Will We Get A Dr. Stone Anime Announcement Soon?

A lot of mainstream anime right now came from Shounen Jump’s published manga every week. There are old but gold series like One Piece and the widely popular My Hero Academia which recently ended its third season. The Promised Neverland just got its new trailer recently. It seems like Dr. Stone will also be having an anime in the future.

Dr. Stone Anime Adaptation Coming Soon?

Because no one saw a shounen series like Dr. Stone before, the series managed to fascinate the readers of Shonen Jump and keep them coming back for new chapters every week. Since its launch on March 6 last year, the series managed to release 82 chapters. What would be the most rational thing to do? Of course, give it an anime adaptation. And that’s what might be the news that will be coming on November 19.

As per the recent release of Weekly Shonen Jump, there would be an important announcement for Riichirou Inagaki and Boichi’s Dr. Stone series. That important announcement could be anything, but fans speculate that it is an announcement for an anime adaptation. Dr. Stone anime can already have one season with 13 episodes based on the available materials, so it wouldn’t be surprising if an anime will be announced on November 19.

Also, according to Twitter user @AceSenpaiNews, a new domain named was registered earlier this month, which might mean that a plan for an official website might be to announce Dr. Stone anime. These are all speculations, but hopefully, we will get a good anime adaptation of the manga series. The manga’s art is one of the best right now, and it would be a shame if we wouldn’t see it in animation. Dr. Stone will be releasing its new arc, which is expected to focus on finding the petrification formula to heal Tsukasa. Will he succeed? Stay tuned for more updates.

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