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WJSN’s Bona Talks About Her Prospering Popularity in ‘The Manager’

Hit The Top Famed Actress Bona

WJSN Bona also known as Kim Ji Yeon is an actress and singer based in South Korea. She is the vocalist of the South Korean-Chinese group WJSN. She is also a member of its subunit WJSN The Black. WJSN Bona debuted with Starship Entertainment but trained under Cube Entertainment. Bona debuted as a member of WJSN and its Wonder Unit on December 15, 2015, with the release of a mini-album, Would You Like? and the single MoMoMo. She made her acting debut with the hit drama, Hit the Top in 2017 following which she got the lead role in 2018 in the drama Girls Generation 1997.

WJSN’s Bona recently appeared on the latest April 16 episode of The Manager where she shared about her increasing popularity after appearing in the hit drama “Twenty Five, Twenty One”. She also opened up about her evolving friendship with actress Kim Tae Ri and her deep admiration for the actress. Bona portrayed the role of an Olympic fencer Go Yu Rim alongside the actress Kim Tae Ri. Let’s know more about how Bona shared her views on her increasing fame.

WJSN Bona Gained Popularity after the drama “Twenty Five, Twenty One”

Kim Ji Yeon, popularly known by her stage name Bona played the role of an Olympic fencer Go Yu Rim in the drama Twenty Five, Twenty One. After giving constant hits with her debut drama Hit the Top and Girls Generation 1997. She did a cameo in Radio Romance. She won the 2020 KBS Drama Awards for Best New Actress after appearing in Homemade Love Story.  Though she already has success under her belt in Korean dramas, in a recent talk with the host Jun Hyun Moo on the sets of the reality series “The Manager”, Bona shared her feelings following an upsurge in her popularity.

In the episode of April 16 of The Manager, the host Jun Hyun Moo asked Bona about the moments when she had felt that she became popular more than ever. To which Bona replied narrating an instance highlighting that when she used to go outside covering herself with a mask and hat, nobody would seem to recognize her. But after appearing in “Twenty Five, Twenty One” she felt that people now recognize her instantly.

Bona even added that she is getting more projects and is busier than ever. She jokingly added that she can feel the difference whenever she glanced at her schedule. The WSJN vocalist did not forget to mention her rising fame in the Korean entertainment industry. As she talked about receiving offers for several projects.


WJSN Bona talked about her popularity on the sets of “The Manager”

Bona also added that most of her fans are not aware of her idol’s life. She finds it amusing when fans on her idol fancam called her idol life “Yu Rim’s double life”. WSJN Bona remained sensational after her acting in the highest-ranking drama “Twenty Five Twenty One”. In an interview with Newsen, the WSJN idol shared her admiration and love for her Twenty Five Twenty One co-star Kim Tae Ri.

WJSN Bona Opened About Her Close Bonding with Twenty Five Twenty One co-star Kim Tae Ri

The 26-year-old actress shared her deep admiration for Kim Tae Ri in a talk with Newsen.  Bona referred to Kim Tae Ri as Unnie ( showcasing her respect for the actress). She believed that fate bring them together.


Bona and Kim Tae Ri in drama Twenty-five, Twenty One

The kpop idol shared how they both went through great lengths for training for their role as professional fencers in the drama. She even narrated the incident when after filming, the actress Kim Tae Ri asked her to compete with her. This made Bona look up to the actress as her inspiration and role model. Bona even added about her dream of becoming like her co-star. WSJN Bona and Kim Tae Ri played the role of the enemy turned friends as they showcase their closeness and intimate friendship in the drama Twenty Five, Twenty One. 

WSJN Bona and Kim Tae Ri Show Strong Bonding in Twenty Five, Twenty One. 

Twenty Five, Twenty One sets up a nostalgic feeling as it depicts the story of teenagers whose dreams and hopes suddenly get turned by a crisis. The drama revolves around the teenagers battling with romance, love, deep friendships, and the essence of life amidst the chaos.

The drama showcases the glimpses of enemy-turned-friends Na Hee Do (Kim Tae Ri) and Go Yu Rim (Bona) being vulnerable to each other. The scenes capture the essence of friendship as Na Hee Do comforts Go Yo Rim with a hug and the two went open their hearts to each other. Bona revealed that she enjoyed working with Kim Tae Ri and Nam Joo Hyuk. She admitted that she felt nostalgic about wearing her school uniform and going to school again.

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