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The Worst Thing About Super Saiyan Transformation In Dragon Ball Super

There is no doubt that Super Saiyan transformations are cool and it is actually more preferred by fans rather than Gohan’s mystic form. Not only because Mystic Form doesn’t have any aesthetic quality, but Super Saiyan transformations are explosive and dramatic most of the time.

SS transformations seem to have more impact on the show than most of the transformations. But these superb SS transformations are not recommended by Old Kai because there is a drawback for its usage. In fact, we actually see this drawback every single time a powerful Super Saiyan transformation appears.

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Old Kai’s explanation

Old Kai unlocked Gohan’s mystic form when Buu became unstoppable and only Gohan was the expected one to beat him. The first time that Gohan transformed into this Mystic Form, he outclassed Buu and was able to deliver huge blows. Overall, the first usage of Mystic Form was very cool, that Gohan was the strongest unfused character at that time.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Arcade Adds Female Saiyans Toppo!

Old Kai’s explanation about this form is that a Super Saiyan transformation is just a quick power-up that puts the user in a stronger state. Think of it as a sugar rush, it makes someone more productive in a short period of time but it will tire that person more easily. And after that moment of pure power, the user becomes so tired that he will just become useless without a Senzu Bean. This is the biggest drawback of every Super Saiyan form, it burns the user’s stamina real quick, that when the transformation wears out, it was all but useless.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Arcade Adds Female Saiyans Toppo!

Super Saiyan transformation is useless against Jiren

As seen on episode 109, Super Saiyan transformation is useless against Jiren. Why? While Goku’s stamina is depleting to keep up with Jiren in Super Saiyan Blue, the Pride Trooper is only using a fraction of his true power. By the time Jiren gets serious, assuming that Goku can hold on to Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken x 20, Goku will be running out of gas.

Goku’s ultra instinct is not an SS transformation because even though Goku is cool looking and there are more spikes on his hair than his base form, he was actually in his base form the whole time. When Goku absorbed that Spirit Bomb, his body was already depleted with energy which made him more powerful than before.

Goku doesn’t have a more powerful transformation, but his full potential was stretched into a very large margin that he was able to utilize the whole power of the Spirit Bomb. If the Spirit Bomb did not run out, the outcome would be very different than now.


The Unexpected Hero Of Universal Survival Arc

This is not an article about how Frieza will go into the bright side of life and be friends with Goku and the Z fighters. That’s just not going to happen in any arc of Dragon Ball and in any Dragon Ball anime. Just like what Goku said before, Frieza is the master of all scums out there.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 113

But he is a clever scum, and no one can deny it. Recharging Goku with his Ki and leaning on to the Saiyan for once to defeat Jiren, that is not cowardice. I know that you’re thinking this article is becoming a little fan letter. But I will tell you why I think Frieza will be the hero of the Tournament of Power.

Frieza let Goku live because he knows that only Goku will be able to take Jiren. Not that he knows he can’t beat Jiren, but Frieza is clever enough not to put all the chips in the table. He is a former emperor so he knows very well that it is more important to win the war than seek excitement in a very risky battle. How could he be the surprise hero if he sounds more like a businessman than a Superman?

The reason is very simple. Who knows whatever it is that he is planning to do with the Super Dragon Ball. But there is one thing that is certain, Frieza’s resolve to get the Super Dragon Balls is higher than any other Universe 7 fighters. His resolve for the Super Dragon Balls can only be rivaled by Jiren’s interest with these wishing stones.

dragon ball super episode 112

Frieza is a master of timing. He doesn’t wait for opportunities

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