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Xtreme Ending Explained: Plot, Climax, And The Twist

Netflix Xtreme 2021 review

Xtreme is a Spanish-language Netflix revenge actioner. Daniel Benmayor has directed the film with a screenplay from Teo García, Ivan Ledesma, and Genaro Rodriguez. The film stars Óscar Jaeneda, Sergio Peris-Mencheta, and Óscar Casas in the lead roles. The fast-paced action thriller follows a Spanish hitman who’s about to retire from gang life. As the treacherous gang members kill his son, he sets off on a vengeance quest. Killing men left and right, Xtreme provides a bloody treat for the action-hungry viewers. If the ending of Xtreme befuddles you, we’re here to clear all doubts. Tread carefully if you haven’t finished the movie yet, for SPOILERS lie ahead!

The film revolves around Maximo, a high-ranking hitman belonging to a Barcelona gange. Maximo is loyal to his boss, who considers him as his son. However, Maximo wants to retire from gang life and move on. He’s got one last job he must do before that though, it involves settling a deal between his gang and a Columbian gang. Lucero, the blood son of Max’s boss, has other plans regarding the deal. He seeks to kill all the Columbians and his father, seizing all money and power. He does eventually kill the Columbians and then his father as well. Although distressed at all the bloodshed, Max is about to retire so he leaves. But as he’s packing bags with his teenage son Ander, another hitman from the gang named Finito visits them. Carrying a personal grudge, Finito finishes his assignment and kills Max’s son.

Xtreme Netflix cast

Maria/Xtreme (2021).

While seemingly killed by Finito, we soon see that Max survives. Two years later, we meet Leo, a teenager about the age of Ander, dealing drugs to make ends meet. When he finds himself stuck amidst a jeopardized drug trade, a mystery man saves him. The mystery man is none other than Maximo. It turns out he survived the fire two years ago, thanks to Maria. Max has been on the hunt for Lucero to exact his vengeance. Lucero is about to come out of his hiding, showing up at the Conclave, a mafia meeting. Meanwhile, Finito learns about Max and sets off to finish what he couldn’t two years ago. Finding the link between Leo and Max, he kills Leo’s family. Max sends Leo to a safe house and finds his way to Lucero. The ending sees him try and exact his searing vengeance upon those who wronged him.

Xtreme Ending Explained

Netflix Xtreme actor

Maximo about to duel with Lucero in a swordfight.

Maximo sends Lucero a message, telling him he’s alive and coming for his life. He finds his way to Lucero through his casino called Rain Man. Urquiza operates the casino, and when he injures Leo’s hands is when Max learns about the connection. He goes to the casino and finesses all of the guards on his own. He also learns that about €98 million that is about to be delivered to the casino on that night. Along with Maria, Max steals the money, and along with the bloodshed and stolen money, Lucero receives the message.

Overcome by grief at the loss of his family, Leo takes Maria’s gun and heads off to kill Finito. Instead, Finito easily manhandles him and beats him mercilessly. As he’s about to finish him, however, Maria arrives to rescue Leo and takes him to the hospital. Meanwhile, Lucero sends one of his men to kill Max. Through this man, Max learns that Lucero had contacted Russian mafia leader Dmitry. He also tells him that Lucero’s apparently united the Conclave. A fight ensues, and Max eventually emerges as the victor, killing the man.

Does Max Get His Revenge And The Ending Twist

Xtreme 2021 ending Explained

The climactic swordfight between Lucero and Maximo.

At the end of Xtreme, we witness a high-octane gory sequence of Max confronting Lucero’s army and then him. He starts off with heat, killing Lucero’s men left and right. He slows down a bit later but manages to kill all of them eventually. The climax sees Max duking it out with Lucero in a sword fight. Max overwhelms Lucero, defeating him. However, just as he’s about to finish him, Finito shows up with Maria, who he kidnapped at Lucero’s commands. The ball is the court of the antagonists now. Max and Maria are on the verge of failing to avenge the dead. But as Finito’s about to kill Max, he charges back, delivering a fatal blow that kills him.

After killing Finito, Maria and Max team up and stab Lucero to death. The ending of Xtreme sees Leo recovering and returning to health. We also learn that Dmitry was the one who set up the meeting between Lucero and Maximo. On the call Maria receives from Dmitri, she learns that there was no conclave that day. It was to take place the next day instead. We realize that the whole ordeal was set up by Dmitry to get rid of Lucero. We also learn that Dmitri was the one who saved Max at Maria’s request. Leo, along with Maria and Max, gets inside a car with the money and drives off to a happy ending.

Xtreme is available to stream on Netflix.

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