yellowstone's prequel 1932

Tim McGraw as James Dutton in Yellowstone’s prequel 1883

‘1883’ Recap

The plot of the story was how the Dutton family reached their land which was later named “Yellowstone”. Moreover, it consisted of German-speaking folks who were treated like slaves in their own land by the government. We have some wonderful actors and actresses playing the roles. Not just that, we also saw amazing scenery throughout the series. The acting skills, the cinematography, the choice of words, and every other detail together made the series ‘1883’ iconic.

Here is the detailed Recap of Yellowstone Prequel 1883!

Episode 1: 1883

The story begins as we see Elsa in a field where no life is left anymore. The people who attacked her companions are still there as she runs towards a corpse to take out the pistol. She shares two words with the enemy and then shoots him and many others. It seemed like this is the beginning but it wasn’t. It was a fast-forward.

The story begins with Shea sitting on a chair outside his house. He sobs while he goes inside the house and we see his daughter dead surely out of Chickenpox and sooner we see his wife died too. He weeps and then carries the daughter up to his wife in his arms. Nothing is easy until here! Shea is seen sitting alone while his best friend, Thomas, comes up asking him to come along. They together head to somewhere, where? We didn’t know then!

Next is the entry of the hero. James Dutton, the father of two, was once a farmer and a captain. He deals with the thieves who tried to take over his wagon all by himself. Duttons got it in themselves, bro! Next, we see the three men in some place called Hell’s Half Acre in Fort Worth, Texas. Here James books room for six meaning his family is arriving, we get a short intro of Elsa, young John, and Margaret along with James’ sister and niece. Meanwhile, Shea and Thomas look at the tribe that wishes to reach Oregon.

By the end of the first episode, we realized both Shea and James have leadership qualities and them working together will always welcome arguments. Elsa narrates all of it.

Yellowstone Prequel 1932 Release date

Sam Elliott as Shea in Yellowstone’s 1883

Episode 2: “Behind Us, A Cliff”

Here we start with a quick flashback to the history of James Dutton. He was a captain in the war which he never talks about. Later on in the series, we found out that James and Shea both fought a war, and the worst part is that they were against each other.

In this episode, Ennis and Wade are welcomed. These two men inform the group about Longhorns they can hunt. Soon they join the group and Ennis grows feelings for Elsa. To have the cattle, James, Shea, and Thomas decide to go however, they understand they will need more people and so Elsa is involved. Elsa and Ennis flirts all the way. Three other ladies from the family stay back at the camp. They have an encounter with some weird crew that was not really into doing any harm, but James’ sister provokes them. Shooting rounds happen and Claire finds her mistake was too big and the payment was the life of her last alive child, Mary.

Here the family of seven turned down not to six but five. Claire decides to die there and it happens. The men come back from the hunt and find the matter. They take Josef, the immigrant who was present at the scene with them to the town. There they talk to the Marshal who helps them find and kill the people who did the damage.

We love James and his attitude of loving his family more than anything. Such a great man! James buries his dead sister as the episode fades out.

Yellowstone Prequel 1932 Release date

Billy Bob Thornton as Marshal Jim Courtright in Yellowstone’s Prequel ‘1883’

Episode 3: River

Episode 3 of the Yellowstone Prequel 1883 shines young John. First, James and Shea have some disagreements over the matter of crossing the river. Next, Ennis tells cowboys are done with their work and so they leave so he would need help in looking after cattle. Elsa and Margaret do the help. Margaret taking care of cattle meant John had to be taken care of by James. Now the problem is that James was supposed to hunt. And the only option left was to take John together. As a young baby, John kept chattering even though he assured him he won’t. He ever starts to cry(I found that real and actually adorable).

In the episode, John shoots the deer, having his first-ever hunting. James is proud! A new character is Noemi, a widow, looking for a husband. She gets some romantic involvement with Thomas later.

Elsa and Ennis’ chemistry is noticed by Margaret and the parents discuss Elsa later that night. That’s a wholesome scene, truly loving! The next morning, James gives Ennis small talk which makes it clear that he might be able to marry Elsa someday. Elsa narrates her philosophical beliefs as the episode ends.

Yellowstone Prequel 1932 Release date

Like father like son! IN THE PICTURE: Tim McGraw as James Dutton along with Audie Rick as John Dutton

Episode 4: The Crossing

Difficulty after difficulty, the crew keeps going. In this episode, they finally cross the river. Shea and James work their way, different but together. Turns out most of the people made it to the other side, except a few migrants who drowned in the water since they were not allowed to swim.

Not much is to be noted just the last sentence of Elsa had me thinking. The line goes like, “No matter how much we love it, the land will never love us back”

Episode 5: The Fangs Of Freedom

The episode deals with the grievance of Shea for losing men and making many more women widows. Next, we saw thieves within the group who were stealing supplies. They’re taken care of. Thieves are abandoned with their families. They’re later killed by the Bandits.

Bandits are the new trouble that makes Ennis worried for Elsa. He asks her to remain close to the group. The crew is running out of food. Shea asks James to share the Dutton supplies but James refuses. Shea is done being polite, he asks James to either leave or share. James then offers a deal of sharing the supplies if only Shea hires the cook very soon. The deal is made and the crew goes along.

Elsa and Ennis make out in this episode. Margaret gets to know and she ensures her daughter that if she turned out pregnant things will be changed forever.

Yellowstone Prequel 1932 Release date

IN THE PICTURE: Thomas and Shea from Yellowstone’s prequel 1883

This episode was very important! The troop faced Bandits in this episode and also knocked them off. Except one, the one which takes away Ennis from Elsa. Yup! Ennis dies in the arm of James, his last words were exactly what a woman would die for, “I loved her”. Elsa starts to see the world through her mother’s eyes.

“Yes, freedom has fangs and it sunk them in me.”

Episode 6: Boring The Devil

This episode is for the soft side of Shea. What a lovely writer Sheridan is! He comforts Elsa by telling her about his wife. Shea also shares the beautiful idea of trading a piece of the soul between lovers. He traded a piece of his wife with his own. And all he wants is to go to the beach and let her see the beautiful scene through his eyes. That’s what she wanted, and what he wants, is to see her again.

Such lovely men are written in this series! You’ll grow a love for masculinity after this series.

Next to this is the cook. Thomas hires the cook and the cook costs $600 already. The deal made is to cook for the troop and at the end of the journey, he’ll drop them on the train to wherever they wanna go.

The best line goes as, “The meanest thing you can do to yourself is to hate somebody else. I know what it feels like to hate the world. You don’t want to feel it, honey” These lines were told by James to Elsa in the hope to comfort her. Meanwhile, Thomas and Noemi are getting close. The episode ended as they leave Texas and enter Indian territory. By this time, we see Shea and Elsa growing father-daughter kind of love.

Yellowstone Prequel 1932 Release date

Isabel May as Elsa and Ennis played by Eric Nelsen in Yellowstone’s prequel 1883

Episode 7: Lightning Yellow Hair

This episode presents the group’s encounter with the Comanche tribe. Elsa is found romantically involved with one of the two tribal men. They share some sweet moments and also survive a tornado. At the end of the episode, Margaret kills a bandit who was trying to underestimate her and forcing her to give her horse away to him. He weeps about it saying, now only James will make it to Heaven. Elsa narrates she believes Heaven is this and Hell is this too. They co-exist.

Episode 8: The Weep Of Surrender

Not much happens just the group decides to move towards Denver.  Elsa and Sam grow love deeper. She learns how to say ‘I love you’ in his language and the parents address the relationship too. Sam has to go with his people at the end of the episode, however, he reminds Elsa and her horse that the land is their home. And that Elsa is a warrior. The scene is wrapped as Elsa says, “She won’t weep because she’s a warrior and a warrior don’t weep”.

 Yellowstone Prequel 1932 Release date

Isabel May as Elsa Dutton, the brave daughter of James Dutton

Episode 9: Racing Clouds

This was the episode we all waited so eagerly for. The troop was moving well until they found some dead children and women. Their horses were taken and one of the ladies was raped too. The three men, James, Shea, and Thomas realized their traces would make anyone think they murdered the people so they need to find the killers to present them before whoever accuses them. Meanwhile, Josef is bitten by a rattlesnake. So now the trouble is at its peak. They need a doctor but they can’t head to any civilized place as the people will announce them guilty of the murder they didn’t even do. So they choose to leave and come back with the actual murderers. It happens but not very well.

While they were gone, the very first scene from the series occurs. Elsa is shot by an arrow across her liver. Margaret knows the wound is not the one that could be healed. She weeps but James tries to keep a positive attitude saying she’s young and strong. The next day Elsa is in worse pain but she refuses to sit back at the wagon and rather ride the horse. She does so and tells her father the pain is worse today, he smiles such that it makes Elsa realize he has already given up. That for them, she’s already gone!

Yellowsrone Prequel 1883 finale

Isabel May as Elsa Dutton, the young warrior passed away in Yellowstone’s prequel series 1883

In this episode, James says to Margaret, wherever they bury Elsa is going to be their home.

Episode 10: This Is Not Your Heaven

“It smiled at me and it was beautiful”

Elsa died in her father’s arms. The wound was deadly but she died in the valley, they name it “paradise”.

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