Will Zeha and Haru Go Beom Hunting in 7 Fates Chakho Episode 3?

7 Fates Chakho Episode 3 Zeha vs Beom

In Episode 2, Zeha regained his lost memories from the fateful day when he broke the seal that locked the Beom for 4,000 years. He was enraged to find out that his father’s friend, Hupo, was behind his parents’ tragic death years ago. Last month, on January 16, Hupo called him in front of the Beom rock and tricked him into singing the Gate Game song, thereby unleashing the Beom creatures that were craving to invade the human world for centuries. Can Haru and Zeha come up with a Beom-killing strategy in 7 Fates Chakho Episode 3?

On January 16th, the Beom mercilessly slew 24 people, and Zeha was the sole survivor. It didn’t stop there; the beast went on with his rampage in different parts of the city. Despite all that tragedy, Haru sounds confident about killing the Beom. Deep down, he believes that Zeha has what it takes to end the ongoing bloodshed. Here, we bring you the latest episode updates of 7 Fates Chakho webtoon.

7 Fates Chakho Episode 3 Spoilers and Raw Scans

I don’t think Zeha being the only survivor of the 16th January catastrophe was a mere coincidence. There has to be something special about him that kept him alive even with such grave injuries. It seems that Haru is well aware of Zeha’s potential and will be assisting him in exploring Zeha’s hidden powers. Moreover, Hupo himself stated that Zeha is a special child of the sorcerers, and I won’t be surprised to see Zeha inheriting his parent’s powers. 

Meanwhile, detective Soo-Hon is still suspicious of Zeha and will most probably be digging deep into the Beom rock incident. 7 Fates Chakho was released just a few weeks ago, and we are still unsure about the leaked raw scans just yet. But rest assured, we will be updating the article as soon as we get anything.

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 Episode 2 Recap

Episode 2 of 7 Fates Chakho starts with Haru gently tapping on Zeha’s forehead, thereby reminding him of the fateful day when he unsealed the Beom. Exactly one month ago, Zeha showed up before the Beom rock to find his father’s friend, Hupo, waiting for him. Initially, he couldn’t remember him, but as he glared into the red eyes, he saw flashbacks from his childhood days when Hupo used to visit his family.

Zeha’s Family photo

Hupo showed Zeha the rock and reminded him of the days when his father used to bring him here and sing. He further said that Zeho’s father came from the Beom world, and his mother was the gatekeeper who protected the entrance between the two worlds. The Beom tribe member fell in love with the human, and thus Zeha was born. I don’t know much truth lies in Hupo’s words since he said everything to make Zeha sing the Game Gate song that he learned from his mother.

Innocent Zeha fell for this cheap trick and sang the forbidden song before the Beom rock, thereby releasing the ferocious Beom creatures waiting on the other side. Adding salt to the injury, Hopu regains his full power and attempts to kill Zeha, the only person who possesses the ability to seal him again. He ordered the Beom army to resume the war that was Halted 4,000 years ago by a master sorcerer.

Beom creatures

Back in the present, Zeha breaks down, remembering the day when his parents sacrificed their lives to save him. He mourns for the lonely days he spent missing his parents and yet couldn’t remember their faces. He had no one to comfort him even on his darkest days, and eventually, he turned numb. Haru brings back Zeha’s senses with his kind words and asks him to go on Beom hunting.

7 Fates Chakho Episode 3 Release Date

7 Fates Chakho Episode 3 webtoon will be released on Friday, January 28, 2022, at 9 PM Eastern Time. A new episode of 7 Fates Chakho manga is generally released every Friday.

Where to Read 7 Fates Chakho?

 7 Fates Chakho webtoon is released weekly on Webtoon official website. All the chapters released so far are absolutely free to read so don’t forget to check them out, in case you haven’t already.

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