Wolverine vs. Blade Confirmed

Wolverine is the most well known and fan favourite character of Marvel universe. He could well be the oldest character as well. It has been confirmed that Wolverines will take on Blade in the July issue of the Marvel comics. This story isn’t a recent one as the creators have revealed that they have been working on this story for well over ten years and now that it is finally finished, the creators say that it is well worth a watch how this story unfolds.

The writer of this one-shot comic is Marc Guggenheim and the artist that is going to illustrate it is Dave Wilkins. Since Wolverine is wearing his old X-Men uniform, it could mean that the story takes place in the past and not in the present day. Wolverine has had a huge fan following on the big screen as we have seen in almost all X-Men movies and also in movies of his own.

Hugh Jackman has made this character of Wolverine immortal. Also, Blade has recently joined the Avengers as well. We got to see him in action in the Civil War. There are various rumours circulating that Marvel is planning to launch a new series named Savage Avengers. This is going to be a team of the deadliest characters of the Marvel universe who have no faith in being soft-hearted and deliver justice in the most brutal manner possible.

The possible characters that might be the part of this new series are Conan the Barbarian, Venom, the Punisher, Brother Voodoo, and Elektra. The most exciting characters in this list for me are Venom and Punisher.

blade vs Wolverine

We have been seeing Punisher frequently in the television series and by the looks of it, he is cold as hell and brutal as hell which is absolutely awesome as hell.

Recently we have seen Tom Hardy play venom in the latest movie and it was an entertaining one as well. I seriously cannot wait for Venom’s sequel. In July all of the Marvel comics fans will be treated to behold Wolverine vs Blade and action-packed one-shot comic. As its synopsis says that the deadliest hunters face off against each other.

We all know this is going to be a bloody hell affair and its too exciting to be a part of this epic showdown. What are your thoughts and expectations regarding this one-shot comic? Do share with us in the comments section down below.

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