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Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Release Date, Plot, Trailer & Gameplay

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Plot, Gameplay And Release Date
Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Nintendo officially announced Xenoblade Chronicles 3 during its online game and content presentation show, Nintendo Direct. What is Xenoblade Chronicles 3 all about? When will Xenoblade Chronicles 3 release? Is the third game in the franchise coming anytime soon? In this blog, we will discuss everything we know about the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 in detail. Xenoblade Chronicles is a series of action-adventure role-playing video games. Koh Kojima and Tetsuya Takahashi are the creators of Xenoblade Chronicles. Though itself a franchise, it is a part of metaseries called Xeno by the Tetsuya Takahashi.

The first game in the franchise is Xenoblade Chronicles which was launched in 2010 by Nintendo for Nintendo Wii and Nintendo 3DS. The franchise takes place in the world Aionios, but the setting of each game is not directly connected. The Two Titans called the Bionis and the Mechonis, are a common setting in all the games of the franchise. The first and second game in the franchise occurs, at the same time, in a parallel universe. The upcoming third game is said to depict the future of the previous two games. There is one other game in the Xenoblade chronicles franchise, which is not a sequel but a spiritual success, Xenoblade Chronicles X. The Xenoblade Chronicles franchise is very successful critically and commercially. The Xenoblade Chronicles franchise has over three million sales worldwide.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Everything We Know

Nintendo’s new Direct on 9 February 2022 revealed a whole lot of new games for their gaming device, Nintendo Switch. One of those revelations was the third numbered sequel for the critically acclaimed franchise, Xenoblade Chronicles. Let us now discuss everything we know about the third installment in detail. 


Both the previous games in the franchise had very intriguing plots that critics and fans liked and enjoyed. The third sequel has huge expectations to live up to. What is Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s plot? Well, not much is out at the moment, but the official Twitter handle of Nintendo of America put out some details on what the Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s plot may be.

The third sequel will take place in the same world as its predecessor, Aionios. The main theme for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will be “Life.” The plot centers around the conflict of two nations of Aionios, Keves, and Agnus. The soldiers of Keves and Agnus fight each other for their home nation and their own lives also. 

  • Keves – A nation where the first development of mechanical technology happened. The forces have black and mech style clothes. The forces of Keves include combat vehicles. These combat vehicles come with small and mobile weapons in which the rider operates.
  • Agnus – The nation of magical technology in Aionios. The technology power comes from Ether, which Agnus has in surplus than the Keves. The forces have white clothes. The armed forces include other combat and small mobile autonomous weapons. 

The players will take the role of Noah and Mio, who gets involved in the conflict of Keves and Agnus. 


The announcement trailer of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 was everything that the franchise is all about. The players will go on an adventure exploring the vast world, where the level designs look creatively crafted and charming. The third game will come with players exploring the sea.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Plot, Gameplay And Release Date

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Gameplay

The combat sequences feel like the predecessors where the characters fight with the neon lighting blades, staff, etc. 

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Release Date

When will the new Xenoblade Chronicles release? Is the third game coming this year or next year? The first announcement for a new numbered sequel came on 9 February 2022 in Nintendo Direct. The good news for the fans is that Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will release this year. Yeah, you read it right.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is coming in September 2022. But when exactly in September wasn’t confirmed in the trailer. 

Another good news for the fans is that the pre-order for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is live, but only for the United States. The players can order it on Best Buy. No benefits for the pre-order are listed on Best Buy right now. The pre-order benefits may start when the official listing appears on the Nintendo shop.

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