Woori The Virgin Episode 2 Release Date: The Characters Fall Into A Whirlwind Of Chaos

Woori The Virgin Episode 2 may witness the start of the chaos with Woori getting to know about her pregnancy. For Raphael, it seems he finally found the woman of his dreams in Woori. He wants a divorce from his wife, who is adamant about not giving one to him. He starts coming between Woori and Shin Dong Wook seemed to be irked by the unwelcoming presence. Raphael portrayed by Sung Hoon, chose the script for an interesting reason. One of the major reasons was the director with whom he has previously worked on projects like New Tales of Gisaeng and Five Enough.

The chaos is not only confined between these two men but also, after several years, Woori finds her dad maybe, at least that’s what Kim Soo Ro’s character Choi Sung Il has claimed.

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What To Expect From Woori The Virgin Episode 2?

In Episode 2, we may witness how Woori got pregnant with Raphael’s child in the hospital. One of the teasers even gave a glimpse that he may be impotent. Now, Woori, who has always been quite clear about being a virgin till she gets married, seems to share a past with Raphael as she mentioned him being her first kiss. Were they in a relationship before she met her current boyfriend, crime detective Lee Kang Jae?

Woori The Virgin Ep 2
A Still From The Series

Raphael is not happy with his married life as his wife is a completely fake person. Though Raphael desperately wants a divorce from her, she wants to keep their married life running no matter what may come. In one of the released posters, both of them share glances at each other. However, those were devoid of any emotions. The way Raphael looked at her in those posters indicated that he had no feelings left for her, or maybe there weren’t any in the very first place. According to the production team, both of them have one element in common, which is a lack of love. Now, Raphael dreams of meeting the love of his life once. Though he appears to be cold, he’s nothing but a hopeless romantic on the inside.

Now, Shin Dong Wook played the role of Shin Dong Wook. A crime detective, he loves Woori, and from the teasers and trailers, he has always been by her side and treated her with respect. As for Woori, well, when she found out about the pregnancy, she couldn’t believe the fact, for obvious reasons. In one of the posters, Woori was seen standing in the middle while the two men in her life looked at her with admiration in their eyes. On one hand where Raphael assured her that whenever he needs her, he’s just a call away.

Woori The Virgin ep 2
A Poster Of The Series

While Shin Dong Wook showed his charms when he said that whatever will be Woori’s decision, he would always respect it. With two such men on board, Woori will now have to decide between her brain or what her heart wishes her to follow.

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Watch Woori The Virgin Episode 2 Online – Streaming Details

Woori The Virgin Episode 2 will be available on its original network SBS. Apart from that, the drama will also be available on the Rakuten Viki website or app. The production team mentioned that each of the actors had done a phenomenal job by completely becoming the character they were portraying. Making people laugh and also share a certain message through it is not an easy task, and they have done it beautifully.

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Woori The Virgin Episode 2 Release Date

Woori The Virgin Episode 2 will release on 10th May 2022. By the looks of the posters and teasers released, the drama will have a lot to offer. It’s not that only Woori, Raphael, and Shin Dong Wook are connected, but people from the older generation also have a lot to put into the storyline, so stay tuned and don’t forget to watch ep 2 of Woori The Virgin.