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Wonder Egg Priority Season 2: What We Know So Far

wonder egg priority season 2 release date
wonder egg priority season 1 poster

Wonder Egg Priority is yet another Japanese anime TV series. However, this is an original anime series that is not adapted from any previous manga series. This is one of the most-watched anime series among others. Wonder Egg Priority gives you a slice of life without social tantrums. Moreover, this series does not deal with any kind of horror or fighting. Fans enjoy watching this series a lot. As per the genre, this anime is mysticism and fantasy. Furthermore, the story of the anime centers around some serious issues that most of us face in reality. Thus, the story of the anime is all about bullying, trauma, friendship as well as suicide.

wonder egg priority season 2 release date

Ai holding the strange Wonder Egg

Wonder Egg Priority Season 2 Release Date

Wonder Egg Priority is one of the newest original anime series. The first season came up in 2021. Moreover, the episodes have not yet finished premiering. Season 1 will continue to premiere its episodes till 31st March 2021. Fans are already excited to watch the second season of Wonder Egg Priority. However, the makers have not yet come up with any news regarding the release of Wonder Egg Priority season 2. The first season consists of 12 episodes in total that will air till 31st March 2021.

Season 1 is gaining huge popularity and viewers are referring to this as a high-quality anime series. According to the viewers, there might be a second season of this amazing anime series. Also, it is being said that the new season might release somewhere around the year 2022. However, there are no official announcements regarding the second season. Nevertheless, we will update you regarding any further information on Wonder Egg Priority season 2.

Wonder Egg Priority Season 1, episodes list

  • First Episode came up on January 13, 2021
  • The second Episode came up on January 20, 2021
  • Third Episode came up on January 26, 2021
  • The fourth Episode came up on February 3, 2021
  • The fifth Episode came up on February 10, 2021
  • Sixth Episode came up on February 17, 2021
  • The seventh Episode came up on February 24, 2021
  • The eighth Episode came up on March 3, 2021
  • Nineth Episode came up on March 11, 2021
  • The tenth Episode came up on March 17, 2021
  • The eleventh episode is going to release on March 24, 2021
  • Twelfth Episode is going to release on March 31, 2021

Thus, season 1 started premiering on 13th January 2021 and will continue to release new episodes till 31st March 2021. However, only two episodes are left to premiere whereas the other episodes are already released. The anime releases its new episodes at midnight JST every Wednesday.

Where to watch the first season of Wonder Egg Priority season 1?

Wonder Egg Priority is an amazing original anime series with overwhelming responses from its audience. The series is airing all its season 1 episodes on Funimation, Animelab, Wakanim and Aniplus website. Moreover, Funimation is currently streaming the episodes of Wonder Egg Priority season 1 in Canada and the USA. Alongside, Animelab is streaming this series in Europe and Australia. In the countries like Russia, France and Denmark, the series is being streamed on Wakanim. However, in Asian countries, the series is being streamed on the website of Aniplus. If you haven’t yet watched the series then do not miss out on this one. Binge-watch now!

The Cast of Wonder Egg Priority season 1

Nothing much is known about the cast of Wonder Egg Priority season 1. However, there are some main characters in the story around whom the story of the series revolves around. There is a school going teenage girl named Ai Ohto. Alongside, there comes another character named Koito Nagase who happens to be Ai’s friend for some time in the story. Another main character is Neiru Aonuma who is calm and does not converse with her classmates. On the other hand, Rika Kawai is another girl who is fearless and self-confident.

wonder egg priority season 2 release date

The characters in wonder egg priority season 1

Synopsis of the anime Wonder Egg Priority season 1

The anime series Wonder Egg Priority happens to be fascinating from the beginning of episode 1. Gradually, as the series proceeds, the hints about the message in the series become more. Moreover, the series depicts certain experiences that almost every teenager has to go through. It unravels tangles of the thoughts of teenagers.

The anime proceeds with the story of the girl, Ai. She is an introvert and faces bullying from her classmates. However, as the story continues, Ai happens to acquire something mysterious. She gets a “Wonder Egg” from an arcade that is deserted. Thus, this Wonder Egg changes the fate of this girl, forever. The following night she could see her dreams blending into a reality. Alongside, the other girls in the story also get their mysterious Wonder Egg and things change for good. Ai gets new friends and discovers magic in her.

Finally, Ai gets a new friend, a real one, and she does not have to be alone anymore, she thought. This friend is Koito who visited Ai the first day they became friends. However, there comes a day when tragedy takes place. Koito jumps off the school’s roof and suicides. After her death, a statue is erected on the school’s roof as reminiscent of this tragedy.

After her friend’s death, Ai finds it difficult to strive and find new friends. Moreover, she simply stops going to school. However, she has that Wonder Egg with her. Ai enters a separate world with its help she now can bring back her friend Koito. Furthermore, Ai believes that she is the only one who is responsible for the death of Koito. Thus, she becomes ready to do everything that she can just for her friend.

The storyline of the anime Wonder Egg Priority season 1

The series shows a teenage schoolgirl named Ai Ohto. She is born with two different eye colours. Thus, the other children around her start to take this matter as something very ridiculous. Facing troubles from her classmates she tends to become an introvert. Moreover, nobody comes to be her friend and she is left alone. Gradually, things start to change for Ai as there arrives a newcomer in the class. Finally, Ai gets a new friend for the first time. The name of this friend is Koito Nagase. However, due to some reason, their friendship fails to continue.

Besides, the anime has yet another heroine named Neiru Aonuma. Neiru is very calm and avoids any sort of arguments or quarrels with her classmates. She avoids conversing with the students of her class. At her back, Neiru has a big scar all over her back. Moreover, the reason for her getting those scars is no one but her younger sister. The girl gets stabbed by her younger sister in the past. After this action, the younger sister jumps off a bridge and commits suicide.

Among the main characters in the series, there is yet another girl. This is Rika Kawai. Thus, Rika is a tough and daring girl who possesses a lot of self-confidence. She answers only those questions that she feels like. Hence, the ones that she doesn’t feel answering are left ignored by her. Moreover, she has the guts to express everything in the face of the interlocutor. Thus, she does not get ashamed of anything or anyone and is afraid of none. However, Rika sometimes happens to suffer from being bad-tempered. In her past, she faced several mental problems and injured herself.

Production of the anime Wonder Egg Priority season 1

The production of the anime Wonder Egg Priority season 1 is in the hands of Clover Works Animation studio. Nippon Television, Aniplex and D.N. Dream Partners are also a part of the production. Moreover, the anime is directed by Shin Wakabayashi. Alongside, Shinji Nojima is the scriptwriter for the series Wonder Egg Priority season 1. Also, she is the creator of the series. The design of the characters in the series is done by Saki Takahashi. Furthermore, the composition of the music is done by Mito as well as DE DE MOUSE. The series premiered on Nippon TV as well as other channels in January 2021.

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