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Preview and Spoilers: Wonder Egg Priority Episode 11

Wonder Egg Priority

Momo got invited on a date, and she wears a sari to met with her date. When she is with him, the two didn’t have much to talk about. Momo is wearing a sari so that she won’t look like a boy. Everything went perfectly; the two went and enjoyed watching the movie together. The boy also embraces Momo, and they both had a nice day. But something went wrong between Momo and her date, and Momo will reveal it later to other girls below. Wonder Egg Priority is left with a single episode to be concluded.

Later, Momo shed tears for the whole night thinking about the date that she just had. She wonders why things always turn this way in her life. Meanwhile, the other girls visited Ura-Acca and Acca. They ask the two about the Japan Plati, and Ai told them not to lie. Neiru arrives and reveals that the Ura-Acca and Acca are the founders of Japan Plati.

Previously on Wonder Egg Priority Episode 10

Neiru showed them the pictures of Acca and Ura-Acca in their human form. Ai and Rika comment that the two were handsome in their human form.Ai asks why the two are no longer humans. Acca reveals that they abandoned their human body, but they still have their mind and soul. The girls wanted to learn more about Ura- Acca, and Acca, but they received an important text from Momo.

Momo told them that she was invited on a date, and Riku asks if it was a girl. Momo reveals that it was a boy who invited her. The girls got excited that for the first time, Momo went on a date with a boy. They know that only girls invite Momo to date since she looks like a boy. Ai asks how the date was, and she asks them to meet with her. The girls head to meet with Momo at the restaurant.

They told Ura-Acca and Acca that they are heading to have girls’ talks. Ura-Acca comments that girls’ talks are a priority. Later the trio met with Momo, who seems to be gloomy. Rika was glad listening to the good part of Momo’s date story. Ai comments that she was lucky to be called out on a date by the same guy twice. Momo reveals that she met with the boy in the mall, and he invited her for a date.

Wonder Egg Priority

Wonder Egg Priority

Love Monster

Rika is stunned that it was love at first sight, but the worst part is coming. On her date, Momo was asked if she is a boy or not. Momo tried to convince the boy that she is a girl. The boy wasn’t convinced, and she couldn’t prove to him in public that she is a girl. The guy decided to dump her, thinking that Momo is gay who is wearing a sari. But Momo was in love with that boy.

The rejection hurt Momo since the boy never called her or texted her. Ai, Rika and Neiru tried to console Momo. Later Momo went home, but she was still affected by what happened on her date. Her pet Panic comforts her, and she realizes that it is better to be with someone who values her. Panic doesn’t care whether Momo looks like a boy or not. The two head to the Egg world to save Karou.

They met with Karou, who was taken away by the Love Monster. The Love Monster reveals that Karou belongs to him. Karou reveals that the Love Monster was her teacher in the real world. But one day, he calls her and teaches her to study; after gaining her trust, he forced himself on her. That day the Love monster knocks Karou out cold and impregnates her. Karou reveals that she is pregnant, and the Love Monster said he is staying with her in the Egg World. Momo decided to save Karou.

Solo Exhibition

Wonder Egg Priority

Wonder Egg Priority

Momo challenge the Love Monster and exchanges blows with him. The Love Monster comments that Karou is such a cute beautiful girl. The two clashes their electrical sword, and they blast everything around them. Momo landed a final blow that made the Love Monster explodes. She heads back to the real world with Karou and escorts her home. But Karou left Momo after kissing her and told her not to get a boyfriend until she is reborn as a boy again.

Momo met with a monster that kills her pet Panic with a single slash on her way home. The monster ate the meat of Panic and commented that the meat of crocodile tastes like a chicken. Meanwhile, Ai went to the solo exhibition hosted by Mr. Sawaki. Mr. Sawaki showed her the picture of her mom. Ai asks him if he is in love with her mom, and he said he loves Ai’s mom with his whole heart. Ai asks him why Koito committed suicide. Meanwhile, Acca and Ura-Aca decide that they can send Eros to defeat Thanos.

Wonder Egg Priority Episode 11 Release Date

Wonder Egg Priority Episode 11 will release on Wednesday, 23 March February 2021, at 12:00. You will be able to watch Wonder Egg Priority online on  AnimeLab and Funimation officially. Take a look at the preview and other details.

Wonder Egg Priority Episode 11 Preview

Read Wonder Egg Priority Episode 10.

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