Woori The Virgin Episode 1 is going to release in just a few days, and the fans’ excitement knows no bounds. The drama is the remake of Jane The Virgin, the American TV series. In the Korean version, Oh Woo Ri was sure about the fact that she wanted to remain a virgin till she married. However, due to a mishap at the hospital, she ends up being pregnant, with the biological father being a married man.

The actors and the production team are optimistic about the drama as it has lots of angles based on fun and utter chaos but at the same time sheds light on topics like love and family. So fasten your seat belts and get ready for an epic ride.

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What To Expect From Woori The Virgin Episode 1?

Woori The Virgin has successfully created anticipation for itself, making the viewers yearn for what’s going to happen next. From the teaser, it can be assumed that Woori, portrayed by Im Soo Hyang, accidentally gets artificially pregnant due to a medical mishap. That’s not something we get to hear every day.

Woori The Virgin
A Still From The Series

One part in the drama gives a glimpse where Woori is still not ready or, to be precise, is confused about marriage. Since it’s the first Episode, we will get the character introductions with a taste of the upcoming twists and turns. Soo Hyang mentioned how she landed this role. For her, the plot seemed so intriguing with all the twists and turns. However, that’s not the only reason why she opted for this drama. According to Soo Hyang, Woori The Virgin has a lot more to offer, like messages on love and family.

Talking about love, this series will have a rollercoaster ride with Woori’s two admirers on board. Raphael is the CEO of a cosmetic company and feels strongly for Woori. How will Lee Ma Ri, Raphael’s wife, react to this situation? The upcoming Episode may feature this angle as well.

On the other hand, is her longtime boyfriend, Shin Dong Wook, who has been with her through thick and thin. By the character descriptions, one thing is for sure, brace yourselves for a second lead syndrome ride. Both Raphael and Shin Dong Wook start at the wrong foot where they share cold war vibes. Woori stands in a precarious position where her choice lies between the biological father of the child and her longtime lover. Whom will she choose?

In Woori The Virgin, Oh Woo Ri stands as an independent woman wherein whatever situation that may come. She will know what’s best for her. After all, it’s not easy to balance between reality and your thoughts when one fine day you get to know that you’re pregnant.

Woori The Virgin
A Still From The Series

Also, the fact does cross one’s mind that how did Raphael end up being in love with Woori? Do both of them have a past? Well, it seems the first episode itself will offer a lot as the drama has only 14 episodes. Given the kind of fun as well as chaos awaiting us, it won’t be wrong to say that the journey will be a rollercoaster ride. 

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Watch Woori The Virgin Episode 1 Online – Streaming Details

Episode 1 of Woori The Virgin will be available on its original network SBS. Besides that, you can also watch the drama on the Rakuten Viki website or app. You have to buy the Viki pass to get access to all the dramas. Though you can watch many dramas for free, however, if you want to explore the standard dramas as well, you have to buy the subscription pass.

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Woori The Virgin Episode 1 Release Date

Woori The Virgin will release on 9th May 2022. The series will witness its last Episode on 21st June. However, the date may change if there is any change in the schedule.

So stay tuned and don’t forget to watch the drama, Woori The Virgin.