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Will Yukiteru Amano Die in Future Diary? The Multi-Timeline Confusion Explained!

Will Yukiteru Amano die in Future Diary
Will Yukiteru Amano die in Future Diary?

Future Diary (Mirai Nikki) is every bit as juicy and filled with thrill as any survival anime could be. The anime offers multiple plot twists along with interesting characters worth discussing. From Yuno being several fans’ favorite yandere to Yuki being a survival expert, we were handed over so many amazing moments in this anime. Yuki or Yukiteru faces a threat after threat that often makes us doubt his survival. More than once do we find ourselves asking: will Yukiteru Amano die in Future Diary? The story progresses interestingly yet violently as everything feels more and more unpredictable. Future Diary makes many turns in the plot that gives its viewers an uneasy emotion of anticipation. But then again, that is also one of the major reasons why the anime did extremely well among mainstream media.

Future Diary is based on the manga written and illustrated by Sakae Esuno. The manga was published by Kadokawa Shoten in 2006 and serialized in the Monthly Shone Ace magazine. It concluded 12 tankobon volumes in 2010 and soon inspired an anime adaptation. Asread studio picked up the manga for an anime adaptation, which was released in 2011. The story revolves majorly around Yukiteru Amano, an observant middle schooler who gets caught up amidst a battle royale of God Candidates fighting to become God. Gifted with the power to see the future, Yukiteru must survive and live.

Indeed, the premise is extremely interesting and instigates several doubtful questions. Will Yukiteru Amano die in Future Diary? Well, here are all the answers you are looking for.

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Who is Yukiteru Amano?

Yukiteru Amano is the protagonist of the 2011 survival anime Future Diary. He is the user of the Future Diary during the course of the battle to become God. The character initially comes off as rather whiny but eventually proves to be quite clever as he strives to survive the battle royale to become God. Before being a God candidate, Yukiteru was a middle schooler and highly observant. He would maintain a diary on his phone. However, along with becoming a God candidate, his phone turns into the infamous Future Diary that (as the name suggests) could predict the future.

Who is Yuki from Future Diary

Yukiteru Amano: Future Diary

Despite his initial weak and timid personality, his mental stability deteriorates with time. He even turns into a cold-hearted killer. This drastic development comes about after his parents die. He loses his initial submissive ways and shows his stronger and darker sides in the latter part of the anime.

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Will Yukiteru Amano die in Future Diary?

Future Diary involves multiple universes and different timelines, which makes it a bit complicated to understand. Not only that, but it also drives in multiple possible ends for every character. From the very beginning, Yukiteru stands inches away from death in many instances. Had it not been for Yuno, he might have even been the very first contestant to die.

Yukiteru dies only in the first world. As per the promise made by Yuki and Yuno, they would commit a double suicide as they are the last ones standing. While Yuki fulfills his promise and dies, Yuno does not commit suicide. She decides to become God and plans to bring Yuki back to life with the powers of being God. Unfortunately, even being God cannot bring the dead back, which drives her further insane.

Yukiteru Amano God

God Form of Yukiteru Amano

She uses her powers to turn back time and ends up creating the second world. Here she kills the existing Yuno, plays the game with Yuki, and helps him win. Towards the end of the Diary Game of the second world, Yuno sacrifices herself, which makes him God of the second world by default. Yukiteru survives long. In fact, he survives long enough to win the Diary Game and becomes God of Time and Space in the second timeline. He is also seen living 10,000 years more in gloom after Yuno’s death.

Where to watch Future Diary?

Future Diary is currently available on multiple platforms to watch online. You can stream the anime’s first season with OVAs on Netflix and Hulu.

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