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Will V. V. Die in Code Geass?

will v. v. die in code geass

Are you a fan of V V, and want to know, will V. V. die in Code Geass? But do you guys know every little information about V V? Like how he looks exactly in anime and how his personality makes an impression on others? No, right? So let’s talk about that too. I will share all the necessary details about him, so please read the full article to get some clue.

V.V. was a man who was short in stature and had yellow-colored tresses in good length. And most importantly, his eyes are so attractive, which are pinkish-in-color. He first appeared in the Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. In the anime, except for his brother Charles Zi Britannia, there is no one other than that who is impressive to look at.

According to his age, he appeared with a kiddish look. As a Geass user, he can help to provide Geass agreements. In the anime, he is represented as one of the key adversaries who will use Geass Power for his benefit. He took over as head of the Department of Geass, a top-secret agency that studies and produces Geass practitioners so that they can use them for their purposes.

Will V. V. die in Code Geass?

Yes, V.V. will die in Code Geass because of not healing his lethal wounds. In the second season of Code Geass, where Cornelia came to beat him with his own two hands, but Lelouch wanted to help her. So after that, they both go against V. V. so that they can stop him.

will v. v. die in code geass

V. V. | OtakuKart

But they were failed at first because having the power of immortality makes him almost resistant to any attacks. And he forgot that Cornelia is a skilled member of Britannia. He also knows how to stop him with the help of Lelouch, they were able to lend a lethal hit on V. V., and because of not recovering fast, his body has almost lost a huge amount of blood. With time, he began to lose consciousness, and after some time, he died.


V.V. has a small body and appears to be perpetually young. He does have a different nose like a five to six years old kid’s nose, fine brows, and pale skin because he looks more like a small child. His straight yellow tresses were always brushed back, showing an upper half face clearly. His tresses had begun to touch his arms when he was a small kid. However, receiving a Code Geass’ immortality made his tresses grow almost around equal to his foot’s length.

He dons a dark, slightly elevated coat with a violet underbelly, a cream shirt with yellow and azure-colored sleeves and a dark girdle, a dark paisley tie, cream slacks, and dark=grey boots. To hold his tresses out of his face, he wears yellow with dark-grey mixed hair clips.

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V.V. is a rude, vicious, and brutal man. Even though he would be around mid-sixties, he behaves like, has the mindset of a small innocent kid. With the use of his innocence. he was trying to hide all the devastation which he was creating. As he looks, the opposite happens with him when it comes to his personality. A specific event can create a big hole in the heart of a man. Even he just went to make the pact of power of Geass Immortality for his own sake.

will v. v. die in code geass

V. V. | OtakuKart

The Emblem of Blood, a family-to-family Imperial House conflict, ruined Charles and V.V.’s early life. Several family members, especially their mom, died as a direct result of deceit and violence during this time. That occurrence prompted the duo to form a Geass pact to form a society free of deception, and they planned to accomplish so by destroying the “Lord.” Both then promised one another that they would never betray.


V.V. has the Power of Immortality, which means that he was almost like a God. He has the power of recovery, which means he can recover any type of wound, even lethal or destructive type too. He has no physical power like battling with opponents but having a power of resistance, almost all the attacks make him even powerful than others. He can easily boost his health and use that for healing purposes.

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