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Where To Watch Wish You: Your Melody From My Heart Kdrama?

Wish You: Your Melody From My Heart - Where To Watch?
Still From Wish You: Your Melody From My Heart

An up-and-coming musician looking for his big break finds something more in his best friend who was always there to support him. Well, that’s Wish You: Your Melody From My Heart for you. A musical journey that could lead to complete life. Directed by Seong Do Joon, Wish You: Your Melody From My Heart is a TV Mini-series created for Viki. It stars Kang In-Soo and Lee Sang in lead roles. The series released as a Viki Original and consists of overall 8 episodes. Each episode comprises around 10 minutes. The series can be reviewed as a short fun watch to people who are looking to binge it one go.

Wish You: Your Melody From My Heart follows the story of Kang In Soo. A boy who only cares about his music hoping to make it big one day. He is supported by his best friend Choi Min Sung. who help him by recording his videos and uploading them on YouTube. One day an opportunity knocks on their door that leads Kang In-Soo one step closer to his dream.

Wish You: Your Melody From My Heart has been applauded for its good balance of love story and music. With only 8 to 10 minutes of episodes, the story encompassed a good amount of storytelling. The story and message were told in a short, simple, and as sweet as they can be. In case you are wondering more about the series, here are all the details about it and where you can stream it online right now.

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Wish You: Your Melody From My Heart: Where To Watch?

Right now, as Wish You: Your Melody From My Heart is a Viki Original, it is available to stream on Rakuten Viki. The service is available in selected regions including the United States Of America, Korea, Japan, Mainland China, and Taiwan. In some countries, the series also available to stream on WeTV if Rakuten Viki isn’t available.


The story of Wish You: Your Melody From My Heart starts off with Kang In Soo. An ambitious musician full of life hoping to make it big with his love for music. His entire life revolves around the songs he writes and sings. As supportive as his friends are he looks forward to making music his only full-time career. Only thing is, he knows it ain’t an easy feat. But still considering giving up is not an option, Kang In-Soo picks up his instrument every day and sets out for busking.

Wish You: Your Melody From My Heart - Where To Watch?

Still From Wish You: Your Melody From My Heart

Among all his supportive friends also includes his best friend Choi Min Sung. He records In Soo’s all performances and uploads them regularly on YouTube to let his friend get the exposure he needs. While the uploads catch a number of people’s attention there is one person who has set eyes on Kang In Soo. This is the person who can change turn In Soo’s life around.

Yoon Sang Yi, a keyboardist who works at a Major Label Company is always out there looking for some fresh talent. Upon surfing the net, he came across In Soo’s performance and became a sort of his fan. His love for In Soo’s music started growing making him his biggest fan. He believes In-Soo can make big in the music scene and approaches him to join his rookie discovery project. In-Soo believes this is the much-needed opportunity he was looking for. So without any hesitation, he moves in with Sang Yi to the company’s residence.

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Wish You: Your Melody From My Heart - Where To Watch?

Still From Wish You: Your Melody From My Heart

As Kang In-Soo and Sang Yi start living together, they start growing closer to each other. A new relationship and feelings blossom. But not every love story is as easy as it seems. There are quite obstacles in their relationship with In-Soo’s up-and-coming music career. The question remains, will the relationship blossom further or be left out even before In-Soon embarks on his dream.

The Cast Of Wish You: Your Melody From My Heart

Wish You: Your Melody From My Heart has quite an array of members in their cast. They include Kang In-Soo playing a fictional version of himself in the lead. He is joined by Lee Sang playing the role of Yoon Sang Yi. The rest of the supporting cast includes Baek Seo Bin as Choi Min Seong and Su Bin as Lee Yoo Jin. The supporting cast also includes Kang Ye Na and Jung Ji Yeon.

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